Ask Savannah: March 2021 –



1:40 Congrats Behemoth- X

4:00 What’s the distinction between Angels & Demons?

8:36 Does my cat like your necromancy oil ? Why does my cat pee on my garments after rituals?

12:51 Should I do a Pact if I’ve kids at dwelling? If you do the pact for me, will that defend my children?

20:34 Suggestions to assist with Social Anxiety

24:17 Can I forged a spell with my children crystals?

26:37 What does it imply to see a big RED eye after chanting Volac’s ENN?

28:59 Where do Occultists go after demise? Is there a SIN on the LHP? Can you be my mentor?




Necromancy Oil  Pacts  Health Spells  Private Consultations

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Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by BWS

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