Cursing with Foot Track Magic

Now you tryin’ to take my life, and all my lovin’ too
You laid a passway for me, now what are you tryin’ to do

-Robert Johnson  “Stones in My Passway”

Foot monitor magic has a previous in each Germanic folks magic spells and American hoodoo practices. It entails cursing somebody by all kinds of strategies, resembling putting stones in a sure configuration within the individual’s path, sprinkling goofer mud or graveyard dust in his footwear, or putting dust from his footprint right into a bottle. The curse can vary from giving the hoodoo’d individual dangerous luck or reminiscence loss to inflicting incurable illness and demise.

The commonest trendy use for Foot monitor magic is to have somebody transfer away from you! Hence why among the different well-liked names for such a magical spells embody “getaway”,&  “hotfoot”. The thought is that the goal will step into the magical powder and get away from you. For this magic to achieve success, the goal should step in or stroll over the powder.

One thought of the origins of such a magic comes from the African idea that magic influences enter and exit your physique by means of your ft. Chinese additionally consider that the souls of your ft are linked to each main organ in your physique, nonetheless, I couldn’t discover Chinese spells to curse by means of the ft. There is a big physique of spells from the German custom, the place they may say a particular spell whereas driving a nail into the footprint of the goal. In this case, it’s known as Foot Print Magic! So I assume the primary lesson is to all the time watch the place you stroll!

Hot Foot Powder is likely one of the oldest and most conventional sachet powders utilized in hoodoo. It is especially composed of all method of sizzling chili, sulfur and different extremely irritating or “hot” substances, floor right into a high-quality powder combined with both talcum powder or cornstarch. Many individuals will combine the powder with some dust, to mix it in a bit of higher, making the powder much less conspicuous.

Hot Foot Incense Powder

Hot Foot Powder is a good way to drive somebody away with out others understanding, and with out inherently harming them.

  • Drive undesirable individuals away
  • Make enemies go away
  • Make others go away

Hot Foot Powder Uses:

Hot Foot Powder is normally deployed by sprinkling it on the bottom the place your goal will stroll over it. This works by means of the precept of foot monitor magic: magically affecting your goal by means of the ft, because the ft are what carry an individual by means of life. Additionally, an individual will usually monitor substances into their residence or automobile after strolling by means of it thus introducing it into their non-public area.

  • Lay down a line of Hot Foot Powder in your goal’s tracks once they cross over it, they are going to be compelled to get the hell out of your life.
  • Put a pinch of Hot Foot Powder of their footwear to “hot foot” them out of city.
  • You may even mud the tires on their automobile with Hot Foot Powder to get them to drive out of your life!

Ideally, if you would like somebody to maneuver away, it is best to sprinkle the new foot powder throughout their premises.

You can even sprinkle powder resembling goofer dust or graveyard dust inside somebody’s footwear or in a spot they’re more likely to stroll by means of, as a way to administer a curse.

It’s simply not all about sprinkling powder. There are different sizzling foot type spells the place you acquire the dust from the place your goal has walked, and maybe place it in a red flannel bag, after which throw it in a physique of transferring water.

Harry Hyatt (Hoodoo — Conjuration — Witchcraft — Rootwork), suggests taking the dust out of your goal’s left foot, bind it in a red piece of flannel, then throw it in a river that’s flowing north. As you throw it flip again round and say go from me. He says that in 9 days your goal shall be gone!

How to disguise the Hot Foot Powder from the goal

To disguise Hot Foot Powder from being acknowledged (it has a particular coloration), combine it half-and-half with native dust from the realm earlier than sprinkling it. Most individuals will mistake it for dust that somebody has merely tracked in on their footwear and never assume twice about stepping on it.

You could have seen in some motion pictures, that powder shall be blown onto or into the trail of the goal. In this case, the powder is positioned in your left hand, after which blow the powder into the 4 quarters.

How to let somebody know that they’ve been hotfooted!

In some cultures, they may draw within the dust, particular traces, resembling 4 wavy traces, after which spit on the bottom to activate the curse. This is known as “setting a trick”. Personally, I consider in hiding all of the magic that you’re acting on different people, and as we stay in a really intelligent world, I wouldn’t go away any indicators or symbols round that would spotlight the truth that the goal is cursed, in order that they step across the powder and never by means of it.

Bottle Spell to Remove an Asshole Husband

  1. Take the suitable foot monitor of your hateful husband and put it in a dark bottle or jar.
  2. Add a dust dauber’s nest and a few cayenne pepper to the foot monitor and parch it in an outdated tin frying pan.
  3. Put all of this into a grimy sock and tie it up.
  4. Turn the bundle away from you as you tie it.
  5. Carry it to the river at twelve midday. When you get inside forty ft of the river, you should run quick to the sting of the water, whirl all of a sudden and hurl the sock over your left shoulder into the water and by no means look again.
  6. Say, “Go, and go quick in the name of Lucifer (or your Goddess or demons name).”

HotFoot a Room Mate!

If you might be sharing a residing area with somebody and need to make them go away or transfer out, that you must hit them with a more durable Hot Foot Spell and this Hot Foot Spell is simply the trick.

Here’s what you’ll want:

  • 1 packet of Hot Foot Powder
  • 1 empty bottle
  • 1 used soiled sock belonging to your goal

Make certain to make use of a grimy sock that has not been cleaned for this trick. It may have your goal’s sweat on it and this may hit them on a bodily stage.


  • Put the sock within the bottle and add in about half a packet of Hot Foot Powder.
  • When you cap the bottle pray over it and ask(God) to drive the pestiferous roommate away from your home, drive them to maneuver away and go away you alone for good.
  • Take the bottle to a river that runs out of city and throw it into the river over your left shoulder and don’t look again. The individual will run out of your life similar to that river runs out of city. (If you don’t have entry to a river, then you may as well toss the bottle right into a crossroads approach out on the sting of city to drive that individual out of city.)
  • Next return residence and sprinkle Hot Foot Powder within the roommate’s footwear. Put some of their bed room underneath their mattress. Put some of their foot powder in the event that they use some, or of their talcum powder in the event that they use that on their physique.


You may even double down your curse with these nasty ideas:

  • Use Hot Foot Oil on the doorknobs
  • Dripping some of their shampoo bottle or physique wash
  • Give a present. Sprinkle among the powder in a potted plant, and go away it at their door.


Removing the “Hot Foot Curse” from YOU

But what if you’re the one stepping within the hotfoot powder. What are you able to do to repair this case? It is usually recommended that you’ll want to take a non secular tub, or a cleaning tub. When you have got completed the bathtub the thought is to throw the water onto the trail crossed with the new foot powder. That is claimed to take away the jinx and it’ll defend you. However, on this century it’s going to be very laborious to throw water all over the place that you’ve walked with out inflicting individuals to take a look at you bizarre. The smartest thing you are able to do is have a non secular tub and proceed on with your normal non secular safety.

Older ideas from the hoodoo custom, recommend sporting black pepper in your footwear to maintain an enemy from with the ability to hotfoot you!

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