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Some of you might be pondering, “what the hell is she wearing?” It’s my angel outfit 😉 My ceremonial magic gown!

The gown is among the vestments worn in ceremonial magic. Although not important, Donald Kraig describes the aim of sporting the gown as “to physically show both your conscious and your unconscious that you are no longer in your daily dress.” Kraig goes on to say, “…. wearing the robe indicates a magical and spiritual intent, such as engaging in ritual and should be kept exclusively for that purpose”.

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In this video, these are the gadgets I used:


The spell was carried out on a Friday, within the hour of Venus. When you might be planning for the spell, consider it as you planning a marriage:




The Marriage Candle Wedding Ritual


Officiant: Welcome, household, pals and family members. We collect right here at present to have fun the marriage of NAME and NAME. You have come right here to share on this formal dedication they make to at least one one other, to supply your love and help to this union, and to permit NAME and NAME to start out their married life collectively surrounded by the individuals dearest and most necessary to them.So welcome to every person, who’ve traveled from close to and much. NAME and NAME thanks in your presence right here at present and now ask in your blessing, encouragement, and lifelong help, for his or her choice to be married.

Definition of Marriage.

Officiant: Marriage is maybe the best and most difficult journey of human relationships. No ceremony can create your marriage; solely you are able to do that—by love and persistence; by dedication and perseverance; by speaking and listening, serving to and supporting and believing in one another; by tenderness and laughter; by studying to forgive, studying to understand your variations, and by studying to make the necessary issues matter, and to let go of the remaining. What this ceremony can do is to witness and affirm the selection you make to face collectively as lifemates and companions.

Declaration of Intent.

Officiant: Will you, NAME, take this girl to be your wedded spouse?

Groom: I’ll

Officiant: Will you, NAME, take this man to be your wedded husband?

Bride: I’ll


Officiant: In the spirit of the significance of sturdy friendships to a wedding, NAME and NAME have requested two pals to learn picks about love that particularly resonate with them.1st READING, adopted by 2nd READING.

Support of Community.

Officiant: Two individuals in love don’t reside in isolation. Their love is a supply of power with which they might nourish not solely one another but additionally the world round them. And in flip, we, their group of family and friends, have a accountability to this couple. By our steadfast care, respect, and love, we are able to help their marriage and the brand new household they’re creating at present.

Officiant: Will everybody please rise. Will you who’re current right here at present, encompass NAME and NAME in love, providing them the fun of your friendship, and supporting them of their marriage?

All: We will

Officiant: You could also be seated.

Wedding Vows.

Officiant: We’ve come to the purpose of your ceremony the place you’re going to say your vows to at least one one other. But earlier than you try this, I ask you to keep in mind that love—which is rooted in religion, belief, and acceptance— would be the basis of an abiding and deepening relationship. No different ties are extra tender, no different vows extra sacred than these you now assume. If you’ll be able to preserve the vows you are taking right here at present, not due to any spiritual or civic regulation, however out of a want to like and be liked by one other individual absolutely, with out limitation, then your life could have pleasure and the house you identify will likely be a spot through which you each will discover the path of your progress, your freedom, and your accountability. Please now learn the vows you’ve got written for one another.

Bride and Groom: I NAME/NAME, take you, NAME/NAME to be my husband/spouse, my fixed good friend and associate, and my love. I’ll work to create a bond of honesty, respect, and belief; one which withstands the tides of time and alter, and grows together with us. I vow to honor and respect you for all that you’re and can turn into, taking pleasure in who we’re, each individually and collectively.I promise to problem you and to just accept challenges from you. I’ll be a part of with you and our group in an ongoing battle to create a world all of us wish to reside in, the place love and friendship will likely be acknowledged and celebrated in all their many varieties. Our residence will likely be a sanctuary and a respite for us and for these whom we cherish. Above all, I offers you my love freely and unconditionally. I pledge this to you from the underside of my coronary heart, for all the times of our lives.

Officiant: May I’ve the rings, please?

Please repeat after me: I offer you this ring, as a each day reminder of my love for you.

Officiant: By the ability of your love and dedication, and the ability vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and spouse! You could kiss one another!


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