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Savannah’s Bitch Session

I started the video by complaining about the necessity to mission a false self-picture to the world to be able to be accepted by society. And it’s positively a predicament. In order to interact on the earth and discover a group, it’s good to be seen as pondering, feeling, and behaving the identical as others inside your group, or in any other case face exiled from the group! The situation is that by masking our true selves, we really feel lonely and unaccepted. The answer is NOT easy.

Without turning this bitching session right into a remedy session, I’ll simply say that we must be conscious that each individual has a shadow facet, and that we naturally mission a extra constructive persona out to the group. What you watch locally (TV, Media, Social Platforms) is the perfect model of anyone or the model that they need you to see. People need to naturally really feel essential, heard, validated, beloved. The shadow facet of their character is just not one thing that you just’re going to share with the larger group otherwise you threat ostracisation. People who don’t have a look at their very own shadow instantly, mission that onto others,(the qualities we regularly can’t stand in others, we now have in ourselves, and we don’t need to see). This is the one-sided hypocrisy of social media, we have been continuously discovering fault in others.

Next, I bitch about non secular individuals needing to have an prompt “label”. I completely perceive why individuals like to provide them self credit score for what they wish to change into –  to allow them to have some stage of standing of their social group or to promote themselves/their companies to the world, or to have extra confidence. But does the label matter when you personally can’t do what you’re stating you’re in a position to do? I don’t suppose so.

After watching my video for this month, a consumer of BWC who occurs to be a medical physician “Dr. F” stated, “Thanks for pointing out all the wannabes and those in it for the ‘likes’ and insta-glory. I am pretty sure alot of these folk haven’t summoned forth demons at 3am with purple candles in graveyard dirt they personally collected and offer a ‘blood sacrifice’ to tear down the veil as the spiritual world touches our plane! 😉 I am such a ‘noob’ at this and still learning and still make mistakes. I won’t call myself a ‘magician’ or ‘magi’ or any if that as I still seem myself as green. I am just a regular guy who happens to practice magick…. and if I start to think of myself as anything more the spiritual world will remind me of my folly and be quick to humble me.”

Dr. F additionally supplied an attention-grabbing label for this must be seen as a guru – the “Dunning-Kruger effect”.

“Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology, a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general. Because they are unaware of their deficiencies, such people generally assume that they are not deficient.”

There are many programs the place “gurus” present labels and certify them in xyz after a weekend course. It is sort of a medical scholar calling themself a DOCTOR or a SURGEON. Sure, they’re on the trail of changing into a surgeon, however they aren’t a surgeon. They should not have the ability or capacity to function on a affected person and anticipate the affected person will probably be dwelling on the finish of the operation!

On the left-hand path, it’s completely okay to undergo the journey. The PATH OF ENLIGHTENMENT is a journey, and the reward is the precise advantages gained from the applying of your abilities and information. Further, if you undergo the left-hand path, with every door you open there will probably be 12 extra doorways of data and knowledge to soak up and course of. It’s a vastly humbling expertise.



#Question 1 – from M. Brown

Hello, you guys did a break them aside spell for me and apparently it appeared to be working since he texted me asking about transferring in with me quickly and now after just a few days of asking that he appears to restrict or don’t have any contact with me. I’ve ordered candles to maintain that vitality of that spell going, however do you suppose I must order one other break them aside spell or do I simply want to depart it alone for now and never fear concerning the no contact. I do have plenty of religion in your work and really feel you already know what’s greatest. I do need to add, that I like watching your movies you apparently have plenty of information in what you do and have a lot respect, oh and I beloved my studying with Ms Gypsy. She was superb.


#Question 2 – from Lyle

I’ve a pal who has a fancy scenario. Basically, she needs to depart her husband however he’s afraid of being alone. My pal needs to know if a spell may be finished to assist him discover another person. Any solutions?

Metaphysical Wound Energy Healing

A Break Up Spell in your Own Relationship


#Question  3 – from Charles

Hey savanna that is Charles I hope you’re doing effectively for the reason that final time I spoke to you final year someday perhaps 2019
I need to ask about your Mammon ritual spell for cash; is it protected for me to do or must you do it for me?
please let me know ASAP appropriately carried out throughout the waxing moon which is happening at present


Mammon the Queen of Pentacles

Mammon Ritual Kit


#Question  4 – from Samuel 

I want some assist with some undesirables within the neighborhood are you able to advocate a working to remove them completely. Not positive who they’re

Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing


Protection & Reversal Magick by Jason Miller


#Question  5 – from Zoe

Hi Savannah,

I need to undertake your three stage system for cash magic as proven on Youtube and your BWC web site, i.e. cash attraction, upkeep and prosperity. But I’ve a query a few detrimental facet impact that I’ve skilled because of being profitable with cash spells previously, I have a tendency to realize weight and likewise cease taking as a lot train as a result of I’m caught up with attempting to usher in and preserve my cash.

Can you advise me on the right way to cut back these detrimental outcomes, magically, with out stopping the cash magic from working?

As all the time, thanks loads in your steerage and merchandise and spells and many others..

Blessed be

Money Attraction &; Drawing Oil

Prosperity Oil & Maintenance Oil

Wealth Oil 

Money Attraction Spell

Weight Loss Spell


#Question  6 – from Mark R

I gave my soul to Satan. He is my grasp. I need to worship him. How do I do it? I’ll do no matter is requested of me.


Bloodstone Pendulum

Demonic enns


#Question 7 – from Ganikus

Hi. Hope you’re effectively.

I wish to learn how to take away black magic. My household and I’ve been struggling for years and have tried each priest there’s.

Lately we discovered a chunk of paper with pubic hair, wrapped in plastic close to our prayer place. Is there a e-book or website the place I might acquire extra info on this.


Hex, Curse, Negative Energy Removal Work

Remove Hex or Curse

Home Energy Cleansing


Aura Energy Cleansing


#Question  8 – from Sean Ok

silly query. is it potential to promote my soul for one thing in return? like for cash or love or something that an individual might need?

How to Sell your Soul or Make a Pact with a Demon

What to do after the demonic pact is made


#Question 9 – from Conor A

Can I order one thing out of your VIP gadgets if I dwell within the south island of recent Zealand?

VIP Money Magick (3 months)

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