Full Snow Moon – February, 2022 – Creative Planning


The 2022 Full Snow Moon will peak at 9:59 AM, MST, on February sixteenth.  This moon’s title originates with the Native Americans, who named it the snow moon since many of the lands had been lined in snow throughout this cycle.  It can be known as the Hunger Moon, the Storm Moon, the Wild Moon, and the Trappers Moon. Other names had been linked to animals, and the snow moon has been known as the Eagle Moon, the Bear Moon, the Goose Moon and the Raccoon Moon.  History tells us that February is the snowiest month in America, so the naming is smart.

The Celtic title for this month’s moon is the Ice Moon.  This is the time of the year when reindeer shed their antlers, which gave rise to this moon being known as the Horning Moon by historic Germanic tribes. Another title is the Quickening Moon, which refers to when sure seeds and bulbs would make their technique to the earth’s floor on the finish of winter.

For those that watch the skies, search for the total snow moon above the horizon within the east round sundown and attain its highest level within the sky round midnight.

What You’ll Need For This Full Snow Moon Ritual

This ritual is designed for a gaggle and is finest carried out outdoors round a beneficiant bonfire (bonfires simply appear to make every little thing higher, particularly in February)

What gadgets you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), green (north), blue (west)
Seasonal Altar Cloth
Pencils and paper
Cakes or different seasonal baked items
Seasonal Beer and Ale to share
Goddess Candle (White)

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols ought to be understood as tutorial notes and to not be spoken aloud.

Ritual Begins

I solid this circle spherical and spherical from earth to sky, from sky to floor. I conjure now this sacred house, outdoors of time, outdoors of place.  This circle is now solid; we’re between the worlds.

Calling the Full Snow Moon Quarters

We look to the East and name upon the Great Spirits of Air.  The East is the route of Spring, Sunrise and the waxing moon  – We bid the Air spirits to affix us on this night time and usher within the full snow moon.  We search the pathway to clear understanding, the chance to analysis that which is unknow, and the flexibility to observe our instinct, with out concern or reprisal. <gentle yellow candle>

Next we glance the the South and name upon the Great Spirits of Fire. The South is the route of summer season, Midday, and the total moon – We search Fire spirits to affix us on this night time and hold our circle properly lit, our bones heat, and our spirits energized.  We search to develop as people, simply as the hearth begins with a single spark, we want to burn to our fullest potential. <gentle red candle>

Now flip to the West and name upon the Great Spirits of Water.  The West is the route of Fall, Dusk, and the waning moon – We search to grasp the pliability of water, the transformational qualities of water, and absolutely the willpower of water.  For that which is fluid sufficient to dodge each impediment, clever sufficient to alter kinds at will, and robust sufficient to maintain shifting ahead it doesn’t matter what appears to be blocking it, is with out examine. <gentle blue candle>

Now shift your gaze to the North and name upon the Great Spirits of Earth.  The North is the route of Winter, Midnight, and the brand new moon – We search to achieve favor with the earthly spirits of the woods, and the fields, and the livestock and the climate.  Spring is upon us and our hopes and goals are tightly wrapped within the consolation of realizing one other good harvest shall be our reward.  <gentle green candle>

We look skyward, the the total snow moon and past to the realm of the Great Goddess.  She who we name the Lady of the Moon, Mother, Maiden, Crone, and Lady of Fertility, we’re honored by your presence tonight.  We maintain love in our hearts and humbleness in our actions, for we all know that our pathway is considered one of hope, and lightweight, and love. <gentle Goddess candle>

Full Wolf Moon RitualIntroduction

In February, the snowpack will get its largest month-to-month addition.  Many states within the southern a part of the nation will solely get a small quantity of snowfall every year, and it most frequently occurs in February.  Combine that with sub-freezing temperatures in many of the nation, and you’ve got the proper storm for staying inside the home.  But, a phrase of warning.  It’s straightforward to get complacent and simply chill out on the couch with a sizzling drink.  This month is an ideal time to do in depth planning; planning that you just truly write down, and work out the main points.

It’s time to get artistic as properly.  Our world has modified dramatically over the previous few years, and extra individuals are starting to comprehend that self-reliance is coming again into model in a fast hurry.  We’ve lived by way of this reactive interval, however now imagine everybody must shift right into a proactive interval.  Start planning for the way you will feed your loved ones (undoubtedly time to place in a backyard, or two, or extra).  Start taking lessons on something that appears price realizing.  Plan to incorporate your youngsters within the actions of readiness.  Be artistic to find methods to retailer, save, and in any other case put together for an unsure future.

And if you are at it, be certain that your plan contains how you will preserve your non secular well being and stay in your path during times of disaster or uncertainty.  Write issues down, put collectively a plan with a package to accompany it.  Come collectively as a gaggle, a household, or a group and we’ll all get by way of it collectively.

Musical Interlude

It’s been mentioned that music sooths the savage beast, opens up a hardened coronary heart, and brings consolation to all.  Our rituals at all times have a music; one that’s specifically chosen for the event.   For our Full Snow Moon, I’ve chosen The Frozen Call, an Ancient Nordic Chant by Jonna Jinton.  It is deeply shifting and can take you to a magickal frozen place a thousand years in the past, should you let it.

Lesson of the Session – Creative Planning

Last month we spoke about being mentally ready to deal with adversity.  We discovered that psychological toughness will hold you going for lots longer than you may assume. Also that preserving calm in a disaster will most likely be the distinction between surviving or another end result.  Tonight we’re going to construct on that basis and speak about planning; artistic planning as we prefer to name it.  And like studying the way to be mentally ready, there may be additionally a guidelines on planning.  A plan is just a plan if it’s written down – I can’t stress this sufficient – Write it down and put a binder along with ‘plans for something and every little thing”

First and foremost, except you might be constructing the Space Shuttle, all plans ought to be Simple, with Easily-Identified Objectives and Free From Ambiguity.  Some of you’ve got heard the KISS (Keep It Simple Simple).  A plan ought to be one thing everybody within the household can perceive and execute upon with out fail, each time.  Imagine a hearth escape plan with fifteen steps and a number of situations after which think about your ten-year outdated attempting to perform when the home is crammed with smoke.  Use the instruments that you’re surrounded with – your setting, landmarks, favourite sports activities, something that can be utilized to maintain everybody on level will work.

Secondly, a plan should be Economical, Comprehensive, Stable, and Able to Withstand the Test of Time.  If a part of your plan is to construct up a meals provide, you possibly can’t simply spend your complete paycheck on it.  Likewise in case your plan for bugging out is just good in the summertime, it’s probably not plan.  A plan should be thought out from begin to end (all issues contemplating) and be one thing that lasts.  If you retain making adjustments, then folks will neglect their function and maybe compromise the whole factor.

A plan should be Flexible.  I do know, we simply mentioned a plan wanted to be secure and now we’re saying it should additionally  be versatile.  Think about it like this.  You hold a field with chains, additional gloves, and street flares below your seat.  That’s being versatile to permit your plan of ‘driving’ all year to occur.  Think outdoors the field on methods to ensure what you need to do, can proceed to occur, even when the skin world will get messier than it already is.  What occurs in case your energy is out and you have to get your emergency provides out of the storage and bug out in a rush?  What’s the best methodology within the quickest time?  What are the precedence gadgets for grabbing to go when time is brief?  How does that change seasonally?  That’s the layer of flexibility you have to assume into your artistic planning.

Lastly, plan must cowl small issues simply as a lot because it covers huge issues.  “Where do I go potty?” is simply as essential as “do we have enough gas,” relying on the timing.  This is the place your creativity actually shall be challenged.  Think outdoors of the skin of the field – we’re speaking method on the market.  Focus on what occurs round you and develop an alternate method.  You won’t have energy to play videogames or web video games, however you possibly can play playing cards, board video games, or different household enjoyable.  I’ve made loads of chilly meals by candlelight that tasted nice.  If you make everybody an essential a part of every little thing happening throughout a disaster, everybody will work collectively and attempt to perform the endgame of the written plan you’ve put collectively.  Buy in, is all in.

Winter Cleansing & Clearing

Planning is a activity for tomorrow and the remainder of February.  Tonight we take a while because the Full Snow Moon shines vibrant throughout the sky to do some self work.  This full moon is an optimum time for cleaning and clearing negativity from our lives.  It’s the second full moon of 2022, winter is throwing the final of her tantrums, or so we hope, and all ideas are on springtime.  January has confirmed to be a wierd month, in hindsight.  The hope of January and a New Year shortly pale with continued illness, political corruption, monetary woes, and the potential for a big-scale battle. Usually there’s a nice optimism, however not a lot this year; in truth there may be negativity, concern, gloom, and unhappiness throughout the land.  The want for private cleaning is stronger now, greater than ever.

In the opening of our ceremony tonight we honored the 4 instructions.  Each route has a narrative of infinite wonderment to inform, however we’re not right here to listen to tales.  On full moon nights, the cleaning energy of fireside holds heart stage because it burns away that which now not serves us.  We additionally honor the nice vitality of air to hold the smoke far-off from right here.  Tonight on this Full Snow Moon, nothing is totally different.  We all stand united in our perception that, that which now not serves us is ineffective, and maybe harmful.  It should be cleared and completely banished from our lives.  The blanket of negativity has lined the land and everyone seems to be tainted.

We have cleansed our spirits and burnt away that which has no which means or worth for a lot of years round this circle.  We have watched because the smoke carried away the vitality vampires, the customers, the cheaters, and the depraved.  Our eyes have realized the change in those that stood and made a deep pledge to step away from the insanity and eradicate that which was bringing them down.  Our hearts had been warmed as detrimental characters had been expelled, the responsible given a everlasting banishment, and the wrongs partially righted.  Yet, our world is heavy with the load and anguish of detrimental vitality. I name upon every of your to lend your energy to the collective this night time.

Tonight, below the sunshine of this Full Snow Moon, it’s as much as every considered one of us to determine how we’re going to reside.  It is as much as every of us to know when we have to rid ourselves of poisonous folks and poisonous behaviors.  And it’s as much as us to take that nice and terrifying step ahead into a greater model of ourselves.  We should make a dedication to launch the luggage and transfer ahead right into a part of constructive non secular progress.  We know what must be completed.  I name upon every of you to jot down down that which now not serves you and commit it to the hearth for purging.  I name upon you to make a real pact with your self to keep away from returning to dangerous behaviors and associating with dangerous influencers, no matter how exhausting they attempt to pull you again.

<Offer every particular person paper/pencil to jot down down the issues they want to purge tonight>

Write down the belongings you want to purge with intention.  That is the important thing.  Put all your vitality into eradicating that which drags you down, out of your life.  Each of chances are you’ll come to the flames when you’re prepared.  As you method to solid the paper into the hearth and out of your life endlessly.  Free up the locations in your thoughts and soul to be crammed with constructive vitality, hope and the sunshine of the universe.  Leave no room for the dangerous to return.

As you burn every merchandise, state the next out loud, “I give up freely that which is no longer serving me”

<Once everybody has burned their gadgets, have the group be part of fingers and say the next>

Our spirits are sturdy and our wills are a lot stronger.  Tonight we solid out that which has no constructive which means in our lives and we solid out any negativity that we see rising round us.  The nice flames will burn away that which seeks to make us a slave.  The nice winds will carry that detrimental vitality far-off from right here, by no means to be seen once more.  We pledge to fill these now-empty areas with constructive energies and provides ourselves the instruments to realize a better state of being.  So it’s and so it shall be !

<Depending in your explicit beliefs, you possibly can both take this time to share muffins and ale amongst these gathered, go a speaking stick and share ideas on the longer term, or you possibly can skip it altogether and go proper to the closing>

Closing the Full Snow Moon Circle

Our hearts now lighter and our hope renewed, we now bid farewell to the nice spirits of the Earthly realm.  We look ahead to the months forward and every little thing comes up green.  For now, we will plan out our targets and set our intentions to succeed in them. <extinguish green candle>

After a terrific cleaning, our ideas are deeper and we’re in a position to have a look at issues with nice readability.  We bid farewell to the spirits of Water and the teachings of transformative vitality. We are desirous to forge forward with a brand new plan and refuse to be stopped, simply because the water refuses to be corralled. <extinguish blue candle>

The flames proceed to burn as we are saying farewell to the spirits of Fire.  We are eternally grateful for the cleaning powers supplied right here every month, and for the everlasting reward of flame.  As we’re cleansed, we at the moment are an open vessel and look to fill the areas with knowledge from on excessive. <extinguish red candle>

We can’t see the Air, however we will really feel the load of negativity being carried away on sturdy gusts.  We hear the songs of our ancestors whispered on the currents, giving us steering on all issues and knowledge on planning for a powerful future for us and ours. <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, we thanks to your knowledge and love. Thank you for the chance to share house with our brothers and sisters at this Full Snow Moon Ritual.  We will at all times welcome you with open arms, keen minds, and loving hearts.  <extinguish Goddess candle>

Blessed Be!

This circle is now open!


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