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Welcome to the New Year: as ghastly because the previous one. 2020, 2021 and maybe now 2022, have all been unhealthy. But…by no means thoughts. There is all the time magic to make life bearable! And a promise of a “happy 2023!” Plus, there have been worse occasions in world historical past!

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“Worse years than the past two?”

As a fast reminder let’s have a mirrored image of different shitty occasions to be alive. People typically ask me if magic can present them safety or present them with a assured higher year. But I actually say that in some eventualities, reminiscent of the entire eventualities beneath, there isn’t a magic that can forestall a devastating end result do you have to occur to be in that area throughout any of those occasions.

Perhaps it’s my quirky sense of humour, or dark character, however I do discover it considerably comforting to know that some individuals have made it via worse occasions.

536 – A volcanic eruption, or probably a couple of, someplace within the northern hemisphere would appear to have been the set off. The eruption precipitated a decade-lengthy “volcanic winter”, by which China suffered summer season snows and common temperatures in Europe dropped by 2.5℃. Crops failed. People starved. Then they took up arms in opposition to one another. Many of the societies residing in 530 merely couldn’t survive the upheavals of the a long time that adopted.

541 bubonic plague arrived in Egypt and went on to kill round a 3rd of the inhabitants of the Byzantine empire “claiming the lives of millions of people.” The outbreak continued to comb all through the Mediterranean world for one more 225 years, lastly disappearing in 750 CE. So cheer up. Covid-19 needs to be accomplished fairly quickly we expect? It could be worse if we needed to wait one other 220 years for this present virus to finish!

1347, when the Black Death started its lengthy march throughout Eurasia. “Ole J Benedictow describes how he calculated that the Black Death killed 50 million people in the 14th century, or 60 per cent of Europe’s entire population.”

1330s, famine set in and ravished Yuan China. The famine that killed as much as 45 million individuals stays a taboo topic in China.

1590s the same famine devastated Europe, and the 1490s noticed smallpox and influenza start to work their means via the indigenous populations of the Americas (reciprocally, syphilis did the same amongst inhabitants of the Old World).

From 1492 to 1691 – The largest identified man-made lack of human life ever was the European colonization of the Americas which noticed the lack of an estimated 8.4 to 138 million NATIVE individuals. The dying toll varies extensively as a result of the precise variety of Native Americans pre-Columbus will not be identified, and can doubtless by no means be identified.

From 1526 to 1867 – The Atlantic Slave Trade (People from a wide range of international locations on the continent of Africa, have been shipped into each South and North America), was doubtless the most expensive in human lifetime of all lengthy-distance international migrations. Slaves suffered a wide range of depressing and infrequently deadly maladies as a consequence of inhumane residing and dealing circumstances. The estimate of the quantity killed through the transatlantic slave commerce varies wherever between 6-150 million. The official UN estimate is 17 million (UN).

1914 – World War I, the dying toll was round 40 million.

1939 – World War II is essentially the most deathly occasion with an estimated lifeless toll of between 65 and 85 million individuals.

1941 and 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically murdered some six million Jews throughout German-occupied Europe, round two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish inhabitants.

1994 – The Rwandan genocide through the Rwandan Civil War. During this era of round 100 days, members of the Tutsi minority ethnic group, in addition to some average Hutu and Twa, have been slaughtered by armed militias.Estimated: 491,000–800,000 (Tutsi solely) Up to 1,143,225 (All victims)

2004 – This was a VERY Scary time for me, as I used to be there in Bali on trip with my 3 youngsters. The Tsunami waves triggered by an enormous earthquake slammed into the coastlines of nations ringing the Indian Ocean. The dying toll was huge. Worldwide, it’s estimated that about 250,000 individuals died that day in a matter of seven hours. Yes, a pure occasion – however such an enormous lack of human life. Praise Lucifer, my youngsters & I survived.

2020 to ? –Deaths 5.7 Million so far they say…..


The energies for 2021 had a lot heavy frequencies, dying, and so on. 2022 brings us right into a leveling off type of talking with some residual results. There are many shifts from throughout the previous paradigm of human buildings. Each soul experiences are completely different particularly now with all of the mandates, the uncovering of fact has been an enormous a part of this huge wave that appear to deliver 2022 right into a type like no different year. It’s going to be some journey, maintain on!

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