Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual 2022, Just Keep Swimming

Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual 2022, Just Keep Swimming


On the evening of August eleventh at 7:36 PM, MST the Full Sturgeon Moon will likely be at its peak.  It will likely be seen nearly instantly after sundown and will likely be extra-bright.  The motive for this brightness is as a result of the total Sturgeon Moon can be the final Supermoon of 2022.  For those that want a reminiscence refresh, a Supermoon is a full Moon that happens near the Moon’s perigee.  Or to place it in laypersons phrases, its the purpose in area when Moon is closest to the Earth throughout its month-to-month elliptical orbit sample – if that occurs throughout a full moon, then a Supermoon is known as.

The Full Sturgeon Moon of August, like all full Moon’s will get it’s title from Native American custom.  History takes us again way back, to the territories surrounding the North American Great Lakes.  On the banks, all native tribes inside the area would fish for sturgeon which had been considerable and straightforward to catch in August.  These large prehistoric-looking fish had been vital to the survival of the tribes as they’d be dried to eat within the coming chilly winter months.

Tonight we are going to proceed with our 2022 full moon development sequence with ‘just keep swimming’ as our theme. It appears to suit properly with the total Sturgeon Moon.  I took July off, as I used to be between the worlds for an prolonged time, misplaced in my very own shadow work.  In June our focus was turning into one with the solar, the place the main focus was rising our community of like-minded individuals.  In May we mentioned how threat and taking probabilities impacted our lives.  In April we gave our full consideration to rising above the noise, or in easier phrases, not permitting feelings to drive our actions.  March was celebration by focusing our consideration on embracing the lunar power in all features of our lives.  In February we dove into artistic planning and in January our focus was making ready ourselves for regardless of the world can be throwing at us in 2022.  These month-to-month classes are vital to our religious development. They carry us again to the important thing parts in our lives and assist us to do not forget that our religious path and the steps we journey alongside it are important to a wholesome life.

Preparing for the Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual

This ritual must be preformed outdoors beneath the sunshine of the total moon.  Position your circle round a bonfire or fireplace pit for one of the best outcomes.

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for every participant
Fire pit or cauldron appropriate for safely burning small objects and paper

If you might be having a bunch session, inform everybody prematurely that they’ll carry their stones, crystals, wands, or different magical instruments to be charged on the communal altar through the ritual.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols must be understood as educational notes and to not be spoken aloud.

full sturgeon moon ritual 2022

Full Sturgeon Moon Ritual Begins

<Using your Athame, level in every of the instructions whereas creating the circle, ask all individuals to show within the path, following your lead>

I solid this circle spherical and spherical from earth to sky, from sky to floor. I conjure now this sacred area, outdoors of time, outdoors of place.  The circle is now solid; we’re between the worlds.

Calling the Quarters


To one, to all, I bid you flip your gaze to the East; the path of Air.  Weightless and with out limits, Air unites all residing beings.  Each breath holds a tiny piece of our ancestors and provides every of us an invisible connection to the knowledge of the ancients.  Despite all of the division on Earth, we’re nonetheless members of a single human race.  Ponder on this nice connection as we transfer into the longer term, for it will likely be the steerage we search when the time to return collectively is upon us.  <gentle yellow candle>


Now give not a second of pause and switch to the South; the path of Fire.  Wild, unruly, and ever-changing, Fire is thought for it’s many classes. We rely upon fireplace for survival, however when used with out care, it could result in our destruction.  It can’t be owned by anybody, solely borrowed. It could be given away, shared, however by no means locked away.  It serves as a beacon for all residing creatures and we’re drawn to it.  All humankind can advance their higher data by learning it, however by no means mastering it, for Fire has no grasp.  <gentle red candle>


Now with out haste, flip to the West; the path of Water.  With water we discover cleaning, regeneration, and therapeutic.  Water is life, however alone it can’t maintain us.  It demonstrates flexibility, but additionally exhibits us the advantage of coming collectively, equivalent to is seen within the nice seas and rivers.  The Moon stirs it, however solely a lot as to create thriller inside our souls.  It is available in many kinds and teaches us that we mustn’t rapidly leap to conclusions earlier than we spend time in meditative understanding.  <gentle blue candle>


Finally, flip to the North; the path of Earth.  The Earth is greater than only a thriving ecosystem.  It is a gem among the many universe, a spot the place life frequently thrives, modifications, and evolves.  It is the good sphere of grounding and holds the solutions to many questions.  It offers for individuals who search and sustains those that look after it.  We are all able to greatness, however greatness will not be all the time the reply.  Togetherness speaks volumes that may be heard all the way down to the very core of the planet.  <gentle green candle>


Turn your imaginative and prescient skyward, and for a second, don’t be hypnotized by the total Sturgeon Moon. Look past that nice glowing sphere to the infinite universe, and the realm of the Goddess.  Yes, permit yourselves to be mesmerized and enchanted by the twinkling lights of distant stars.  Although we could marvel on the world past, we must not ever forsake the world round us.  And we should always remember to provide thanks in highest praises to the Goddess for offering that which we rely on.  We name upon the Great Goddess to hitch us on this circle as we cleanse our souls beneath the sunshine of the total Moon.  <gentle Goddess candle>

Hail! and a hearty welcome to all who collect!

full sturgeon moon ritual


The Full Sturgeon Moon title particularly comes from the Algonquin tribes that surrounded the North American Great Lakes.  But, as we’ve come to study, different tribes had completely different names for every full Moon.  The August full Moon has additionally been known as the Green Corn Moon, Fruit Moon, the Barley Moon, full Grain Moon, and the Red Moon.  Most of the opposite names are immediately tied to crops that may be harvested in numerous areas across the nation.  The latter title, Red Moon, has all the time raised curious questions.  IT comes from the truth that the moon rising in August all the time appears to have a reddish solid to it, and never for any nefarious causes.  Additionally, the Ojibwe known as the August full moon the Blueberry Moon, whereas the Dakota Sioux knew it as The Moon When All Things Ripen.

Full Moon Musical Interlude

Each month, I seek for the proper tune to accompany the month-to-month Full Moon Ritual.  Every occasionally, I stumble throughout one thing epic, hauntingly stunning and highly effective.  I humbly current Einar Selvik performing his model of «Völuspá» accompanied by Bergen Filharmoniske Orkester & Edvard Grieg Kor, carried out by Edward Gardner. The efficiency was a part of opening live performance of Bergen International Festival 2020 in Grieghallen Bergen, Norway.  You’ll have goosebumps in your goosebumps as Einar’s voice fills your total existence at some stage in the tune.

Just Keep Swimming

In pondering a topic for this month, I turned misplaced in visions of swimming fish.  Some swim upstream, some transfer in colleges, others simply lurk across the edges ready for alternatives to come up.  Those are all fairly widespread features after we connect our modern-day labels on them.  Yet after we have a look at the mighty Sturgeon, we see one thing fairly completely different.  We see a fish that has lived for greater than 200 million years.  They could be present in lakes, nice rivers, and off the coastlines throughout many of the northern hemisphere, however by no means in nice numbers.  They are survivors, not as a result of they adopted the map of different species, however as a result of they cast their very own means and by no means stopped swimming.

As the world modified, human populations grew and the Sturgeon turned focused by the elite for caviar.  They had been nearly worn out…nearly delivered to extinction because of the greed of a really small variety of people.  But, they one way or the other discovered a approach to survive, primarily by swimming away and adapting to a different habitat.  They realized that combating was a shedding battle on account of superior numbers towards them, in order that they migrated.

If it sounds to you want I’m speaking about operating away out of your issues, then I ask you to cease.  Take a deep breath and open your thoughts a bit additional.  The sturgeon is a fierce fish, that appears like it’s coated in armor plate from a distance.  It is dominant within the waters it occupies, nevertheless the addition of humankind to the equation gave rise to nice modifications.  As people, we predict we’re the Alpha species on planet Earth, however are we?  Technology, Global Commerce, International Finance, Socialized Medicine, and Politics are unstoppable conglomerations that threaten our species.  Despite being our personal creations, we’re being managed by them.  Humans should not being harvested for caviar, however as an alternative for cash, labor, and servitude.  These are environmental modifications and we, just like the Sturgeon, have to react if we’re to outlive.

Sturgeon nonetheless reside within the water, simply as we are going to nonetheless reside on Earth, however they’ve grow to be extra cautious about some areas.  As people we will comply with this identical logic.  No one expects any of us to cease shopping for issues, utilizing our computer systems, or going to vote.  But, what we will do is strategy the whole lot with an eyes-wide-open viewpoint.  Before we will cease being influenced, we should first acknowledge the supply and lower it out of our lives.  Do we have to be on each social media platform the place advertisers feast upon our publish historical past?  Do we have to store till we drop for issues that solely placate us for a short while?  Do we actually want each gadget out there?  If you might be laughing to your self, then you might be seeing the reality of issues.  The solutions are not any, no, and extra no.  Instead we have to swim and swim rapidly to a protected shoreline or quiet pond.  We have to cease doing queries and begin studying books once more.  We have to plant gardens, look to pure therapeutic strategies and assist individuals who suppose like we do and never kowtow to the institution.

And, most significantly, we have to hold swimming.  Which interprets to easily by no means stopping, by no means surrendering to the mob, and by no means giving up our personal values for these thrust upon us by a controlling society.  It doesn’t imply grow to be a hermit (although that seems like lots of enjoyable).  It means use your expertise, your thoughts, and your ingenuity to take again management and survive to combat one other day.

Cleansing and Clearing

Each month we collect beneath the sunshine of the total Moon to develop as people and as a group. We additionally come to cleanse ourselves spiritually and completely launch adverse power and baggage from the previous.  Toxic individuals are banished in addition to poisonous conditions.  We search to rid our minds of negativity, concern, darkness and emotional ache.  To those that search to achieve or preserve affect over our lives, we use this chance to only say no.  The highly effective power of the total Sturgeon Moon is with us as we take again our lives and break them chains of negativity.

Even should you really feel there’s a lot psychological and religious air pollution inside you, that you’re unredeemable, don’t fret.  Many highly effective influencers have doubtless come collectively to concurrently assault your spirit.  Don’t give up.  Just say no.  Cut the twine. Walk away.  Make the selection of your sanity and humanity over anybody else’s makes an attempt to regulate you.  Take again your thoughts and also you’ll see that your foundations and your religious pathway remains to be there.  Cleanse and rebuild the galleries of magnificence that you just as soon as wandered by way of.  And to not attempt to affect you, however do it rapidly.  You are in management right here; there is no such thing as a web, shopping center, or college hallway anyplace round right here.  This circle is a protected area and supercharged by lunar power.  It’s time to select: select to run your life from this level ahead or let another person use you as their pawn endlessly.  We are about to enter the awakening stage of this ritual, so get comfy and put together to obtain.  It is really helpful that you’re barefoot so that you could be grounded to the earth.  You are about to interact in a guided meditation which is able to carry you to a state of relaxed readability…simply go along with it.

<from this level ahead, the ritual chief ought to considerably decelerate – every sentence should be allowed to sink into everybody’s ideas – learn one sentence, then a pause, then one other then pause, and so forth – communicate with an excellent and calming voice all through – your voice will assist chill out and permit everybody to focus>

Close you eyes.  Relax your physique.  Take a number of deep breaths. Feel your flesh swaying with the evening winds.  You are gentle as a feather. Weightlessness.  Neutral and balanced.  Free your thoughts of mundane actions.  Forget the longer term and overlook the previous.  Enter a state of merely being.  Allow the spirits of your ancestors and spirits of air, earth, fireplace and water to information you.  Envision the good expanse of nothingness. You are coming into right into a state of calm rational considering.  Right and Wrong are evident right here.  Freedom and servitude are seen.  Darkness is clearly separate from the sunshine.  The partitions are unfolding and unfolding once more.  Breathe deeply and stay centered.  The threads of the universe are uncovered so that you can observe.  Where are your connections?  What is bringing you to the next state of being?  What is pulling you down or round?  Why are you permitting these bearing heavy ropes and chains to affect you?  Are your behaviors serving others, moderately than your self.  Are there beings who’re utilizing you or placing you down or attempting to maintain you down.  Are you visiting locations which appear to attract you however give you nothing however negativity. Do you see the darkness and the injury it’s bringing.  Keep respiration deeply and stay centered.  There is way to guage and perceive.  Do not rush by way of this activity.  Examine the whole lot.  If you search happiness, what’s stopping you from attaining it.  Are you being tricked into believing that happiness comes from exterior components.  True happiness comes from inside.  Breathe slowly.  Find the energy to name out that which isn’t serving you.  Your personal internal imaginative and prescient can see the reality.  Prepare to shed your self of that which doesn’t serve your finest and highest good.  Breathe.  Trust in your self.  Trust within the highly effective lunar power.  Be your personal spirit information.  Lead your self ahead into victory.  Now slowly open your eyes.  Remain centered.  Prepare to step into the sunshine.

<distribute paper and pencils>

Stepping out of your darkness is commonly terrifying.  It takes nice energy to beat forces that don’t want to give up so simply.  You might want to attain deep and permit your warrior spirit to empower you.  Feel the power of the earth because it programs by way of your physique.  You are one along with your ancestors.  You are one with the weather.  You are one along with your group.  Your household is right here to assist you.  It is time to step out of the darkness.  Use your pure intention to shed your self from the particles and adverse forces that hang-out you.  Now, write down the whole lot that’s working towards you.  Decide that on this second, you might be releasing these factor which maintain energy over you. Pledge to your self that you’re reducing these cords endlessly.  This is the second to burn away that which causes you ache. This is the second to free yourselves from concern and nervousness.  This is the second to take again the you from those that wish to management you.  Stop taking part in unhealthy relationships. Stop getting used.  Shake away the false emotions of safety.  Break free from the abuses.  Your future is dependent upon your self-discipline.  Believe your warrior-self that it is a combat you may and can win. Believe it with all of your coronary heart.  Allow the highly effective power of the total moon to strengthen your resolve.  As you command it, then it shall be!

When you might be prepared, strategy the fireplace with conviction and commit your record to the flames – saying out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everybody to burn and meditate over what was launched>

Steady yourselves, for an ideal weight has been lifted out of your religious being.  I congratulate you at taking this wonderful step into self-healing and self-reliance.  Before we shut, this full Sturgeon Moon ritual, there are some things to recollect.  Many of you will have assist if you go away the circle.  Negativity doesn’t hand over simply.  Your thoughts has been purged of many dangerous issues and there are areas that may be crammed.  Do not permit different adverse forces to occupy them.  Find your tribe, comply with your path, fill these areas with that which serves you to grow to be a greater model of your self.  Immerse your self in being a beacon of sunshine to ward away the darkness.  Bring your personal happiness and from this level ahead, benefit from the peace and concord that you just deserve.  So mote it’s!

Closing the Full Sturgeon Moon Circle

Cleansing is an exhaustive however rewarding exercise.  For a few of us, it’s month-to-month upkeep, for others it was a whole overhaul of the whole lot we’ve ever identified.  Know this as you depart: you might be in command of your personal future.  Do not permit your self for use or abused.  Do not decrease your requirements or break your convictions.   Now be part of me as we shut tonight’s circle.

Once once more we glance to the North and as soon as once more we’re crammed with hope and happiness.  We have chosen to embrace the world of the residing whereas shedding the remnants of darkness from our lives.  Our minds are keen to hunt out new motion, development, and to discover the pathways our ancestors as soon as walked. <extinguish green candle>

Now shift your consideration to the West as soon as once more.  The nice waves are at your service, all the time reminding every of us that the whole lot can come clear and that we should belief within the parts to information us by way of the occasions in life the place we could also be in danger.  As the water flows, we are also reminded that we must not ever cease swimming, however ought to all the time be cautious of the present. <extinguish blue candle>

To the South we flip, the place we’re in fixed wonderment.  The nice flames have consumed that which we not give energy to and the smoke has carried them distant.  With a clear thoughts we’re free to take pleasure in that which is able to propel us ahead right into a higher model of ourselves.  <extinguish red candle>

And now the East, the place the evening winds carry away the smoke from the cleaning fires.  We have seen that change is feasible.  We are on agency footing and able to step boldly forth into the remainder of our lives, with out concern however with readability and path.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, as we go away this sacred area, we reward you and provide due to all that you just present us with. Our spirits are as soon as once more clear and our hope is restored. We are blessed for this chance to share area with all of the divine parts of the universe and have gained new perception, knowledge, and a way of peace by your presence.  As we exit into the world, we are going to want your continued steerage to carry the teachings of tonight to those that haven’t but discovered inner-peace and happiness.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

Go now and share your actual self with the world!

This circle is now open!

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