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Focalor: The Murderous Demon

“Focalor (also Forcalor, Furcalor) is a powerful Great Duke of Hell, commanding three or thirty legions of spirits. Focalor is mentioned in The Lesser Key of Solomon as the forty-first of the 72 goetic demons. According to the grimoire: Focalor appears in the form of a man with a griffin’s wings, kills men, drowns them, and overthrows warships; but if commanded by the conjurer he will not harm any man or thing. Focalor has power over wind and sea, and had hoped to return to heaven after one thousand years, but he was deceived in his hope. One of the three archdemons, Lucifuge Rofocale has his second name as an anagram of Focalor, implying an intellectual relationship.”

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In my private deck of playing cards, I’ve allotted the 8 of Swords to the demon Focalor. The workplace of this demon entails killing males by way of drowning them. He additionally features to overthrow warships. Focalor has energy over the weather of sea and wind. There aren’t any mentions of any benevolence by this demon besides sparing solely the lives of those that the magican has pardoned. Given that almost all of his workplaces contain malevolent actions, path working with this demon these days may to regulate the weather in conditions of urgency.

The 8 of Swords is a tarot card which belongs to the Minor Arcana. When it seems upright, it’s related to detrimental ideas, sufferer mentality, imprisonment, or self-imposed restrictions. When it seems the wrong way up, it’s interpreted as being open to new views and escaping detrimental ideas. The card depicts a girl who’s sure and blindfolded though the bindings and blindfold seem comparatively free – this means that she will be able to escape these entrapments. She is surrounded by eight swords maybe highlighting her restrictions. At her ft, water flows within the foreground maybe highlighting that her instinct can sense what her eyes can not understand.

Griffins are often symbolic of army primacy or fortitude. With Focalor, there’s a need for power, army superiority, or energy to come back to the fore. The 8 of Swords right here is indicative of the damaging potential of this demon. He is a warring entity whose management over the ocean and the wind can present an unlimited benefit within the midst of battle. He is very suited to marine battles given his workplaces largely correlate with life at sea. Therefore, when working with this demon it’s obligatory to think about his efficiency as a useful gizmo that may be leveraged into a bonus within the warmth of battle.


The Demon

Focalor is the 41st of the 72 demonic spirits that had been trapped by King Solomon. He is a fallen angel who initially belonged to the angelic order of thrones. In his demonic state, Focalor is ranked as a Great Duke of Hell with dominion over three or thirty legions of lesser demons. Still, some accounts posit that he has 31 legions of inferior demons serving underneath his command. In most depictions, this demon seems as a person with the wings of a griffin and doesn’t change his form from this monstrous state in any respect.

Focalor: The Weeping Goetia Demon

Summoning Folcalor

Demons of the Goetia


Significant Symbol – Griffin


There isn’t any method to hint the origins of this demon. This is as a result of he isn’t talked about with early Graeco-Roman mythology or historic Middle-Eastern accounts. However, he seems in a number of grimories such because the Ars Goetia, the Luciferian Goetia, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and the Dictionnaire Infernal. In all these famend grimories, he’s acknowledged because the 41st of the 72 Goetia demons. His griffin wings are the inform-story image for his efficiency and underlying power as a warring demonic entity.

Focalor belonged to the Seventh throne as constant together with his placement within the angelic order of thrones. When captured by King Solomon, the demon said that he hoped to return to heaven after 1,000 years had handed. However, he was flawed in having such a stream of thought as he stays throughout the demonic hierarchy to this point. As one of many fallen angels nevertheless, there isn’t a foreseeable probability for this demon to have his angelic standing restored. Given his murderous rage, it’s advisable that solely skilled conjurors try to summon this demon.


Note – There aren’t any conclusive mentions of whether or not Focalor is benevolent, malevolent, or detached in direction of human mortals.


With Focalor’s capability to regulate the ocean and the wind, he’s able to overturning warships and drowning the seafarers. This capability is basically malicious though he spares any life that the magican instructs him to not take. Focalor can show a helpful ally in occasions of sea warfare or if a water vessel comes underneath assault from pirates as an example. His affiliation with the ingredient of water additionally means he’s probably helpful in dream magic based on Michael Ford’s Luciferian Goetia revealed in 2007.


The Message


Am I underneath risk? Will I profit from taking protecting measures? Am I having restrictive or detrimental ideas?


When the 8 of Swords seems in a studying, I’m instantly drawn to consideration. It highlights the potential for murderous or injurious intent by somebody in shut proximity. Alternatively, it might additionally compel me to look at my goals extra deeply as posited in Michael Ford’s Luciferian Goetia. It may very well be in a single’s goals that restrictive or detrimental ideas manifest. Such negativity quantities to some type of imprisonment that may forestall one from realizing their full potential.

I imagine Focalor, regardless of his murderous intentions, might be helpful inside dream magic as per the Luciferian Goetia. He helps to discern the place detrimental or restrictive ideas lie. In so doing, it’s attainable for the magican to erase such patterns of pondering and growing a optimistic mindset. In a week or two after the studying, it’s attainable to inform whether or not somebody has unwell intentions in direction of you by noticing modifications of their habits. Alternatively, you can even inform in case you are being held again by restrictive ideas by inspecting your failures.

Tarot readings and symbolism are relative and open to interpretation. Let us know what you consider Focalor within the remark part under. We’d love to listen to from you!



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