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The are 4 teams of nature spirits which are collectively known as the Elementals.  They are, in no particular order, the Sylphs, the Undines, the Gnomes, and the Salamanders.  Each of those teams corresponds with one of many 4 parts; air, fireplace, earth, and water.  They dwell amongst us, but stay principally unseen besides by kids (their younger minds haven’t been corrupted but) and expert practitioners who’ve been educated to see them.

We can hint the roots of the naming to the Swiss doctor, alchemist, theologian, and thinker Paracelsus (ca. 1493–1541).  Paracelsus was an enigma throughout his life as he discovered widespread floor within the bodily sciences, magic, theology, and humanity.  Rather than ignore one self-discipline for the sake of one other, he seen all of them to be obligatory and depending on each other.  He was considered a prophet of types and a diviner, however that’s one other story altogether.

Salamanders – Fire

Fire spirits are any entity linked with the ability of fireside.  This group is represented by the salamander, however not your typical salamander.  This creature has the looks of a lizard, however in actuality is a hearth-respiratory beast that may have wings or not.  These wonderful beings are intense as they perceive the duality of their nature.  As fireplace each destroys and creates, someday concurrently, the salamanders are masters of understanding power.  Creatures that fall into this class are dragons, firedrakes, ifrits, fireplace faeries, phoenix, and hellhounds.

Gnomes – Earth

Although all Earth spirits are labeled as gnomes, there are a lot of differing kinds.  Any spirit or being that’s of the earthly realm; residing on the floor or beneath it, matches into this class.  The checklist consists of, however is just not unique to trolls, giants, elves, dwarves, brownies, pygmies, dryads, satyr, and leprechauns.   Earth Spirits are right here to guard the planet and protect them for the longer term.  They are onerous staff and really loyal and are continually protecting tabs on the whole lot earthbound; particularly issues which are altering.  Most of them reside underground, in caves, or in hole timber.  They are interested in those that take care of the planet, ensuring that assets aren’t be squandered or hoarded.

Undines – Water

The water spirits watch over the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams throughout the planet.  Undines are mentioned to have the ability to join the actions of water with human feelings.  Of all of the elementals, undines are essentially the most approachable and pleasant, nevertheless some are merely utilizing that attraction for nefarious causes.  The checklist consists of naiads, mermaids, water nymphs, sea maids, limoniades, oceanid, oreads, and potamides and they’re virtually completely seen in feminine or female kinds.  Many of them are also characterised as having fantastic melodious singing voices; once more typically this was used to enchant human males.

Sylphs – Air

Sylphs are thought-about the best vibrational elementals, and are thought-about to be lovely past comparability.  Most resemble a gathering of clouds or a kind of angelic being, or an invisible mass.  They are often winged and slip in between the bottom and the sky with ease.  It is believed that they management the climate, pollination and foster creativity amongst people.  Sylphs are thought-about boastful compared to different elementals.  This class consists of air faeries, silphid, angels and divas.  Of all of the types of elementals, sylphs are the smallest group.


There are many articles about elementals and every one appears so as to add a level of spin.  Some are clearly supposed to drive social and environmental justice messages.  Others are extra centered on the ‘personality’ of every kind.  At first I wished to make this an all encompassing article about each element I might discover, however I didn’t.  I don’t need anybody’s opinion being my opinion.

Use this transient introduction to the Elementals as a place to begin in your analysis.

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