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The Essential Guide to Smudging

Smudging (smuhj-ing): the ritualistic burning of herbs and crops to purify and cleanse unfavorable vitality, convey good luck, and defend an individual or place. Smudging is an historical apply that Indigenous tribes internationally have been doing for 1000’s of years.  As different cultures got here involved with Native tribes, they skilled the apply of smudging […]

Raven and Crow – Know the Differences

Throughout historical past, the raven and crow have been misunderstood, maligned, and typically confused with each other. The latter level is no surprise since ravens and crows associated at a household stage. They’re additionally a part of the identical genus (Corvus).  The raven being Corvus corax whereas the crow is Corvus brachyrhynchos. They look related […]

The First to Die From… 14 Strange Deaths

History has a prolonged checklist of strategies by which folks have died. Some had been unintentional and others merciless and intentional.  And, in each a type of methods, one particular person was the primary to die from it.  Thousands of years in the past, the primary individual died from a flint spearpoint. Hundreds of years […]

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