How To Perform A Luciferian Marriage Rite

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” –

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Marriage is an equal partnership between two people who’ve determined to be devoted to honoring and rising collectively. According to the Luciferian ideology, marriage is a symbolic union between the Daimonic masculine or Samael and the Daimonic female or Lilith. It expresses the celebration of life.

The Significance of Moon Phases When Performing Wedding Rituals

One of a very powerful indicators that’s thought of when selecting a date for Luciferian Wedding, is the section of the moon. A waxing moon is an efficient time to carry out a marriage ceremony.

When the Moon is in Taurus, the couple is extra prone to have a everlasting union however this turns into tough in the event that they finally determine to separate in a while.

For Moon in Cancer, the {couples} usually tend to reunite after a break up. When the Moon is in Libra signal, then it’s splendid for any marriage ceremony or partnership. The Moon in Pisces offers empathy however is just not steady. For the Moon in Aquarius, the couple may doubtless grow to be lasting mates.

The Moon in Leo could be very favorable for love and provides optimism to any union. The Moon in Sagittarius is extra just like the Moon in Leo however doesn’t contribute to stability. It is just not advisable to carry out these rites when the Moon is within the indicators of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Venus and Mars are the 2 love planets that ought to ideally be properly positioned and on a good diploma. The marriage ceremony rites shouldn’t be carried out when any planet is conjunct Caput Algol (25 of Taurus), at 9 levels of any signal, particularly Sagittarius and Gemini as these incite violence. Another factor that ought to be checked when deciding on a marriage time is fastened stars.



The Rite ought to embody a Priest or a well-vested pupil of the Luciferian Path. Participants ought to discover their very own associations inside the ceremony. The following places of work are supposed for the ceremony of marriage:

Priest: Conducting Ceremony

Matron of the Elder (Lilith)

Asmodai – Companion or Best Man 

Brides Maids (Lilitu)

Leviathan – Ring bearer

Angels of Chaos (Ushers)

The Priest or studying Luciferian accountable for the ceremony ought to put on the picture of the Infernal Union; the ceremony is just not required to be in black or some other colour. It ought to be made in keeping with the need and desires of the bride and groom.


Understand the Luciferian Path welcomes a trans-cultural method to symbolism.



The announcement of religion

ba nãm i âharman

(within the title of Ahriman)

We collect right here to have a good time the union of two.

Life is a path of exploration; of conquering what you worry, serving to these near you and all the time doing what you instinctively really feel is true.

Life is about change, within the non secular sense of a Luciferian it goals for the heights, whereas all the time exploring the darkness inside.

Life is about compromise and belief positioned on those that earned it.

Life is about exhalting the powers inside and making the world a greater place.

When two are joined collectively there’s a union of opposites. The Luciferian spirit itself is radiant within the union of Samael and Lilith, our image of Infernal Union is a reminder that the Spirit of Lucifer is brightest within the union of opposites.


Leviathan, stand up from the abyss and encircle the 2 lovers in union. For in union there may be power, the place there may be power energy is feasible.

How many hath joined the flesh collectively to beget Gods and Goddesses upon this earth?

To the one who fell from the best reaches of the empyrean realms, whose essence was brighter than the solar.

To the Archon who introduced the fireplace from heaven to the clay of humanity, herein is the spark of life!

I name unto the 2 Grigori to bless this union:

Anma-el and Asbeel collect right here and bless this ceremony.

The union of marriage is a sacred act of dedication to the companions chosen. Let none defile the sacred marriage of two devoted to the illumination of one another.

By the blades of Azazel might the swords of blackened flame conflict collectively and guard thee all the time.

May Hecate be all ears to the circle of the smart and illuminate each the Bride and Groom.


In the title of Lucifer, the illuminated,

Whose title is Samael

Will you’re taking this man as your mate, who will honor you and uplift you as Babalon, whose is sacred and highly effective within the gentle of the Fallen and Risen one,

Will you could have and maintain this man in illness and well being, to all the time search to keep away from the trail of ignorance?

[the bride will affirm and She places the ring on his finger and recites her own oath]

In the title of Lilith, the mom of spirits

Whose is each horrible and nurturing

Will you’re taking this Daughter of mine, to have and to honor as an equal, to boost her up as Babalon, to carry and illuminate because the fallen and risen one, will you could have him to carry in illness and well being, to all the time keep away from the trail of ignorance?

[the groom will affirm and He places the ring on her finger and recites his own oath]

Heralds of the trail of darkness illuminated by hearth, by the trail of the fallen and risen

I now pronounce you spouse and husband (or spouse and spouse, relying on alternative)

You might Samael and Lilith bless this union in Leviathans coils.

You might embrace. May the blessings of the fallen angels be upon you.

May Maiden, Mother and Crone embrace you,

So it’s accomplished!






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