Frucissiere, the Thirteenth Servitor of Duke Syrach –

Frucissiere is the thirteenth servitor demon of Duke Syrach who’s talked about inside the Grimorium Verum and the Secrets of Solomon. He can be known as Frulthiel though this title is comparatively unusual inside the context of apply. The Plangiere version of the Grimorium Verum states the following relating to this demon: “Frucissiere receives the dead.” This demon is primarily related to necromancy and magic which includes coping with beforehand deceased personalities – he will be summoned forth for related clandestine rituals.


Like the different demons ascribed to servitude below Duke Syrach, there’s a distinct lack of info relating to Frucissiere. It is subsequently not possible to comprehensively perceive the demon’s nature. As lengthy as he’s invoked correctly, the threat of malevolence – punitive or in any other case – is considerably lowered. This is verly essential contemplating that the true nature of this demon is just not recognized inside demonology circles. In so doing, one thus will increase the probabilities of a fascinating end result whereas concurrently defending themselves from any doable malevolence.


Frucissiere’s placement in the direction of the center of the hierarchy however, he’s nonetheless very potent and should be accorded the correct respect proven to all demons throughout their respective invocation rituals. It is presently not recognized whether or not Frucissiere himself is of malevolent, benevolent, or detached nature in the direction of human beings – likewise it’s unknown whether or not he’s completely diurnal or nocturnal. The dearth of info relating to his true nature can be proof of the want for less than nicely skilled magican’s to attempt summoning Frucissiere.


The ritual for calling forth Frucissiere is the identical one utilized in the summoning of the different servitor demons of Duke Syrach. It is a very tasking ritual which is given in the Grimorium Verum particularly for this function. This ritual asks the medium to keep away from all types of sin or have any sexual contact for a interval of three days. After this, the conduction of the final steps in the course of of the invocation of Frucissiere will be accomplished.  Despite this seeming issue, that is the most simple ritual for invoking the eighteen inferior demons below the servitude of Duke Syrach. Other rituals may also be used to assorted ends.



There is a definite lack of obtainable historic info relating to Humots as akin to the different inferior demons inside this hierarchy. Like the others inside his hierarchy, the first occasion that this demon is talked about with recorded historical past is in 1517 throughout the publication of the Grimorium Verum by Alibek the Egyptian. There aren’t any credible studies of this demon inside historical Middle-Eastern mythology or early Graeco-Roman narratives. He is thus fairly probably an historical pagan god who was demonized with the unfold of Christianity throughout the Middle Ages.



Rank: Thirteenth of the Inferior Demons below Duke Syrach

Color: Black



Like the different servitor demons of Duke Syrach, Frucissiere is cloaked in thriller largely as a consequence of the lack of credible and complete info relating to him. Not a lot is thought about this demon’s bodily look as the Grimorium Verum doesn’t make point out of it. Furthermore, there aren’t any studies of his look inside credible accounts or main grimories. It is thus doable that Frucissiere is invisible when he manifests and the medium ought to anticipate to really feel his presence relatively than to see him bodily.


The Sigil of Frucissiere


The Demonic Enns of Frucissiere

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Frucissiere

Veni, veni, o comitis Frucissiere


Similar demons to Frucissiere

  • Clauneck
  • Klepoth
  • Khil
  • Frutimiere
  • Clistheret
  • Annobath
  • Noocar
  • Murmur
  • Lewteffar
  • Ansoryor


Attributes of Frucissiere

  • Like the different demons ascribed to servitude below Duke Syrach, there may be an apparent lack of info relating to It is subsequently not possible to comprehensively perceive the demon’s nature which means that nice care must be taken throughout rituals.
  • The first occasion that this demon is talked about with recorded historical past was in 1517 throughout the publication of the Grimorium Verum by Alibek the Egyptian. His workplace inside this grimoire is posited as taking the souls of the lifeless.


When to summon Frucissiere

This demon is related to necromancy as the Grimorium Verum posits that he receives the lifeless. He can thus be summoned when the medium is seeking to interact in necromancy.


Ritual Time: It is presently unknown whether or not the demon is completely diurnal or nocturnal and there’s no specified time frame for invocation.


Items Required

  • The seal of the demon
  • Virgin parchment
  • Quill
  • Holy water



  • As with each different demon, it’s essential to accord this demon its respect. This not solely prevents / reduces malevolent intent but in addition will increase the probability of desired outcomes.
  • Care also needs to be taken by the magican to guard themselves from otherworldly energies. This is finished by way of mentally envisioning a safety circle and coming into it.
  • Over-reliance on this demon’s power is just not advisable as it may well have hostile results on one’s psychological well being.



  • The magican ought to put together by partaking in energy meditation to steadiness their energies.
  • The magican ought to then put together themselves by way of saying the following prayer whereas washing their arms and face with the holy (consecrated) water: “Lord God, ADONAY, who hast formed man in Thine image, I, the unworthy and sinful, beseech Thee to sanctify this water, to benefit my body and soul, cause me to be cleansed.
  • The magican should keep away from any type of sin and keep chaste for the subsequent three days, while praying 5 instances in the day, and 4 instances at night time.
  • At the chosen time and hour, the virgin parchment must be ready containing invocations and the Seal of Frucissiere.
  • The following conjuration is then mentioned: “I conjure thee, Frucissiere, by the name of the Great Living God, Sovereign Creator of all things, that thou appear in human form, fair and agreeable, without noise or inconvenience, to answer truthfully in all the interrogations that I shall make. I conjure thee to do this by the power of the Holy and Sacred Names.
  • After completion of the ritual, the demon must be dismissed respectfully by way of the following prayer: “Go in peace, Frucissiere, whence you came, peace be with you, and come every time I shall call you, in the name of the Father + and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit + Amen”.




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