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“…is a powerful President of Hell, being obeyed by twenty-nine legions of demons. He teaches logic and ethics in all their branches, the virtues of all herbs and stones, can make a man witty, eloquent, invisible (invincible according to some authors), and live long, and can discover treasures and recover lost things. He is depicted as a strong man…”

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In my private deck of playing cards, I’ve given Foras the 9 of Pentacles. This is due to the demon’s affiliation with wealth seeing as he is ready to get better misplaced gadgets and retrieve treasures. However, I’ll keep in step with the Occult Tarot deck right here and provides him the 9 of Cups. As at all times the hope for this thread is to pick out one card day by day to supply inspiration. I additionally hope to get a response from one of many demons.

The go well with of Cups is tied to the aspect of water. The Cups are related to overwhelming emotional affect. The topics battle with robust feelings of all types. The go well with can also be tied to relationships and the best way that human beings work together with one another. This has to do with the emotional stage of consciousness which influences how one “feels” in the direction of one other particular person of their circle.

As beforehand talked about, Cup Archetypes are some very emotional individuals. They battle to regulate their feelings and can usually erupt in emotional outbursts. They usually use their emotional influences to make selections versus thorough logic. Among the feelings that they expertise embrace love, hatred, hope, and anger. In the 9 of Cups, they’ve to regulate their feelings if they’re to have favorable outcomes of any kind.

The 9 of Cups could be discovered within the Minor Arcana deck. When it’s upright in a studying it could actually imply the conclusion of a purpose, satisfaction, contentment, or thankfulness. When it’s reversed it’s interpreted as materialism, dissatisfaction, indulgence, or hidden happiness. I name this card the “Gratitude Card” due to its most optimistic final result of realizing an goal. This can also be in step with Foras’ workplace of showing priceless gadgets.

The 9 of Cups exhibits a person sitting on a bench in a posture that may be described as contentment. His arms are crossed throughout his chest and he has a happy facial features – he’s really smiling within the card! There are 9 cups organized in a semi-circular method behind him in a manner that’s arching across the man. These cups are positioned on a curved construction which is draped by a blue materials. These cups present his totally different feelings to be secure and in verify.

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The Demon

Foras is one other of the fallen angels that have been summoned by King Solomon and sure to a brass vessel. He is described as a Great President of Hell who has dominion over 29 legions of lesser demons. He is listed because the 31st of the 72 demons within the Ars Goetia.

His title is believed to translate to “outside” when stated within the Latin language which makes use of the identical time period for that function. Not a lot is thought about his historical past previous to rebelling in opposition to heaven.

It is tough to hint the origins of this demon due to the dearth of details about him. This is nevertheless a constant operating theme with these demons given their mysterious nature. You won’t discover something about him in historic Graeco-Roman mythology or early Middle Eastern accounts. He can nevertheless be discovered listed in famend grimoires such because the Dictionnaire Infernal, the Ars Goetia, the Luciferian Goetia, and the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

There are two frequent depictions of Foras within the majority of credible accounts. The commonest portrayal of this demon is that of a robust muscle-bound man. The different type which he’s normally portrayed as is that of a chavelier. In each kinds, there may be nothing monstrous about his look. There is nevertheless no point out of whether or not this demon assumes a human form or stays as he’s.


Note – there aren’t any mentions of whether or not this demon is benevolent, malevolent, or detached in the direction of human beings. Inexperienced conjurors ought to subsequently give him a large berth in favor of extra skilled personnel.


The Message


Should I stay up for one thing good? Am I being materialistic?


Foras is a robust demon who is usually a priceless asset to anybody who is ready to summon him efficiently. This is as a result of all of his places of work are sure to carry a aggressive benefit to the fortunate particular person. For instance, he’s able to making one clever and witty – this may clearly assist anybody to get forward in life as a result of the demon imparts a superlative intelligence not like the vast majority of human capabilities.

Alternatively, the demon can reveal priceless treasures and get better misplaced gadgets. For the previous, this may be particularly helpful in financing your goals and residing out your life. When it involves the restoration of misplaced gadgets, there may be additionally a bonus the place one turns into incapable of taking losses as a result of the demon merely retrieves it! It is subsequently apparent that Foras can show a helpful ally for nearly anybody.

When the 9 of Cups seems in a studying, I develop into optimistic but cautious on the identical time. If it seems upright, the implication is at all times that some favorable final result is sure to return to me leading to gratitude and contentment. Alternatively, it could actually imply that my feelings are sure to stay secure for the foreseeable future. Such a studying normally causes me to develop into pleased albeit cautiously.

If it appeared reversed, nevertheless, I’ll take steps to be cautious. For instance, I’ll keep away from going out as a lot as usually as a way to keep at bay any potential materialistic urges that may trigger destructive outcomes. I additionally attempt to keep away from develop into overly indulgent within the issues I normally have interaction in. For occasion, I’ll give attention to extra complete meals as a substitute of cheat meals akin to McDonald’s. In this manner I keep away from any issues that may happen in any other case.






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