Beltane 2021 – Welcoming the Fae


Beltane is considered one of the most celebrated pagan occasions every year. It falls halfway between the spring equinox and the summer season solstice. The vacation has it’s origins in historic Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man, however is broadly practiced throughout the trendy world.  Typically, celebrations begin on the final day of April and proceed into the sunlight hours of May 1st (in the northern hemisphere).  There are quite a few methods to have a good time together with large rituals, bonfires, dancing, singing, re-enactments, and rituals about the Fae, however the focus is at all times fertility.  Throughout the years, our Beltane rituals have coated a lot of the conventional actions, however with the world going via a lot change recently, this year it’s devoted to the Fae.

Those who comply with the outdated methods know that the veil between our world and the world of the Fae grows very skinny however just a few occasions every year; on Beltane and Samhain.  On these nights, all types of creatures from the faerie world can and do cross over into our world.  Likewise, courageous people can enter the different facet, in the event that they dare.  The Fae often keep away from people, however generally they determine to have a little bit innocent enjoyable at our expense.  Some people discover themselves feeling daring and will attempt to ‘play the game’ with creatures from the different facet, however this virtually at all times finally ends up unhealthy.  History tells of mischievous faeries who trick people on this evening and they’re by no means seen once more.  It’s crucial to remember that the Fae are to not be toyed with.  Don’t make offers, enter into any preparations or make guarantees you can not fulfill.  Every interplay is an alternate and fee is predicted in a single kind or one other.  But, don’t let this deter you from interacting with the faeries, simply be cautious and be sure to current an applicable providing.

Our Beltane 2021 ritual is targeted on welcoming the faeries to our lands, our pastures and our gardens.  If we present them our appreciation, they are going to bless us with their presents and there will probably be concord.


This ritual is written to be carried out by a bunch, outdoors, with a bonfire.

What you’ll want to organize for this ritual (as written)

Alter with fairy themed decorations and sufficient open area for every participant to position an providing
Quarter Candles (4 complete) in these colours –  Red (South,) Yellow (East,) Green (North,) and Blue (West)
Goddess Candle – Large White Candle (I exploit a 3 wick candle for the Goddess)
Hand bell
Bonfire or hearth circle of some kind

In order for fulfillment, please inform all company that a part of this ritual is about making an providing to the Fae, and that they need to deliver one thing particular, of their very own selecting. Also there’s a meditation portion which can be prolonged, so a chair or yoga mat may additionally be so as.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed with <> refers to directions that the ritual chief ought to carry out reasonably than be spoken aloud.

The Ritual

<Opening Statement – A name to motion for the members to cease speaking, collect, and put together to start the ritual>

“Let it be called, let it be cast, this sacred circle both present and past; a meeting place, a spiritual space, where we welcome all members of the human race”

Join Us As We Call the Beltane 2021 Quarters


As the spring winds slip ever so gracefully throughout the land, we flip our eyes to the East and provides excessive praises to the nice spirits of Air.  We welcome you to our circle on this evening when the veil may be very skinny and the fairies are beginning to transfer throughout the land.  Guard us from any mischief this evening and assist to information those that are misplaced in order that they could discover a protected refuge till morning. <mild yellow candle>


The final of the warming rays of the solar have simply dropped beneath the horizon as we flip to the South, the place the nice Fire spirits make their house.  We give thanks on your attendance in our circle tonight and supply excessive thanks and praises for the reward of sunshine which you’ve bestowed upon us.  Keep our path illuminated as we transfer from place to position in order that no hurt or accident will fall our means.  <mild red candle>


Old ones of the West, mighty spirits of Water, we name upon you to hitch us in our circle tonight. Bathe every of us in your cascading and cleaning waters in order that we could regenerate our spirit and carry ahead with renewed hope for the future. <mild blue candle>


Great ones of the North, magical spirits of the Earth, we prolong our best needs and honors and ask so that you can be a part of us as we have a good time all issues related to the land.  As the world round us rises, grows, and reaches to the solar, we see fertility in every course.  We ask that you just pull forth the optimistic energies of the planet to feed our crops and our souls, in order that we could as soon as once more renew our relationship with every little thing in nature. <mild green candle>


Brigid, Great Goddess of spring, the daybreak, and fertility; protector of moms and kids, we name upon you to grace us together with your presence at this Beltane celebration.  You are the hearth in the heads of the Bards, the warmth in the forges of the mighty Blacksmiths, and the cleaning flames of the healers.  Join us tonight in our ritual, hail and blessed be!  <mild Goddess Candle>

Introduction – Beltane

Even although our ritual is about the Fae, we can’t overlook the cause why we’re celebrating.  If we glance again into historical past, one factor is crystal clear, the nice hearth pageant of Beltane honors life.  This celebration is understood by many names, together with Belt-an-a in Ireland, Bealtunn in Scotland, Shenn do Boaldyn on the Isle of Man and Galan Mae in Wales; it’s additionally generally often called May Day. Beltane represents the peak of spring and the starting of summer season; the shiny half of the year and the coming heat.  It’s a celebration of the return of life and fertility to the bodily world which surrounds us. It’s a time for sexual awakening in humankind with new relationships, marriages and the adventures of younger maturity.

The historic story resonates at present simply because it did in the previous. At Beltane, the Maiden Goddess has reached her fullness of womanhood.  She is the manifestation of progress and renewal; referred to as Flora, the Goddess of Spring, the May Queen, or the May Bride.  The Young Oak King, often known as the May King, Jack-In-The-Green, or the Green Man, falls in love together with her and wins her hand.  Their union is consummated and the Goddess turns into pregnant.  This sacred union symbolizes the Sacred Marriage of Earth and Sky and has been re-enacted by humankind all through the centuries.  Just as the May Queen will probably be the supply of latest life, so can we deliver life to our sensible concepts, hopes, and goals on Beltane.

Musical Interlude

If you’re a common follower of our rituals, then you understand that we attempt to embrace a music choice in each.  Sometimes it’s a stretch to seek out an applicable tune to play, whereas different occasions it’s a snap.  This is a kind of different occasions.  Our choice is known as Beltane Fire Dance by Loreena McKennitt.  Start the music and skip all the way down to the Fire Jumping part.

Jumping the Bonfire

On the eve of Beltane our Celtic ancestors would construct two massive bonfires, created from the 9 sacred woods; oak, birch, ash, alder, willow, hawthorn, holly, hazel, and rowan.  These fires had been deemed to have protecting properties and had been thought-about sacred.  All the livestock can be summarily rounded up and pushed in between the two fires in order to purify and shield them in the upcoming year.  The villagers themselves would then leap over considered one of the Beltane bonfires, however for various causes.  The younger, single villagers jumped the hearth for luck find a partner, vacationers jumped the hearth to make sure a protected journey, and pregnant ladies jumped the hearth to guarantee a straightforward supply. Couples would leap over hand in hand to make sure their union stayed sturdy.  This shouldn’t be an entire checklist although.  Each individual had their very own causes for stepping throughout the flames and nobody handed on the alternative.   <instruct the group on hearth security and take applicable measure to verify nobody will get injured, then have everybody who needs to, leap over the hearth>

Think about what you would like for in the coming year whilst you’re fastidiously crossing over the flames.

Welcoming the Fae

In historic Ireland there lived a race of individuals of the Goddess Danu, referred to as the Tuatha Dé Danann.  These individuals had been the earliest magick customers identified to the world, having been forged out of paradise as a result of they had been turning into too highly effective.  From excessive above they descended to the Island of Ireland to reside out their lives, unimpeded, however when the island was invaded by the Milesians, they went underground.  They continued training magick and finally developed into what we now name the Fae.  They developed talents to stay hidden from people and lived in caves or different secret locations, which they jealously guarded.  History tells tales of the uncommon human who discovered entry to these hidden locations and would by no means be heard from once more.

And but we additionally hear a large number of tales from the previous the place the Fae would have optimistic interactions with humankind.  Usually these start with a beneficiant providing of milk, honey, yogurt, pastries or different candy delicacies.  Small tables, toys, material and different shiny objects may be used to draw faeries.  But, the single most vital half is to hearken to the pure world round your space.  When you change into delicate to all elements of nature, you’ll start to listen to an increasing number of and also you’ll make that connection.  The Fae can inform who’s honest and who isn’t, and so they aren’t on a time schedule.  It could take a while, however don’t hand over.

Tonight as a part of our Beltane celebration, we will current the faeries with an providing.  Each individual ought to place their merchandise on our alter as a token of friendship and compassion towards all issues from the different facet of the veil.

<Ritual chief ought to permit as a lot time as needed>

Now that we now have ready an providing, it’s time to hearken to nature.

<Have everybody meditate and hearken to the world round them.  No one ought to converse or transfer round, simply hear.  This can final so long as you would like>

Now every of chances are you’ll state a excessive reward to the faeries and introduce yourselves to them formally.

<Have every individual converse out to the Fae as they see match>

As we put together to shut, bear in mind this second and take it with you in every single place.  The extra open your thoughts is, the extra nature will reveal.

Closing our Beltane 2021 Circle


Magickal spirits of the Earth, we once more supply thanks for sharing this festive night with us.  Tomorrow we will survey our lands and have a renewed sense of consolation for a affluent rising season and bountiful harvest.  <extinguish green candle>


Mighty spirits of Water, our reward isn’t-ending.  We supply prayers on the banks and shores and throughout all the nice our bodies of water in an effort to see and listen to our emotions of gratitude.  <extinguish blue candle>


Legendary spirits of Fire, as we depart right here tonight, we stock new reminiscences of illumination; not simply bodily, but in addition spiritually and emotionally and we will stroll with extra confidence and understanding.  <extinguish red candle>


Whispering spirits of Air, our religion is renewed as we watch the skinny tendrils of smoke rise and glide away in your invisible currents.  We notice that we don’t at all times must see one thing to consider in its energy and perceive its magnitude. <extinguish yellow candle>


Great Goddess of spring, we bid you the kindest and transfer loving farewell as this evening involves an excellent ending.  Bless us as we depart and shield us.  Farewell and blessed be!  <mild Goddess Candle>

“This circle is open but never broken”

<ring bell>

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