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In demonology, Barbatos is an earl and duke of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons and with four kings as his companions to command his legions. He can speak to animals, tell the future, conciliate friends and rulers, and lead men to treasure hidden by the enchantment of magicians. His name derives from Latin barbatus, meaning ‘bearded’. He is the 8th demon in The Lesser Key of Solomon, while Pseudomonarchia Daemonum lists him as the 6th demon. He is also mentioned in Grand Grimoire as a subordinate of Satanchia. The zodiac sign associated with him is Aries.”

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Barbatos: The Eight Goetia Demon

Barbatros the bearded spirit


In my private deck of playing cards, I’ve given Barbatos the 6 of Wands attributable to its affiliation with the workplace of recognition. However, in being true to the Occult Tarot deck I’ll give him the ten of Pentacles. Once once more, I hope that penning this thread will assist me within the collection of one card which may present knowledge and inspiration on the chosen day. I additionally hope that one of many demons we love right here on the coven can reply to my efforts.

The Suit of Pentacles corresponds to the component of earth. Here, the affiliation is with materials possessions and different issues of a cosmopolitan nature. Interactions with the component of earth normally have human beings current in numerous eventualities in relation to well being, property, wealth, household, work, enterprise, et cetera. Therefore, it’s these intangibles that are thought-about every time the component of earth is evoked inside apply.

Pentacle Archetypes are a decidedly materialistic lot. This group is nearly at all times involved with achievements, accomplishments, and doing higher than the following particular person. It isn’t any marvel they will develop into impulsive or impetuous as they try to get forward in life. For this motive, they usually make the error of changing into engrossed in worldly issues to the purpose that their success is hampered. Thus, they’ve to regulate these urges in relation to the ten of Pentacles.

The 10 of Pentacles is one other tarot card that may be discovered within the Minor Arcana. This card is normally learn as which means wealth, monetary safety, long run success, contribution, and even household when it seems upright in a studying. When it’s reversed nevertheless, it normally means monetary failure, loss, or the darker facets of wealth. I discuss with this card because the “Wealth Card” as a result of it panders to each of its readings whether or not upright or reversed.

The 10 of Pentacles depicts an previous white haired man sitting with royal apparel within the type of a embellished gown. The man has two loyal canine sitting at his toes whereas a younger couple stands close by. The man and the couple are located in an incredible courtyard with numerous depictions of household equivalent to flags and symbols. It is the accomplishments of the previous man which he has amassed all through his lifetime that shares with the youthful couple presumably his progeny.


The Demon

Barbatos is one other of the fallen angels that had been trapped by King Solomon and certain to a brass vessel. He is listed because the 8th of the 72 demons discovered within the Ars Goetia – nevertheless, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum locations him because the 6th of those 72 demons. Barbatos has 30 legions of lesser demons serving underneath his command always. Some accounts additionally report Barbatos as being a subordinate of Satanachia.

Like the vast majority of different demons, there’s not a lot data to go by in relation to Barbatos. As an angelic entity, Barbatos beforehand belonged to the order of virtues. His origins are troublesome to find out as a result of he can’t be present in previous mythologies. There are not any mentions of him in early Middle Eastern accounts or historic Graeco-Roman texts. Therefore, we’re solely left to conclude that he has Abrahamic or Jewish origins as a result of he belongs to the Ars Goetia.

This demon seems as a humanoid entity when the solar is within the zodiac of Sagittarius. He seems alongside 4 kings and at the very least 3 troops of lesser demons. There is nothing monstrous about his look – it’s also unknown why his title loosely interprets to “bearded” when the vast majority of his depictions exhibiting him having a hairless face. Furthermore, the vast majority of depictions present him as resembling a younger man even perhaps a boy.

Note – there is no such thing as a means of realizing whether or not Barbatos is malevolent, benign, or detached in the direction of human beings. The which means right here is that he needs to be left solely to probably the most skilled of conjurors to try to conjure him.


The Message


Does the long run maintain promise for me? Should I take extra warning with my funds?


It is my perception that Barbatos is a demon who is usually a helpful ally to the magican if they’re able to summon him correctly and present the required respect. His most beneficial places of work are the currying of favor with folks in influential positions and even reconciling feuding buddies. The demon can also be able to educating all kinds of topics in addition to performing divinity. Each of those places of work might be leveraged by the magican with a purpose to get forward in life.

If my studying was upright for the ten of Pentacles, I’ll start to really feel optimistic of impending wealth or success. If it was reversed nevertheless, I’ll start to take warning with a purpose to stop myself from coming to monetary wreck – ordinarily, I’ll double my efforts at work whereas taking nice care to observe my very own performances. In a week or so, I ought to expertise both of the results of the studying whether or not optimistic or unfavourable.

Within the identical time-frame, Barbatos ought to reply to the tarot studying particularly by path working. In the primary occasion, he ought to have the ability to reveal alternatives that had been beforehand hidden. Alternatively, he might help to incur favor or reconcile me with folks of energy thereby rising my probabilities of success. If I don’t expertise any of those then I normally assume that the chance has handed or is but to return.

All the tarot readings and the symbolism are open to interpretation. Let us know what you consider Barbatos and the ten of Pentacles card. We’d love to listen to from you!





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