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Witchabout – A Witch’s Journey

Witchabout – /wɪtʃ-əˈbaʊt/ – [wich-uh-bout] – when a witch briefly returns to the earth, for an unspecified time frame, to commune with nature, collect herbs, stones, and presents of the forest, and most significantly to search out the issues they weren’t on the lookout for.  On the tenth day of the tenth month at 10:10 […]

Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual 2022 – Finding Your Tribe

The closing full moon earlier than Samhain, the Full Hunter’s Moon 2022, will peak at 2:54 PM, MST, October ninth. It might be seen within the evening sky at dusk. Last month we informed the story of how in September and October, the complete moon names modified, relying on the calendar day. Recall that these […]

Old Gods, New Gods and the Blurry Line Separating Myth and Religion

Myth and faith; are they completely different or interchangeable? After all, one man’s faith finally turns into one other man’s fantasy. And as a fantasy, some key parts of that faith might stay on, and presumably change into faith as soon as once more. This is the method it has been for generations, and that […]

Chemtrail – Stay Vigilant – It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory

Looking skyward, we understand the fantastic thing about the pure world. Light billowy clouds float effortlessly throughout an immaculate blue panorama. Rich golden hues of daylight sparkle and dance as they stream upward, outward, and downward. Birds flocking and bees buzzing full the masterpiece. The sight of nature on show is plentiful and peaceable. It’s […]

Mabon Ritual 2022 – A Great Celebration of the Second Harvest

Mabon, the second harvest and the true Thanksgiving feast. Tonight we’re at an ideal midway level. The solar was at it’s peak of Litha and shall be at its low throughout Yule. Today the mild and the darkness are in concord. A stability the fashionable world known as the vernal equinox or fall equinox. We […]

Incense Use Throughout History in Religion and Ritual

Incense, the phrase itself appears to conjure up magical scents of swirling smoke. The considered inhaling these heady scents brings the thoughts and physique to a relaxed transcendental state. A way of thinking the place creation is dropped at life, the doorways to creativeness are flung open broad, and the world awaits. Those who know […]

The Essential Guide to Smudging

Smudging (smuhj-ing): the ritualistic burning of herbs and crops to purify and cleanse unfavorable vitality, convey good luck, and defend an individual or place. Smudging is an historical apply that Indigenous tribes internationally have been doing for 1000’s of years.  As different cultures got here involved with Native tribes, they skilled the apply of smudging […]

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