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Witch Tools – A Shopping List For Witches

Witch Tools are important.  Whether you’re a Solitary Witch, training alone together with your curtains drawn or a member of a Coven, celebrating your wildness round a blazing bonfire in an open discipline, you’ll have to have the correct instruments for the job.  As with all articles on the Craft, I prefer to remind everybody […]

Video: Working with The Shadow Self

  “Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung   The shadow is the “dark side” of our character as a result of it consists mainly of primitive, unfavourable human feelings and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, need, and the striving for energy. […]

Video: Magikal Uses for Urine

Spell Series Ep. 11: Magikal Uses for Urine DID YOU KNOW…… The witches’ bottle was meant for use in opposition to a witch and her magic! Witch-bottles had been primarily anti-witchcraft instruments used as white magic spell-charms in bodily kind. The enclosed concoction of urine and nails would supposedly immediate nice misery to the witch when […]

VIDEO: Return To Sender Spell by Maggie Moon 1) The first step is figuring out the one who is working in opposition to the person. Seasoned witches usually intuitively understand who the attacker is immediately. But for individuals who need assistance they’ll request help from their greater selves or any spirit that they often work with.Simply ask to have […]

Ask Savannah July 2021: Occult, Witchcraft, Dark Arts Q & A

This month I discuss: 2:10 Why we shouldn’t be pissed off at millennials for training witchcraft the way in which they need! 8:10 Male sexual efficiency *** 12:15 The greatest age to start training witchcraft 13:40 Coven Size & handfasting for the sexuality of the whole Coven! 17:11 The frequency of the Bwc e-newsletter 18:40 […]

Lammas 2021 – Honoring the Grain Ritual

Lammas falls on  August 1st every year and is a celebration of the first of the three annual harvest festivals.  Harvest time was one in all the most necessary instances for our ancestors, however this one had particular significance.  An excellent grain harvest meant extra than simply bread and beer.  It meant that seed can […]

VIDEO: A Voodoo Doll (poppet) for Healing

POPPET FOR HEALTH AND HEALING   This therapeutic “voodoo doll” or “poppet” is modified to go well with my practices. So I encourage you to switch this in a manner that helps you combine your present expertise with what I’m demonstrating at present. Aside from creating the well being poppet, I’m demonstrating: pranic therapeutic (vitality work) […]

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