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“Botis, sometimes Otis, is a demon described in the Lesser Key of Solomon (as the seventeenth spirit) and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum (as a ninth spirit) as a President and an Earl who initially appears as a viper before changing into a sword-toting, fanged, and horned human who discusses matters past, present, and future; brings favor from allies and enemies, and rules 60 legions of demons. In the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, Botis appears as Otius, and is mostly identical except that he is a preses and Count, appears in the more humanoid form to begin with, and rules only 36 legions of demons. In the Grand Grimoire, Botis appears as a subordinate of Agaliarept. According to Rudd, Botis is opposed by the Shemhamphorasch angel Lauviah.”

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Personally, I’ve given Botis the three of Wands in my deck of playing cards. This is as a result of this demon’s workplace of instructing issues previous, current and future is in line with the cardboard’s interpretation of foresight. I’ve nonetheless given him the Page of Swords to remain in line with the Occult Tarot deck. As at all times, I hope to pick out one card per day to offer a base for inspiration and steering whereas hoping for a response from our demons.

The go well with of Swords is tied to the ingredient of fireplace. Swords are related to unbridled vitality, recklessness, unpredictability, male virility, drive, energy, ardour, and even energy. Thus, the ingredient of fireplace is universally acknowledged to be a masculine ingredient. When it involves the Page of Swords tarot card, there’s want for topics to curb their impulses and urges if they’re to have a fascinating final result after the studying.

Wand Archetypes are some very unpredictable and reckless people. This is as a result of the influences of the ingredient of fireplace trigger them to behave in an erratic method. They can lash out, combat, insult, or behave in an delinquent method at any time. They battle with performing on impulse and normally behave within the warmth of the second. Given their issue in restraining themselves, Wand Archetypes normally discover themselves in additional bother than is their justifiable share.

The Page of Swords is discovered within the Minor Arcana deck. When it seems upright throughout a studying, it’s interpreted as curiosity, new concepts, new strategies of speaking, and thirst for data. If it’s reversed nonetheless it’s interpreted as haste, all speak no motion, haphazard exercise, and even self-expression. I’ve dubbed this card the “Novel Card” as a result of it implies new patterns of pondering or performing which can be novel.

The Page of Swords exhibits a younger man holding a sword which is pointing upwards. He leans to at least one aspect whereas observing the opposite aspect as if all for what’s going on round him. There is a breeze blowing by way of his hair and ruffling the clouds upwards. The floor on which he stands is green and plush maybe exhibiting that his concepts and intentions are fertile and might show fruitful if he truly executes them.


demon botis

The Demon

Demon Botis: The Seventeenth Spirit of Solomon


Botis is without doubt one of the 72 spirits of King Solomon which can be listed within the Ars Goetia. He is a fallen angel who was summoned and ensnared by King Solomon within the days of antiquity. He is listed because the 17th of those spirits and ranked as a Great President and Earl of Hell. The demon has dominion over 60 legions of lesser demons that perform his instructions.

Not a lot else is understood relating to this demon which is a constant theme with these mysterious beings.

It is difficult to hint the origins of this demon given the scarcity of data surrounding him. He isn’t talked about in any historic Middle Eastern mythology or early Graeco-Roman accounts. However, his presence within the Ars Goetia implies that he has Jewish or Abrahamic origins. He can be listed in credible grimoires such because the Dictionnaire Infernal and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

He is commonly depicted as an unsightly viper which has human palms. In this way, he’s at all times proven clutching a sword. The demon can be able to remodeling right into a human kind with horns and enormous tooth on the request of the magican. It is noteworthy that completely different accounts might current his depictions with some variations right here and there. Botis seems in these monstrous kinds and they are often unnerving to inexperienced conjurors.


Note – there are not any mentions whether or not Botis is benevolent, malevolent, or detached in the direction of human beings. Inexperienced conjurors ought to due to this fact give him a large berth in favor of extra skilled personnel.


The Message


Will I give you some revolutionary thought? Should I put extra effort at work?


I imagine that Botis will be an necessary ally for any magican. His places of work are all helpful whereas his huge hordes of legions can be utilized to do a lot inside apply. Firstly, he’s able to telling issues previous, current, and future thereby putting the magican . Alternatively, he’s able to reconciling mates and foes alike – that is necessary for getting forward in life because the demon principally makes it straightforward to narrate and work together with different folks.

If the tarot studying revealed the 9 of Cups, I will likely be optimistic however proceed with warning. If the cardboard was upright I’ll anticipate that I could understand a novel thought or one thing revolutionary – these will be instrumental in making folks profitable. Alternatively, I could look to curb my curiosity regardless of sustaining my thirst for data. Even a brand new manner of speaking will be helpful to society in the present day.

If the cardboard was reversed, I’ll take steps to be cautious. I’ll take deliberate steps to enhance my efforts in pursuing my objectives. I may even take steps to intentionally look after the standard of my performances lest I do issues haphazardly. I may even watch out in the whole lot I do to keep away from being hasty in my actions – this may be seen within the issues that are related to Fire Archetypes’ recklessness.


Helpful Resources on The Occult Tarot Series

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