Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022 – Rising Above the Noise

Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022 – Rising Above the Noise


The Full Pink Moon in 2022 will peak on the sixteenth at 12:57 PM, MST. It is the final full moon earlier than Beltane.  The April Full Moon identify, like all the different names, originates from the Native Americans. The Full Pink Moon is expounded to one in every of the first spring flowers which might be in bloom about this time of the year. The pink Phlox has an intense coloration and actually contrasts towards the panorama; which is most elements of the nation remains to be principally brown, and lifeless trying.  It is straightforward to see why Native Americans noticed this as a big incidence.

Some of the different names this full moon is understood by are, the Sprouting Grass Full Moon, the Full Fish Moon, the Hare Moon, and the Egg Moon.  As you’ll be able to simply guess, these names all relate to springtime.  Spiritually, the Full Pink Moon is related to renewal and rebirth. Interestingly sufficient, at occasions this month’s full moon has really seemed to be pink.  During  a brilliant moon, scattered fading daylight could cause a mirrored image that makes the moon look pink briefly.

Tonight we proceed in our 2022 full moon planning and self-enchancment collection by giving our full consideration to rising above the noise, or in less complicated phrases, not permitting feelings to drive our actions.  Last month our celebration was centered on embracing the lunar vitality in all facets of our lives.  In February we dove into inventive planning and in January our focus was making ready ourselves.  On this leg of the journey, we discover ways to cease making off-the-cuff choices based mostly on a brief-time period affect.  The purpose why this topic is vital, is that many individuals enable the noise of present occasions to derail them from their non secular path.  Once off their path, many lose focus which might result in a spiraling uncontrolled, spiritually.

Preparing for This Full Pink Moon Ritual

This ritual ought to be preformed outdoors underneath the gentle of the full moon.  Position your circle round a bonfire or fireplace pit for the finest outcomes.

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for every participant
Fire pit or cauldron appropriate for safely burning small objects and paper

If you’re having a gaggle session, inform everybody prematurely that they’ll convey their stones, crystals, wands, or different magical instruments to be charged on the communal altar throughout the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols ought to be understood as tutorial notes and to not be spoken aloud.

Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022

Ritual Begins

From earth to sky, sky to floor, I solid this circle spherical and spherical – Our assembly place, a sacred house, outdoors of time, an limitless world to interface.  This circle is now solid; we at the moment are between the worlds.

<This serves as a name to motion for the contributors to cease speaking, collect, and put together to start the ritual>

Calling the Full Pink Moon Quarters

I bid ye vacationers of the non secular world, to show your gaze to the East.  Let your senses be attuned to the blowing winds and know that the nice spirits of Air are gathering.  As the breeze slips effortlessly round and between us, we’re co-joined with one thing a lot bigger and extra highly effective than something sure to floor.  Embrace the vitality and collect it near your soul.  Rely upon it if you conjure and if you meditate, for it’s given freely and is yours to share. <gentle yellow candle>

Now enable me to request you flip towards the South.  Open your coronary heart to the nice warmth of the everlasting fires which have warmed humankind since the daybreak of civilization.  Touch the nice spark and change into one who carries the ideas and passions of fixed renewal and rebirth with you. The spirits of Fire are the keepers of nice knowledge and understanding. Open your sight to a stage that lets you see the messages whispered in the crackling flames and the gentle of the burning solar.   <gentle red candle>

If you shall, please look yonder to the West.  Give yourselves over absolutely to the cleaning energy of the nice Water spirits.  For there is no such thing as a stain, blemish, or soil that can not be washed away in the cleansing waters.  Allow the waters to flow into all through your bodily our bodies, intermingling with all that you simply maintain inside.  Shed that which has no everlasting maintain in your potential to vibrate larger, stretch your mind additional, and embrace the secrets and techniques of life itself. <gentle blue candle>

And in completion of this circle, shift your sight to the North.  Do not simply look, however as a substitute really see that which lies earlier than you.  The nice spirits of Earth have offered a paradise of perfection.  Those who select to see the magnificence and potentialities of all varieties of surroundings shall be rewarded with a bounty of plentitude.  Seek the floor and the energy of the land in all that you simply do.  Become part of the nice wheel because it turns all through the seasons and also you shall develop because it grows. <gentle green candle>

The parts and the spirits are our guides by way of the infinite expanse we name existence.  And but we should notice that this bounty of goodness comes from the supply.  We flip our imaginative and prescient skyward, with the gentle of the full pink moon shining overhead, and supply our most humble because of the Goddess for her many blessings.  We are however frail people, a race of clever beings who inhabit this world.  Above us is the energy of the spirit, the energy of nature, and that which we rely on for our very existence.  Great Goddess, we ask in your continued care and safety as we stroll by way of this earthy life. <gentle Goddess candle>

Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022

Opening Statement

In January, we celebrated the Wolf Moon with a lesson of making ready ourselves.  In February, underneath the shining gentle of the Snow Moon, we engaged in inventive planning for the future.  Both had been vital classes resulting in Ostara. In March, underneath the Worm Moon, our dialog was about charging ourselves utilizing the lunar vitality; connecting with the universe.  Now as we put together for Beltane, and the nice Fire Festival honoring fertility, we use the Full Pink Moon to hone our private expertise.  Now greater than anytime, we should be vigilant to the energy of propaganda and persuasion.  We should not enable others to prey upon our feelings and lead us down a path that’s in step with our personal chosen private non secular path.  Emotions are to not be ignored, however to be higher understood.

Musical Interlude

Each month a musical choice is offered at this juncture in ritual.  The purpose for that is to lift vitality.  For so long as the human race has populated this world, we have now made rhythmic sounds to stir our souls.  Drumming, chanting, and wind devices have stirred our souls and given us a purpose to bop and specific ourselves in wild abandonment. Tonight our featured piece is by Trobar de Morte entitled Summoning The Gods.

Rising Above the Noise – Learn to Master Your Emotions

We are residents of the info age.  Dozens of sources barrage us continually with information, leisure, promoting, product gross sales pitches, and a lot extra.  Regardless of how broad our minds are, it’s unimaginable to sift by way of all of it, and extremely unbelievable that we’d even wish to.  There is one key factor that each content material producer tries to connect to their completed product.  It is the try to influence or persuade you that the message they’re saying, is true and infrequently the ‘right message’.  One of the strongest instruments they use to drive their level house is to prey upon our feelings.  Yes, prey upon you feelings.  With the proper imagery, music, and solid of characters, these content material producers attempt to please you, trigger outrage, scare you, or push you into empathizing with their story.  This identical approach can also be used to market new services.  As the world modified, we’ve seen a scorecard strategy change into the new regular.   The variety of likes, retweets, upvotes, follows, and so on. grew to become a distorted model of the reality.  In less complicated phrases it boils all the way down to a recognition contest.

Sometimes you don’t notice that your being steered by way of your feelings.  You might really feel a deep heartfelt feeling of compassion for victims of a pure catastrophe.  Photos of youngsters in poverty or aged folks with out correct medication may stir your soul.  Clips of individuals touting simple success with a brand new enterprise alternative might sound encouraging.  All of those are created to drive you to an motion based mostly on an emotional response.  Some might even have testimonials or feedback from ‘real users’ to assist solidify the pitch.  But earlier than you ship cash, share private info, or purchase a product, cease.  Take a while to be skeptical.  Allow your sense of self-preservation to rule your thoughts for a bit.  Look to frequent sense.  Your physique was designed with a constructed-in set of self-preservation diagnostics to forestall you from being killed, or in any other case harmed.  Many of us have forgotten or purposely shelved them, permitting the noise to dictate a brand new algorithm.

The worst ones include a way of urgency attachment.  This added strain is a big red flag.  Think about it earlier than you react.  Even if you wish to donate cash to a very good trigger, why does it must be instantly?  Won’t the good trigger all the time have a necessity for funding?  Immediate typically means a rip-off is afoot.  Do not give in to the manipulative efforts which might be discovered in every single place.

Does rampant consumerism (suppose, one thing shiny – convincing you that you will need to have an merchandise) feed your spirit or your physique?  Will you get lengthy-time period satisfaction from sending cash to a charity that you already know nothing about?  Do some analysis about it first – chances are high when you can’t discover something stable about it, then it’s a trick.  Just since you examine one thing on the main information websites, doesn’t imply it’s true.  Maybe a few of it’s true, however perceive that the objective is to promote commercial house on these websites and sensationalism will get readers, and thus income.  Why do you suppose grocery store tabloids by no means exit of enterprise?  Layer on the political nature of many issues, and you can begin to see the patterns emerge.  Some tales are overly shared whereas others stored secretive.  Who does that profit?  Not any of us common folks, that I might be positive of.  By now you’ll be able to see that our feelings are a prime goal for many individuals to drive many narratives.

An individual who is powerful spiritually can simply rise above the noise.  They stay grounded by their very own non secular path, that means if it doesn’t improve, make clear, or in any other case assist that path, they received’t take part.  If the web is an issue, then don’t go browsing.  If tv programming is problematic, then flip it off.  I’m not recommending you progress to a cabin in the woods, however stepping away from the sources that offer you emotional misery is a good suggestion.  If you’re uncertain, begin small.  Trade on-line time for actual life time.  If you’re a Green Witch, then spend time in your backyard.  If you’re an Odinist, then learn and analysis your calling.  And in case you are a metaphysical practitioner, corresponding to a Tarot reader, then observe your craft.  The objective is to see that your path is extra vital than the noise of the fashionable world.  Without an inside-sense of peace and path, most individuals are misplaced.  It’s your option to resolve who guidelines you.  Choose properly.

Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022

Cleaning and Clearing

It is vital to maintain your non secular home so as. It’s no secret that emotional baggage, imply folks, unhealthy relationships, and unhealthy conditions do nothing optimistic for our non secular well being.  Many folks discover themselves stuffed with darkness, loathing, anger, concern, and negativity; lots of them don’t even know why.  As talked about, our visual view is usually clouded with a barrage of makes an attempt to affect us.  There are those that don’t care in the event that they trigger issues in our lives, simply so long as they get what they need. Energy vampires, martyrs, skilled victims, guilt mongers, and different damaging persona varieties are nearly in every single place.  The extra you affiliate with them, the tougher it will likely be to regain management of your personal spirituality.

But earlier than you throw in the towel, bear in mind that there’s a manner out.  There is one thing referred to as selection.  It is the biggest device in regaining your sovereignty as a human being; you’re your personal nation, so to talk.  You are your personal ruler and also you make all the legal guidelines.  The full moon is the excellent time to interact in private cleaning.  The course of is straightforward, and the motion itself is highly effective and probably life-altering.  On this full pink moon, in the security of this sacred circle, I implore everybody to take the daring step of redemption and recovering their very own spirit.

<from this level ahead, the ritual chief ought to considerably decelerate – every sentence should be allowed to sink into everybody’s ideas – learn it like a guided meditation, one sentence, then a pause, then one other then pause, and so forth – converse with an excellent and calming voice all through – your voice will assist chill out and permit everybody to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your physique. Take a number of deep breaths and convey your self to some extent readability.  Free your thoughts of the mundane actions of dwelling.  Become a free floating being. Allow the spirits of air, earth, fireplace and water to information you. Envision an amazing expanse of nothingness as you compromise deep right into a state of calm rational considering.  Wander by way of the passageways of your personal thoughts. Identify the dark areas and issues which might be troubling you. Examine the coloration of your ideas.  Listen to the sounds of your reminiscences. Identify the issues which might be influencing your life however not bringing you to the next state of being.  Are you anchored to one thing dark, What issues are doing emotional injury. Are your behaviors serving one other, relatively than your self. Can you see the faces of these making an attempt to place you down or preserve you down.  Are you visiting locations which appear to attract you however give you nothing however negativity. Do you see the darkness and the injury it’s bringing.  Keep respiratory deeply and stay centered.  Ask your self which issues have to go so as so that you can develop.  What is protecting you from being pleased. Focus on these objects that it is advisable launch out of your life.  It’s time to decide; one which provides you with a hand up and a step ahead.  Now lock these issues in the entrance of your thoughts.  Open your eyes however stay in that relaxed state of being.

<distribute paper and pencils>

You will want your focus to step out of your personal darkness.  Use your pure intention to shed your self from the particles and damaging forces that hang-out you.  Write down every part that’s working towards you.  Decide now that you’re releasing these issues which maintain energy over you. Pledge to your self that you’re reducing these cords, now and without end. This is the second to burn away that which causes you ache. This is the second to free yourselves from concern and anxiousness. Stop collaborating in unhealthy relationships. Stop getting used. Shake away the false emotions of safety.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future is dependent upon your willpower.  Believe in your self to be the agent of change you want. Believe it with all of your coronary heart.

When you’re prepared, strategy the fireplace together with your listing and commit it to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everybody to burn and meditate over what was launched>

Full Pink Moon Ritual 2022

Closing Our Full Pink Moon Circle

Now with a renewed sense of path and a transparent spirit, we set out into the world.  With every factor we cleared, we’ve opened an area that wants stuffed with one thing higher, brighter, and that may enhance our non secular standing with the universe.  Now be a part of me as we shut tonight’s circle.

We look to the North however our minds are with the grounding vitality of the Earth spirits.  We have crossed one other hurdle however haven’t misplaced our footing and boldly select to change into our personal ruler and grasp as we enterprise into the world once more.  Our vibration is rising and with it comes a greater model of ourselves. <extinguish green candle>

Now to the West and supply gratitude to the spirits of Water.  Our focus is crystal clear as the operating waters of the sacred rivers and streams of the world.  We have found an amazing change in our lives and pledge to put it to use to deal with that which makes our lives higher and retains us on the path we’ve selected.<extinguish blue candle>

Turn to the South and as soon as once more commune with the spirits of Fire.  We are drawn to the gentle, for the gentle holds the values we so affiliate with success.  As we have now discarded the darkness and negativity of life, we search now to seek out new and enlightening sources of sunshine to fill our core with.  As every new day passes, so does one other door open itself to us and bathe our prepared souls with gentle and hope. <extinguish red candle>

Finally look to the East and attain for the comforting embrace of the spirits of Air.  Each breeze shall remind us that our objective is to remain centered on the path we stroll.  Each wind will push us to excel and be resolution minded in all issues.  And in moments of weak spot, the wind shall be our companion, to maintain the darkness from closing in.   <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, on this night time as in each night time, we honor your nice and highly effective vitality.  We depart this circle in a state of pleasure and satisfaction.  Our spirits are cleansed and our souls are in a state of euphoria.  We are blessed for the alternative to share house with all the divine parts of the universe and have gained new perception, knowledge, and a way of peace by your presence.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

This circle is now open!

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