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The Forever Trees of the Ancient Forests

The historical forests have been lush and thick. The bushes grew to towering heights and their branches stretched large.  Multi-layered canopies with differing kinds of branches interwoven like fingers.  This sample allowed simply sufficient daylight to penetrate and nurture the flowers under.  With little or no human disturbance outdoors of passing hunters or gatherers, […]

Ancient Japanese ‘Killing Stone’ Has Split

Another troubling signal of impending doom and gloom has been recognized in Japan.  The Sessho-seki, extra generally referred to as the ‘killing stone’ has break up into two almost equal components.  Locals and guests to the well-known boulder close to Nasu, Japan had been horrified to see it damaged aside.  There is a good […]

Bolton Strid – The River That Hypnotizes, Traps, and Kills

The River Wharfe, positioned in northern England, is each lovely and picturesque, winding and twisting by means of the countryside for practically 65 miles.  Its a large river that largely flows east to south-east. It maintains its quantity as a result of it’s being frequently fed by many small streams alongside the way in […]

Cheiro – The Father of Modern Palmistry

Cheiro, (pronounced Ok’i-ro) born William John Warner (November 1, 1866 – October 8, 1936) was the daddy of trendy palmistry.  He was additionally recognized professionally as Count Louis Hamon. Cheiro was with none doubt an unusually gifted astrologer and palmist and offered trendy-day palmists with an incredible physique of reference work. Cheiro was an […]

The Pagan Origins of Easter

Almost each fashionable Christian vacation has it’s root in historical pagan practices.  Christmas was a byproduct of the traditional celebration known as Yule.  Halloween is derived from Samhain.  Valentine’s Day comes from the traditional Roman vacation known as Lupercalia.  The pagan origins of Easter comes from Ostara, which is the subject of this piece.  […]

Moon Water – How to Make, Store, and Use It

Moon water is water that has been charged, or allowed to take in lunar vitality.  The strongest moon water is made on the night time of a full moon.  Generally, moon water can be utilized in many alternative methods together with spell making, cleaning rituals, and extra.  You also can make intention-particular moon water […]

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