Coffin Nails – Light or Dark? Protective or Disruptive?


A coffin nail is strictly what you’d suppose it could be.  A metallic nail extracted from a wood coffin; a used coffin to be actual.  More particularly, a used coffin that held a human corpse and was buried underground for an unspecified size of time.  As you possibly can think about, these are fairly unusual.  Perhaps that’s the reason they’re thought-about a really highly effective in ritual magick; a lot stronger than a pin or different nail.  They have been used for Centuries in ritual magick, generally for constructive spell work, however most frequently for hexing or spells of malice and hurt.

Coffin Nail History & Facts

Long in the past, earlier than the times of metallic caskets and burial vaults, individuals had been buried in easy wood packing containers, largely fabricated from pine.  These coffins had been low cost and simple to make.  Thin boards about 3/4″ thick had been nailed collectively in a typical sample with a hinged lid and both rope or different rudimentary handles.  The nails used had been hand cast, sq. formed and largely fabricated from iron.  Coffin nails ranged in measurement between 1 1/4″ to 2″ in size.  Blacksmiths would pound them into form and taper one finish to kind one thing shut to some extent earlier than flattening out the opposite finish to make it appropriate for pounding.  Old data present {that a} good Blacksmith would have been in a position to produce over 200 nails in a single hour.  There had been a number of jigs and units constructed within the 1700’s and 1800’s which improved the output, nevertheless it wasn’t till the early 1900’s when machine-made wire nails turned available.  But, I digress.  The historical past of nail-making is definitely intriguing, however not notably attention-grabbing to these attempting to study coffin nails and there use in witchcraft, magick, and spellcasting.

Coffin NailsThe provide or non-provide of coffin nails is very questionable. History tells us that wood burial containers have been round for 1000’s of years, courting again to historic Egypt, however that doesn’t imply they’re being dug up for his or her nails.  Some wood coffins are nonetheless used at present, however the development has modified considerably, with nails being changed with screws or dovetail joints.  Most coffins at present are stainless metallic or fiberglass, with fewer and fewer wood packing containers being thought-about.   Also, fashionable burial strategies are considerably completely different with concrete vaults getting used, making it actually troublesome to dig up a grave with out anybody noticing.

The web or your native metaphysical store will probably have listings for coffin nails, every full with what spells they can be utilized for.  But, widespread sense would inform most of us that possessing a number of coffin nails can be troublesome to realize, and having a gentle to provide on the market appears close to-inconceivable.  What they’re truly promoting are outdated sq. lower nails fabricated from iron, which have develop into generally often called coffin nails.

Did you already know: A casket is outlined as a elaborate coffin within the dictionary, however that’s not 100% correct.  A casket has 4 sides and is rectangular formed, whereas a real coffin is hexagonal formed, with six sides.

What Are Coffin Nails Used For?

Coffin nails are a essential part in lots of types of ritual magick, together with Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Witchcraft, Obeah, and Santeria, simply to call a number of.  As famous, they’re primarily used for adverse spells or charms.  Due to the character of a lot of these spells, the precise processes and different elements won’t be revealed on this website.  They are used to place a hex on somebody, actually placing a nail in that particular person’s coffin.  Coffin nails are additionally utilized in spells of malice, to make somebody unwell, to drive them away, or even to trigger a untimely demise.  In Voodoo, they had been used to drive a sufferer insane.  They are additionally utilized in revenge spells and different harmful magickal workings.

On the constructive facet of issues, coffin nails are used to interrupt curses, reverse spells, break addictions, rid oneself from evil, to cease fights, normal safety, or to ‘nail down’ one thing akin to a purpose or particular goal.  They are additionally utilized in sure wealth or cash spells.  In these instances they’re hammered into the corners of the house or within the door jambs and window sills, to maintain your cash ‘at home’.  Coffin nails may also be used so as to add energy to different spells, sealing them or anchoring them down.  They are sometimes included in nation sacks, mojo (gris gris) baggage or amulets of safety.

American Folk Magic practitioners imagine that coffin nails are one methodology to attach with the useless.  This is essential since additionally they imagine that the useless will be enlisted to assist the residing, on the subject of spell work.

In candle magick, coffin nails are sometimes used as a scribe, to carve symbols or different magickal markings into the wax, earlier than burning.

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