Full Beaver Moon Ritual 2022 – Blood Moon Rising

Full Beaver Moon Ritual 2022 – Blood Moon Rising


The Full Beaver Moon 2022 will peak on November eighth, at 4:02 AM, MST. On that evening, the complete moon will likely be bathed in crimson as a complete lunar eclipse turns into most at 3:59 AM, MST. Yes certainly, we’ll have a blood moon rising. If this had been a traditional year, or one with out an eclipse occasion, we’d be speaking about beavers. And how the native trappers would work practically non-cease by November to get as many pelts as potential earlier than the heavy snows blocked river entry. In November, the beaver pelt could be thick and heavy, to maintain the animal heat by the approaching winter. These pelts had been prized for making coats and hats by tribe members, a practice which they handed on to earliest settlers of the brand new world, primarily from France and Great Britain.

The November full moon can be referred to as the Trading Moon, as merchants would make their ultimate go to in November, earlier than winter set in. It was additionally referred to as the Full Sassafras Moon, the Frost Moon, the Fog Moon and the Mourning Moon (the final full moon earlier than the Winter Solstice). It was referred to as Dark Moon by the traditional Celts and the Snow Moon in Medieval Europe.

This year we’ll expertise a complete lunar eclipse, the final one for the subsequent three years. The milky white orb within the sky will likely be drenched in a bloody orangish crimson coloration. This coloration happens as a result of the moon, the earth, and the solar line up in that order for a brief interval. At most, the moon is fully hidden from daylight, but it’s nonetheless receiving mild from the furthest edges of earth’s environment. Through a pure course of, the small little bit of atmospheric mild displays on to the floor of the moon, but the sunshine is red. The identify blood moon has its origins in instances lengthy since previous, however nobody is absolutely positive of the place it was first spoken.

We are down to 2 full moons earlier than the 2022 full moon development collection, involves an finish. Today after which in December. Since it’s a blood moon, our ritual tonight known as blood moon rising. Our final two month’s, discovering your tribe and again to fundamentals actually reminded every of us to steer again to our chosen paths. Our August ritual targeted on the challenges of navigating issue. July was our off month. In June our focus was networking. May was about threat taking, April was about overcoming emotional challenges. March lined embracing the lunar vitality in all elements of our lives. In February we constructed planning expertise and in January our focus was making ready ourselves for chaos. I’m honored by these nonetheless on the journey with me. It’s been thoughts-blowing up to now!

Preparing For The 2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual

This ritual might be carried out on the seventh or eighth, because the peak falls very early within the morning on the eighth. It has parts which pertain to the historical past and lore of the blood moon, however no particular prayers or different practices. As all the time, this ritual ought to be preformed outdoors beneath the moonlight. It’s a good suggestion to place your circle round a bonfire or fireplace circle through the colder months.

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for every participant
Fire pit or cauldron appropriate for safely burning small objects and paper
Athame or Wand
Altar – adorn with fur, pelts, objects that symbolize heat & consolation

Leave area on the altar and remind your visitors upfront that anybody is welcome to carry stones, crystals, wands, or different magical instruments to be charged beneath the moonlight through the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols ought to be understood as educational notes and to not be spoken aloud.

The Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, level in every respective path whereas calling the quarters; ask all individuals to show within the path, following your lead>

From the good sky above, I pull down the vitality of the universe and from the earth, I pull up the mixed energies of the weather. I do conjure and I do solid this circle of equal stability, each mild and dark, hidden amongst the sands of time, open to all who share in its lifeforce.

Calling the Quarters

Join with me and switch your eyes to the East, the path of the rising solar and the good spirits of Air. As the winter gathers vitality and the land turns into dormant, the good spirits of Air come out to play. There is a good lesson to be discovered from watching the swirling leaves and the bending department. They select not to withstand the inevitable, however moderately to move with it and even be a part of within the dance.  <mild yellow candle>

Now, I ask you to show to the South, the path of the mid-day solar and the good spirits of Fire. With the nippiness of winter already settling upon the world, our consideration and plenty of thanks flip to the good spirits of Fire. For many centuries this focus has been repeated and plenty of ancestors have whispered a silent prayer to the Gods whereas they warmed themselves in entrance of a fireplace, whereas ice and snow from a raging storm fell outdoors. <mild red candle>

Again flip, however now to the West, the path of the setting solar and the good spirits of Water. Transformation from one kind to the subsequent is the best lesson to discovered from water. Yet keep in mind, the lesson goes deeper than flexibility. It demonstrates how we retain our true interior selves, even whereas carrying the uniform of our employer, the rituals of our household, and the processes of our neighborhood.  <mild blue candle>

Now I bid you, flip your consideration North, the path of no solar, moderately the darkened evening sky, and the good spirits of Earth. For because the race referred to as people, doth put together for winter, so do the spirits. For all beings are recognized to spend time in contemplation and training through the deep freeze. We mend issues which have change into damaged and create issues that enhance our lives. And when the time has handed, we will as soon as once more interact within the bodily aspect of residing.  <mild green candle>

<Ritual chief ought to elevate their arms excessive, close to the circle heart>
Great Goddess, we’re gathered right here to have fun the Blood Moon, but in addition to study of it’s warnings and perceive its message to every particular person. As we embark on one other evening of cleaning and banishing the negativity of on a regular basis residing, we pray on your accompaniment on this journey. Give us energy to beat the tough issues we battle with each day, Help us change into higher variations of ourselves.  Keep us secure in our circle on this evening. <Light Goddess candle>



The Blood Moon is an unusual celestial occasion, which has been tied to prophecy, destruction, dying, and disaster. Our ancestors informed tales of nice demons or Gods, battles and spilled blood, and all kinds of rising evil to elucidate the blood moon. Scholars have formulated nice prophecies that foretold of apocalyptic instances forward. Witches carry out all sorts of horrible spells and curses whereas bathed within the red glowing mild. It makes animals howl and drives the insane right into a harmful frenzy. It speaks of slaughter, bloodbath, bloody battle, and destruction. It is the harbinger of doom and wielded by the mighty to prey upon the weak and uninformed. It is, indubitably, one of many scariest celestial occasions the world has ever recognized.

And as time handed, the time of nice prophecies got here and handed with out cataclysm, absent of disaster, and with out a lot as a heavy rainfall. The nice battles had been diminished to fable and the heroes to notations in a historical past e-book. Modern science has defined the occasion so nicely, that doubt now not stays. And but, the assumption continues. The tales retold and the magick carried out. For some purpose, the blood moon pulls at our primitive self. It provides a warning of not what is going to come, however what may change into, ought to we peek down the rabbit gap. It holds each nice energy and nice respect.

Musical Interlude

Music is the heartbeat of our soul. It brings folks collectively and raises vitality. Where there may be darkness, music brings mild, and the place there may be unhappiness, music brings pleasure. No ceremony is full with out music or the excessive vibrations introduced by track and dance. Tonight’s function is by a techno musician recognized solely as Ghost Data. This track is Blood Moon, from the newest launch. It’s nothing in need of a full physique immersion into an digital dreamsynth journey. Close you eyes and let the music wash over your mind.

2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual – Blood Moon Rising

A blood moon cometh, what we could do? A superb query certainly. An occasion that has been eternally linked with omens, prophecies, and often nothing constructive, has arrived. Should we be afraid? Should we settle for that this implies one thing depraved this manner comes? Some say {that a} blood moon rising is a good warning. But is a warning reality? Or merely a chance?

The blood moon is symbolic, because it gives the no-holds-barred assault on our senses. It screams out darkness, and concern, and paints our environment in dripping crimson. It summons horrors from past the veil and twists itself deep into the souls of the fearful. It strikes with no sound. It wants no introduction. It is a message. But it’s not the top of days, neither is it the top of prosperity, or civilized peoples, and even the top of life. It is symbolic as an excellent reminder of what might be. What may be, if circumstances had been proper. How issues may look, if we allowed the darkness and evil of negativity to take management. It seeks to distort the panorama, dredge up beasts from the bloody darkness and seed the soil with negativity.

This negativity waits for its prey in darkened corners. It infiltrates after which tries to imagine management. Trickery and lies are it’s weapons. And but, after we give it energy, negativity is fooled into considering it will probably reign eternally. And after we take the facility away, it howls with rage and threatens, cries, and manipulates. Negativity shouldn’t be prophecy, it’s alternative.

And so the query stays. How ought to we interpret the blood moon?

Do not concern the messenger. Pay heed to the message. If we proceed to pollute, destroy, betray, and divide, then our future will seemingly be dark and blood will move. Yet, if we provide forgiveness, love, peace, and neighborhood, then our future will seemingly be shiny and sunny. It’s not a tricky choice if you actually take a look at it. Let the warnings ring true in your coronary heart and in case your are sleeping, then let the alarm bells ring. Fight the darkness with mild after which share the sunshine with others.

Cleansing and Clearing

As we do every month, we collect collectively to launch negativity. Negativity might be present in practically each a part of our lives, particularly our job, our household, and even those that we name mates. Yet, as we consciously make the choice to judge our lives, it’s simple to establish the darkness. We can then select to stroll away from these issues and lighten our load. We can offload the heaviness of negativity by the cleaning fireplace and smoke of our circle, mixed with the highly effective lunar vitality. I’d wish to pause for only a few moments of self-reflection and I’d advise everybody else do the identical. In order to banish one thing, it should first be named.

<take just a few moments, or extra, to permit for the group to self-replicate>

Throughout 2022 we’ve shared many full moon nights collectively. Some of us have skilled nice breakthrough moments, the place heavy weights have been lifted. We’ve all grown and made taking management of our personal lives, a focus of residing. Each month we take one other step towards full non secular independence and interior peace. And for many who nonetheless battle demons inside, tonight is your evening for full victory. The full blood moon is an indication of doom in our future, however provided that we fail to behave. Heed the warning and make the adjustments essential to utterly cleanse all negativity out of your bodily and non secular self. It’s a time to boldly belief the Gods and Goddesses whom you honor. It is time to completely clear the burdensome baggage from the previous. Stand alongside your ancestors and struggle the epic battle for freedom. It’s a time to interrupt free from poisonous folks and poisonous locations, as soon as and for all.

Rise out of your earthly slumber, fellow vacationers. For the lunar vitality and the facility of the complete blood moon is in all places. Now is the time to close out the noise of the skin world and easily be one with the vitality. Touch the bottom with the palms of your palms or the soles of your toes. Make the good connection and put together for nice change. You are about to step by the door on a guided meditation of consciousness, magick, and infinite readability into the chances your future holds..

<it is a guided meditation, which implies from this level ahead, the ritual chief ought to considerably decelerate – every sentence should be allowed to sink into everybody’s ideas and every particular person ought to have time to soak up them utterly – learn one sentence, then take a pause, then one other then pause, and so forth – converse with an excellent and calming voice all through – your voice will assist calm down and permit everybody to focus>

Close you eyes.  Take a deep breath after which one other.  Relax.  Your are getting lighter.  Take one other deep breath.  Surrender your energy to the evening wind.  Move with it.  Sway because the air chooses to take you.  You are mild as a feather. Completely weightless.  There is not any dark nor mild.  No black or white.  Everything is impartial and balanced.  Free your thoughts.  That which has come or that which can come has no that means.  No sight and no sound.  Forget the long run and neglect the previous.  Listen till you’ll be able to hear your coronary heart beating.  You are merely you.  A lifeform inside a better lifeform.  Listen till you hear the whispering of your ancestors. You are utterly calm.  Here you’re protected.  Here solely rational considering takes place.  This place of every part and nothing in any respect.  The threads of the universe are uncovered so that you can observe. Let your interior sight wander by this infinite assortment of thought. Ponder on the various questions.

Can you see your connections?  The threads that reach into the good past.  Who are you certain to?  Why are you certain?  It is of your selecting?  Where is your vitality flowing?  Are these being fed, feeding you in return?  Is the vitality in stability?  Do you see your vibrational degree?  Are you falling in need of your targets?  Or are you being held again?  Are you crusing on the excessive sea’s or anchored in port?  Is there a yolk round your neck?  A burden somebody of one thing satisfied you to hold.  Does a grasp maintain the result in your bindings?  Are your behaviors manipulated to serve one other’s?  Are you misplaced to the good abyss or just prisoner to certainly one of its puppeteers?  Do you see darkness?  Does it encompass you?  Where do you lay your head at evening?  Does it carry you ache or pleasure?  Are you trapped?  Ask your self why you give one thing or somebody permission to carry you in opposition to your will.  Are your wishes breeding chaos?  Are you the pilot of your personal destruction?  Are you worthy of redemption?  Yes…you’re.

Comprehension is what makes us uniquely human.  Remain targeted.  Do nothing however assume.  Analyze each second, however use solely seconds. Understand the that means of the universe, but stay misplaced inside it.  Infinity is however the snap of a finger and a single heartbeat echoes on and on and on and on. Time is however an idea of those that search to manage it. Control is however an idea of those that are empty inside.  Emptiness is however a state of the good assemble.  And but, it’s we, who can select.  To be empty or to be full, and whether or not that be constructive or adverse.  We resolve what partitions might be constructed and which might be torn down.  And it’s we who can resolve when.  Remember these phrases for now we should depart this place.

Breath in deeply and maintain it.  Focus on the recollections we’ve simply created.  Exhale.  Focus in your interior energy.  Breathe in deeply and maintain it.  Focus on naming that which must be named.  Exhale.  Prepare yourselves.  Take a deep breath.  Take one other.  You are now not weightless.  The chilly vitality of the earth is pulling you again.  You can really feel the evening air and listen to the sounds of the wind.  Remember.  Remember.   Remember and launch.

<wait a minute or extra>

Now slowly open your eyes.  Your future awaits

<distribute paper and pencils>

The universe might be unwound, however provided that you select to determine how.  The similar is true for stepping out of the darkness. It takes dedication and nice non secular energy. The cords that bind us are highly effective and won’t give up with out a struggle.  Call upon the good energy of this full beaver blood moon for energy.  Call upon your ancestors for steerage.  But most significantly, name upon your soul, the truest type of who you truly are, for permission.  Allow your self to change into the very best model of you, that’s potential.

Now, write down every part or everybody that’s working in opposition to you. Choose to reject these factor which try to carry energy over you. Do not enable concern to restrict your progress.  Do not succumb to false feelings corresponding to guilt or disgrace.  For you’re a part of the Human Condition, and there’s no judgement right here.  Cut these cords, after which pledge to your self that you’re reducing them eternally. This is the second to burn away that which causes you ache. This is the second to free yourselves from concern and nervousness. I name out to everybody to regain their private energy and to take again the actual you from those that’ve tried to take it from you. Stop taking part in unhealthy relationships. Decide to now not be at another person’s disposal. Stop getting used. Break free from the abuses.  As you command it, then it shall be!

And if you’ve gathered up the transgressions and dedicated them to ink and paper, then I bid you, come up!  Step ahead with nice conviction and solid them into the flames, lastly and with out fanfare.  Feel the discharge as they burn away and say aloud, “I release that which no longer serves me!”

<Provide ample time for everybody to burn and meditate over what was launched>

And now an excellent weight has been lifted.  But, earlier than we shut this Blood Moon ritual, know this. Breaking free from negativity is straightforward, however conserving it away might be difficult. Negativity doesn’t surrender simply. Darkness has a well-known pull and preys upon us after we are weak.  An incredible cleaning leaves empty areas, which the darkness will search to fill, however provided that you let it. Fill them with constructive ideas earlier than the evil can creep again in. Find your tribe, comply with your path, rebuild your defenses. Strive to change into the very best model of your self. Immerse your self within the vitality of the complete moon. Trust in your self, for you’re a lot stronger than you assume.

So Mote it Be!!

Closing the 2022 Full Beaver Blood Moon Ritual Circle

We bid you nicely, nice spirits of the North. For our work is completed and we relinquish this sacred place again to you. Leave us together with your grounding vitality as we boldly step forth right into a brighter future.   <extinguish green candle>

Until we meet once more, nice spirits of the West. An incredible weight has been lifted and we proceed into the world with better understanding and data of ourselves. Leave us with ideas of movement, in order that we don’t enable ourselves to change into a simple goal for our enemies.  <extinguish blue candle>

Our future paths shall cross once more quickly, nice spirits of the South. For as we watch the smoke drift skyward, understanding that the burdens of many are being swept away, we achieve this with gratitude in our hearts. Leave us with the reminiscence of free and steady thought. <extinguish red candle>

With nice pleasure we nod on the departure of the good spirits of the East. For the messages of the wind are all the time returning to remind us of the second we selected to stand up and reclaim management over our personal lives, Leave us with whimsey and magick and an excellent pleasure inside our hearts, <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, with out your mild, we might by no means know the wonder that the world has; with out your encouragement, we might by no means have developed and grown as a human race; with out your continued steerage, we’d have strayed from the trail – for these issues and a lot extra, we humbly thanks and the unconditional love shared with us this evening and each evening.  <extinguish Goddess Candle>

This full Beaver Blood Moon Circle is now open!


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