American Hazel (Corylus americana) Magic, Ecology, and Sacred Uses –

American Hazelnuts in a cluster on the point of ripen

For three years, I’ve had my eye on our American hazel bushes right here on the homestead. When we first moved to the property, a lot of the understory was broken with the logging the earlier house owners did and it took time for the hazels to get well.  Thus, for the previous couple of years, I’ve watched the hazels develop taller and bigger every year and stored wanting excitedly for any indicators of nuts setting. This previous fall, I used to be delighted to seek out handfuls of scrumptious wild American hazelnuts and join with the unbelievable knowledge that they provide.

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While Hazel is a critically vital tree within the mythology and magical custom of Druidry and in Europe extra broadly, The Hazel is among the sacred bushes recognized by the druids as a tree tied to knowledge and the circulation of Awen, and it’s…

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