Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual 2022 – Finding Your Tribe

Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual 2022 – Finding Your Tribe


The closing full moon earlier than Samhain, the Full Hunter’s Moon 2022, will peak at 2:54 PM, MST, October ninth. It might be seen within the evening sky at dusk. Last month we informed the story of how in September and October, the complete moon names modified, relying on the calendar day. Recall that these are the one two months of the year by which now we have rotating names. The full moon closest to Mabon is at all times referred to as the Harvest Moon. For two years it falls in September, and the opposite in October. This year the Harvest Moon fell in September.

Each month of  2022 appears to fly by and our full moon development sequence is nearing an finish. Our Full Hunter’s Moon ritual for 2022 is known as discovering your tribe. Last month we went again to fundamentals, shaking off the summer season and getting again in tine with ourselves and our practices. In August we mentioned the challenges of navigating by means of troublesome waters. We skipped the July lesson this year. The focus in June our focus was about development and creating a community of like-minded individuals to socialize with. May was about danger and the way taking probabilities impacted our lives. In April we reviewed the right way to preserve the ability of emotion from controlling our actions. March was about focusing our consideration on embracing the lunar vitality in all facets of our lives. In February we checked out methods to creatively plan and in January our focus was making ready ourselves for the projected chaos of 2022. I’m pleased to see so many individuals taking this year-long journey with me.

Hunter's Moon Ritual

Preparing For The 2022 Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual

This ritual will be carried out on the eighth or the ninth, because the peak falls in the midst of the day. For finest outcomes, it ought to be preformed exterior underneath the moonlight. If you’ve the house, place your circle round a bonfire or fireplace circle.

Please take observe that this ritual celebrates the hunt and does embrace meat. If you propose on inviting friends that don’t devour meat, you possibly can substitute a consumable wild foraged merchandise (that you simply ‘hunted’ for). Some examples can be wild onions, wild grapes, chickweed, any nuts, cattails, herbs, and many others. 

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Large Brown God Candle
Paper and pencil for every participant
Fire pit or cauldron appropriate for safely burning small objects and paper
Athame or Wand
Altar – enhance with antlers, looking objects, skinning instruments, and associated looking objects
Meat (uncooked) and animal blood, for use as an providing. plus some meat cooked to share

As at all times, anybody is welcome to convey stones, crystals, wands, or different magical instruments to be charged on the communal altar in the course of the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols ought to be understood as tutorial notes and to not be spoken aloud.

The Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Wand or Athame, level in every cardinal instructions whereas calling the quarters; ask all members to show within the route, following your lead>

With breath and life and the magick of my ancestors, I name upon the ability of the universe to collect in a surrounding sphere of safety from the sky above to the earth under. I conjure this house of sunshine and darkness, misplaced within the sands of time, free from all encumbrance, open to all who share in its lifeforce.

Calling the Quarters

Let us start our journey within the East, the route of the rising solar and the nice spirits of Air. As summer season passes into autumn, the air spirits make their presence recognized with rigorously choreographed chaos. Playful winds dance round our legs, twisting upward earlier than leaving us with a mild kiss on the cheek. Oh to be worthy of such interplay with the spirits; we’re blessed, we’re cherished, and we’re at all times underneath the safety of the best energy no human could even see. <mild yellow candle>

Next we glance to the South, the route of the mid-day solar and the nice spirits of Fire. Our items are many and we’re always reminded of the nice blessing of fireplace. With an incredible mild carried by means of the traditional dark forests, we’re fearless. Our fireplace is a spot of consolation and security. The nice fires convey us heat and carry away that which not serves us. We are however stewards of this nice and noble energy and by no means shall ever come the day once we know all of its secrets and techniques. <mild red candle>

Bring your sight to the West, the route of the setting solar and the nice spirits of Water. We stand on the precipice of the season of understanding, for every autumn, we see the three types. As a liquid, the streams nonetheless circulate and the tides stay unchanged. And but because the nights develop chilly, the nice and cozy breath provides the primary indicators of vaporous clouds. Shortly after, because the nights develop in size, the primary snows fall and the ice shortly follows. When one spends time as three, however at all times stays one. <mild blue candle>

And lastly, please flip your consideration North, the route of the darkened evening sky and the nice spirits of Earth. The bodily world is returning to floor. Our fields are barren because the final of the harvesting is accomplished. Leaves are staring to fall and the luxurious shades of green are melting into brown and straw. Energies are being saved for the approaching winter. But, haven’t any concern fellow vacationers, for the Great Wheel continues to show and as we’re sure that the winter will convey snow, we may also be sure that it’ll solely be momentary. <mild green candle>

<Ritual chief ought to increase their arms excessive, close to the circle middle>
Great Goddess, we’re gathered right here tonight for the Hunter’s Moon ritual, the place we have a good time the hunt and the nice rewards that now we have been given. You have taught us that life, it doesn’t matter what type, is sacred and that we must always solely take what is important for survival. We are grateful for the flexibility to collect collectively underneath the complete moon and profit from it’s vitality. Keep us protected in our circle on this evening. <Light Goddess candle>


Tonight we have a good time the hunt! So we name out to the Horned God Cernunnos to affix us in our circle tonight. Through your eyes we see the celebrations of profitable hunts of our ancestors, throughout the lands and throughout time. Their deeds and actions change into ours as we present them respect and honor. <Light God Candle> 


hunter's moon ritual


The Hunter’s Moon can be referred to as the Dying Grass Moon, the Sanguine Moon, the Travel Moon, and the Blood Moon, even when there isn’t any eclipse. As we realized final month, the September and October full moon names are depending on whichever falls nearer to Mabon. It’s often in September, because it was this year. Every third year it occurs in October.

The title comes from Native America. After the ultimate harvests have been completed and crops have been put away, the boys would head to the forests to hunt. Deer, elk, moose, bear, and bison have been a few of the widespread massive sport animals hunted. The meat can be dried or cured, whereas the hides have been used for heat and shelter. Nothing was wasted, and the individuals have been grateful at what nature offered them with.

We have already entered the dark half of the year and throughout we see the indicators of coming winter. Almost in a single day, the temperatures have fallen, the fields turning to straw, and the leaves dropping. Tonight we have a good time the hunt, but additionally keep centered on our self-care. This is the ultimate full moon earlier than Samhain, the best celebration of the year. So put together yourselves, as the brand new year begins on the evening of the thinning veil. Release all that not serves you, put together to commune along with your ancestors. Now is the time!

Musical Interlude

Our ancestors used music as a strategy to increase vitality previous to a ritual or ceremony. Drums, chanting, singing, and rhythmic actions have been mixed with darkness, firelight and a full moon, to create a strong and magickal atmosphere. Although music has advanced from these historical days, its goal stays the identical. While trying to find that ‘just right’ piece to accompany our Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual, I occurred throughout this piece by Lisa Lambe, referred to as Hunter’s Moon. Some have in contrast her voice to a younger Stevie, and after listening you would possibly agree. Close your eyes and let the music open your unconscious thoughts to the great potentialities forward of you.

2022 Full Hunter’s Moon Ritual – Finding your Tribe

As day turns into evening, we frequently sink deep into thought. We could stroll alone, by means of darkened forests and misty meadows, in search of steering from the moon or the celebs. In these instances, we’re comfy chatting with our ancestors and the forest creatures, usually in search of knowledge and maybe a little bit of magick. We haven’t any concern, and are however wanderers within the nice realm of the perfection of existence. And but as we stroll, every step leads us to the place we’re destined to go. We are drawn by a deep rooted historical connectivity, in locations far and broad and likewise these close to and recognized. This is the ability of our tribe calling us house. All we have to do is pay attention.

Have you ever pulled towards one thing? Maybe felt a calling that was extra highly effective than you could possibly think about? Felt your self drawn to locations and folks; some recognized and others not? How about if you make a reference to somebody? Does that connection resonate in such a means that it simply feels ‘right’? Consider your self fortunate if any of those occasions are inside your grasp. For you might be on the identical wavelength as your tribe. Across the land, your tribe shares an vitality supply that binds you to 1 one other. This tribe has no title and no locality. Some members could also be in your village, whereas others could exist in a land on the opposite facet of the world. Your tribe is aware of no boundaries.

Yet usually we ignore the calling and the pulling. As people, we are likely to suppose we’re in full management of every little thing. We attempt to outthink and redefine the motion of vitality and the whispers of the universe. Some are even so daring to suppose that they maintain sway over the methods and technique of issues. Perhaps believing they’re extra highly effective than the Gods or Goddesses for a short second. And that perception is what blinds them and covers their ears. They roam and not using a tribe and with out the peace and luxury present in being full. Do not fall prey to the assumption you could push, however fairly give up your self to the assumption you could and might be pulled. But solely in case you are able to comply with that esteemed pathway to changing into a greater you.

Our tribe is our protected haven. As we develop spiritually, we be taught that every of us has a path to stroll. Those paths could meander for a lot of years, often offering us with time to achieve consolation in our personal pores and skin. When we’re prepared, they result in intersections and mergers. We encounter different complementary spirits alongside the way in which. We not stroll alone and shortly the highway fills with a mess of others who fly the identical flag. This is our tribe. These are those who complement us. They fill us with data and feelings. There isn’t any competitors or collusion, it’s only a nice gathering group of souls that fill each other with coloration and brightness. Empty areas are full of all of the issues we had hoped for, however by no means anticipated to understand. The extra vitality we share, the extra we appear to have. Our tribe completes us.

Today, as we stand on the precipice of Samhain and the brand new year, underneath the sunshine of the complete moon, I ask you this. Have you discovered your tribe? If not, then are you able to give up to the universe and be guided down the trail? Are you ready to develop spiritually and ascend to a brand new top? This isn’t merely discovering some new individuals to hang around with. It’s discovering the individuals who will share and care and at all times be there. One’s who you possibly can share vitality with in addition to your wildest ideas and desires. They’re on the market ready for you. Release you inhibitions and discover your tribe.

Celebrating the Hunt

The energy of the complete moon is past our comprehension. It can convey life to a worn object, add energy to a sacred amulet, and energy to spells forged underneath it’s mild. Our ancestors would look ahead to the altering shadows underneath the brilliant glow, because the stalked their prey into the evening or the wee hours of the morning. The have been grateful for the three brilliant nights within the time of rising darkness. Success meant a winter with hearty stews and the scent of roasted meat. Failure was not an possibility, for his or her survival usually trusted it.

Hunter’s would make an providing to the Gods for bringing them rewards. Blood can be spilled, consumed, and sure cuts of meat have been used as an providing. Tonight we honor that custom by making an providing to the Gods of the Hunt.

<Ritual chief ought to current the sacrificial meat to the gathering>

Cernunnos, Great Horned God of the Hunt, we rattle these antlers to name you to our circle, in honor of the nice rut and the dance of fertility. For solely the strongest survive and thrive within the forest. We spill blood over this blade as a reminder of the kill, however to not embrace demise, however to recollect the spirit of the animal and the ability which it shares with every of us by means of the flesh. And most significantly, we make an providing of the primary portion of meat to feed you spiritually and honor you and all that has been lain upon our tables.

<Ritual chief ought to comply with the method – rattle the antlers, spill the blood over a blade or different looking instrument, after which lastly current the meat to be burnt within the fireplace as a sacrifice.> 

We share this meat, so that each one are reminded of the nice hunts of the previous, when our spirits ran wild by means of the forests and we sought the bounty of eternity. We share this meat as a logo of nice care that the Gods and Goddesses have offered for us and present us favor. The energies of the forest are introduced to us by means of the consumption of flesh and we honor the nice sacrifice of the stag and the boar. For this and a lot extra, we increase our palms excessive into the air in an incredible demonstration of gratitude! <chief ought to increase their arms to display> <share the ready meat with the group>

Full Hunter's Moon ritual 2022

Cleansing and Clearing

As we do every month, we collect collectively to launch negativity. We consciously determine to burn that which wants burning. We select to stroll away from the issues which weigh us down spiritually. Through fellowship with each other we achieve readability and steering. In some circles, the burden of 1 member turns into the burden of all members, however on this circle we don’t burden ourselves with taking over issues that aren’t of our personal making. Those issues are recognized and despatched packing within the fireplace and smoke of our fireplace. So, earlier than we start, allow us to take a couple of moments to converse with each other. If you need assistance, now could be the time to ask for it. If not, then take a while to self-replicate in your private burdens and put together to free your self from that which isn’t serving you.

<take a couple of moments, or extra, to permit for the group to self-replicate>

Throughout 2022 we’ve centered on taking management of our personal lives and strolling our chosen path. Each month we take one other step towards full non secular independence and internal peace. Our our bodies are recharged underneath the sunshine of the complete moon and we share our love and fellowship with each other. It’s a time to completely clear burdensome baggage from the previous. It’s a time to decide on to interrupt free from poisonous individuals, poisonous locations and those that search to make use of us for their very own achieve. We search to rid our minds of negativity, concern, darkness and emotional ache.

The dark half of the year is upon us, so we should stay steadfast in our conviction. We should be vigilant and centered. The negativity that usually gathers at our doorstep should be swept away, together with those that convey that negativity. Now is the time to put money into you. Focus on what has been holding you again and select to rid your self of it. If one thing isn’t serving your biggest and highest good, then ask your self why you maintain onto it. Focus your ideas on these issues and put together to obtain the cleaning energy of the complete Hunter’s Moon in your life.

We are about to enter the awakening stage of this ritual, so get comfy, take off your sneakers and join with the vitality of the earth. You are about to step by means of the door on a guided meditation of consciousness and magick.

<from this level ahead, the ritual chief ought to considerably decelerate – every sentence should be allowed to sink into everybody’s ideas – learn one sentence, then a pause, then one other then pause, and so forth – converse with a fair and calming voice all through – your voice will assist chill out and permit everybody to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your physique.  Take a number of deep breaths. Feel your flesh swaying with the evening winds.  You are mild as a feather. Weightlessness.  Neutral and balanced.  Free your thoughts of mundane actions.  Forget the long run and neglect the previous.  Enter a state of merely being.  Listen to the wind and listen to the whispering of your ancestors. You are getting into right into a state of calm rational considering. A spot of every little thing and nothing in any respect. Freedom and servitude are seen. Right and fallacious are too. Darkness is clearly separate from the sunshine, however there’s a stripe of grey in between. Breathe deeply and stay centered.  The threads of the universe are uncovered so that you can observe.

Where are your connections? How is your vitality spent? What is bringing you to the next state of being? Likewise, what’s pulling you down? Are there heavy ropes round your non secular neck? Is somebody pleading you by a series? Are your behaviors manipulated to serve one other’s?  Think of the locations you go to and the time you spend there. Is their solely draw negativity, cloaked in a false coat of consolation? Do you see the darkness and the harm it’s bringing? Think and comprehend. Keep respiration deeply and stay centered. There is far to guage and perceive however not every little thing should be speedy.  Do not rush. Take time to discover and study the connection. Release your spirit to fly upon the gusts, excessive within the skies. So excessive that nothing can affect the selections you search to make.

If you search happiness, then take the steps to attain it. If you might be failing, then ask your self what’s stopping you. Are you being tricked? Has somebody satisfied you that materials objects or pleasures of the flesh result in happiness? When in truth, true happiness can solely be achieved from inside. Breathe slowly. Find your internal energy and banish that which isn’t serving you. Trust in your self. Trust within the vitality of the complete Hunter’s moon. Lead your self ahead into victory and provides no quarter to the forces of negativity.

Now slowly open your eyes, however stay centered.

Prepare to step into the sunshine.

<distribute paper and pencils>

Stepping out of your darkness is commonly terrifying. It takes dedication and nice energy to beat forces that don’t want to give up so simply. The mixed energies of the earth beneath your toes and the moon above shall gas your physique as you’re taking this journey. You are one along with your ancestors. Also, you might be one with the weather. It is time to step out of the darkness. Use your pure intention to shed your self from the indebted feeling of the false narrative. Shed the damaging forces that hang-out you. Decide now that you’re in control of your individual life.

Now, write down every little thing that’s working towards you. Choose to launch these factor which maintain energy over you. There isn’t any judgement right here, for we’ve all been burdened earlier than. Pledge to your self that you’re chopping these cords ceaselessly. This is the second to burn away that which causes you ache. This is the second to free yourselves from concern and anxiousness. I name out to everybody to regain their private energy and to take again the actual you from those that’ve tried to take it from you. Stop collaborating in unhealthy relationships. Decide to not be at another person’s disposal. Stop getting used. Break free from the abuses.

Your future depends upon your willpower. You are a warrior and also you shall be victorious. You realize it in your coronary heart, as the sensation grows stronger with each beat. Allow the highly effective vitality of the complete moon to strengthen your resolve. As you command it, then it shall be!

When you might be prepared, strategy the fireplace with conviction and commit your listing to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everybody to burn and meditate over what was launched>

Steady yourselves, for an incredible weight has been lifted out of your non secular being. I congratulate you at taking this superb step into self-therapeutic and self-reliance. Before we shut this full Hunter’s Moon ritual, know this. Breaking free from negativity isn’t straightforward and plenty of of you will have assist if you depart the circle. Negativity doesn’t hand over simply. There are empty areas in your thoughts they usually want full of constructive ideas earlier than the evil can creep again in. Find your tribe, comply with your path, rebuild your defenses. Strive to change into the most effective model of your self. Immerse your self within the vitality of the complete moon. Trust within the universe. So Mote it Be!!

full hunter's moon ritual

Closing the 2022 Hunter’s Moon Circle


We launch you, nice spirits of the North. Return to the world of magick and wonderment. Keep us in your safety within the days forward because the veil turns into thinner and thinner. For the New Year and the nice assembly of the ancestors is nearly upon us.  <extinguish green candle>


We bid farewell, nice spirits of the West. With our spirits lighter and the burdens of negativity forged away, we glance to the transferring water for understanding. For movement is the manifestation of vitality and vitality is the gas that may preserve us from returning to the locations of sorrow and struggling.  <extinguish blue candle>


As we stare into the past, the nice spirits of the South return our gaze. We honor the teachings of creation and destruction shared freely within the flames of the cleaning bonfires. The scent of smoke shall linger as we depart tonight; a reminder of the steps now we have taken to regain that which has been misplaced. <extinguish red candle>


And within the East, we give a nod and silent whisper of gratitude. For the wind above carries the ash and residue of that which not serves us and with nice gusts, these burdens are carried removed from this place, by no means to return. <extinguish yellow candle>


Great Goddess, with out your mild, we might by no means know the wonder that the world has; with out your encouragement, we might by no means have developed and grown as a human race; with out your continued steering, we’d have strayed from the trail – for these issues and a lot extra, we humbly thanks and the unconditional love shared with us this evening and each evening.  <extinguish Goddess Candle>


Great God Cernunnos, now we have ready a desk in your honor and provide excessive praises and celebration! For the hunt, for the meat, and for the non secular development that comes with the method. We search your continued blessings and care in all that we do. <Extinguish God candle>

Walk with the data that you’re your individual grasp!

This full Hunter’s Moon Circle is now open!


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