Full Worm Moon Ritual 2022

Full Worm Moon Ritual 2022


The Full Worm Moon in 2022 will peak on the 18th at 1:20 AM, MST.  It is the final full moon celebration earlier than Ostara which makes it an ideal time for cleaning and clearing the negativity away.  This month’s full moon is appropriately named the total worm moon as a result of that is the time of year when the earthworms begin to emerge.  The widespread names of full moons originate with the Native Americans.  They originate from earthly happenings and are fairly correct.  The March full moon has many different lesser-known names, most of that are related to Spring.  Native American tribes is the northern a part of the continent known as the March full moon the Crow Moon.  Cawing crows signaled the top of winter and begin of Spring.  It has additionally been known as the Crust Full Moon, as a result of warming daytime temperatures would soften a bit of of the snowpack every day and it could refreeze right into a crust that evening.  Other names have been the Sap Moon or Sugar Moon, the Chaste Moon, and the Death Moon.

Tonight’s our full moon celebration is concentrated on embracing the lunar power in all facets of our lives.  Full moons are sometimes used to cost crystals and magickal instruments, make moon water and black salt, and to cleanse and clear negativity.  With a lot occurring, we frequently neglect than we will additionally recharge ourselves throughout the full moon.  The lunar power is highly effective and generally is a very constructive affect in our lives, if we permit it to turn into an even bigger half.  If you want to incorporate the normal charging processes to this ritual, there are hyperlinks on the backside of the web page to information you.

What Items You’ll Need for This Full Worm Moon Ritual

This ritual is designed for a gaggle and is greatest carried out exterior round a beneficiant bonfire (bonfires simply appear to make the whole lot higher, particularly in February)

What gadgets you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Quarter Candles (yellow, red, blue, green)
Large White Goddess Candle
Paper and pencil for every participant
Fire pit or cauldron appropriate for safely burning small objects and paper

If any participant needs, they might lay their stones, crystals, wands, or different magical instruments on the communal altar throughout the ritual to permit them to cost whereas the ceremony proceeds.

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols ought to be understood as educational notes and to not be spoken aloud.

Ritual Begins

I solid this circle spherical and spherical from earth to sky, from sky to floor. I conjure now this sacred house, exterior of time, exterior of place.  This circle is now solid; we’re between the worlds.

<This serves as a name to motion for the individuals to cease speaking, collect, and put together to start the ritual>

Calling the Full Worm Moon Quarters

The East is the route of Spring, Sunrise and the waxing moon  – It can be the route of the Air Spirits, these with out boundaries and with out type, however capable of transfer issues at will.  On this full worm moon evening we search council with these spirits, to help us in our ritual of charging, offering us with the reward of transportation of the lunar energies down by the skies to converge on this sacred circle.  <gentle yellow candle>

The South is the route of Summer, Midday, and the total moon – It can be the route of the Fire spirits, these embedded with the spark of latest beginnings and capable of encourage and inspire.  We ask for the reward of activation on this evening, to amplify the cost on our ritual objects and our selves and people round us.   <gentle red candle>

The West is the route of Fall, Dusk, and the waning moon – It can be the route of the Water spirits, people who exhibit mutability whereas nonetheless retaining their foundational type.  We ask tonight for a renewed lesson of flexibility and the knowledge of adjusting kinds to adapt to the surroundings round us. <gentle blue candle>

The North is the route of Winter, Midnight, and the brand new moon – It is the route of the Earth spirits, those that floor and reinforce the the order and construction of the world.  We search favor with the earthly spirits to indicate us find out how to increase and contract whereas sustaining a seamless connection to the land and the ever altering panorama.  <gentle green candle>

We flip our gaze to the total worm moon above and the infinite universe surrounding it.  We name upon the safety of the Goddess, whether or not she be named Gaia, or Frigg, or Hathor, or Artemis, of Venus, or Ostara, or Brigid, or Diana.  Her presence is in every single place and her powers infinite.  It is due to her that we exist and it’s she who supplies for us in perpetuity.  We honor and reward her on this evening. <gentle Goddess candle>

full worm moon 2022

Opening assertion

In January, we celebrated the Wolf Moon with a lesson of getting ready ourselves.  In February, beneath the shining gentle of the Snow Moon, we engaged in inventive planning for the long run.  Both have been necessary classes main up the approaching celebration of Ostara, when Springtime is formally sprung.  Now, beneath the sunshine of the Full Worm Moon, we full the final step of preparatory work with a charging ritual.  Our minds are prepared, our plans have been made.  Tonight we prepared ourselves and our instruments to maneuver ahead with ardour and conviction of trigger.

Musical Interlude

Music has been used all through historical past as a option to elevate power.  Our full moon rituals have had a musical choice in them for years, every hand-selected to suit the occasion.  Tonight will likely be no totally different.  Tonight we will likely be energized and enchanted by one in all my favourite songs, by FAUN, known as Walpurgisnacht.

Understanding Why This is Necessary

As we begin to really feel the pull from nature to return to the land, many develop anxious.  But with snow nonetheless on the frozen floor in lots of areas, we’re restricted.  So as an alternative, we deal with different issues.  Things like spring cleansing round our homes.  Cleaning, decluttering, and reorganizing are nice short-term actions to burn off excessive ranges of power.  The hotter air permits for open home windows and the stale air of many lengthy months to be circulated out of the home.  Walls and curtains are dark with the smoke and dirt of the winter fires.  Dust has gathered on ledges and excessive locations have cobwebs.  It appears that each space wants consideration, together with our our bodies and our spirit.

This is without doubt one of the most necessary instances of the year to filter out the negativity and baggage we’re carrying and to cleanse our spirits.  It is time to chop cords, consider alliances, and make affirmations to lift our stage of vibration.  It is a time for shadow work and true understanding of our deepest core wants and aspirations.  It is a time to place reality forward of emotion and make choices that may hold us strolling firmly within the heart of our personal non secular path. These actions will not be at all times straightforward and typically they arrive with the ache of change.  There could also be uncertainty about what lies forward after we hand over a number of the crutches we’re leaning upon.  There could also be battle with these round us for making onerous decisions.

But, bear in mind this.  You are on an individualized non secular path.  It is as much as you to determine who walks with you and for good motive.  There are many who could also be in your life at this very second who don’t wish to see you’ve non secular development.  They are presumably feeding off of your power or utilizing you for numerous causes.  Sometimes they put you in conditions which solely advantages their development and never yours.  It could also be for materials acquire or to regulate you emotionally for different and infrequently nefarious causes.  They whisper twisted phrases, act in weird methods and attempt to affect your each motion.  Once you acknowledge this, it’s crucial to behave upon it.  Most people who find themselves making the most of you’ll by no means change, they are going to solely change techniques to try to pull the wool again over your opened eyes.  Don’t stumble, don’t rationalize, and don’t take the straightforward route.

Cleaning and Clearing

Emotional baggage, hurtful individuals, unhealthy relationships, and unhealthy conditions do nothing however weigh us down.  We are stuffed with sludge, darkness, anger, and negativity.  Our clear imaginative and prescient is clouded and we’re influenced by those that search to hurt us in a method or one other. Yet, haven’t any concern, for there’s a manner out of this mess we name our lives.  There is one thing known as selection, one thing known as self-care and one thing known as cleaning.  The course of is straightforward, however the motion itself will likely be highly effective and presumably life-changing.  On this full worm moon, by the flames of this hearth, the protection on this circle and the imaginative and prescient of a greater future, we should act.

<the ritual chief ought to considerably decelerate the next portion of the ritual – every sentence have to be allowed to sink in to everybody’s ideas – learn it like a guided meditation, one sentence, then a prolonged pause, then one other and so forth – communicate with a fair and calming voice all through>

Close you eyes, take a number of deep breaths and convey your self to some extent of leisure.  Let the spirits of air, earth, fireplace and water information you as you compromise deep right into a state of calm rational considering.  Wander by the passageways of your individual thoughts, paying particular consideration to what’s troubling you. Focus on the issues which might be influencing your life however not bringing you to the next state of being.  There are issues doing emotional harm, issues doing non secular harm, and issues which serve one other.  There are individuals who need you to remain down.  There are locations which appear to attract you however give you nothing however negativity.  Focus on these gadgets that you simply want to launch out of your life.  It’s time to decide; one which provides you with a hand up and a step ahead.

<distribute paper and pencils>

Open your eyes however preserve that focus.  You will want that intention to make a clear break from the demons that could be haunting you.  Write down the whole lot that you may do not forget that is working in opposition to you.  This is the second to burn away that which causes our ache, to free ourselves from concern and anxiousness, and to interrupt freed from unhealthy relationships. Now is the time to chop the cords as soon as and for all. Your non secular future relies on your strength of will.  Once you’ve written it down, use your intention to make it so.  Believe in your self to be the agent of change you want.

When you’re prepared, method the hearth along with your checklist and commit it to the flames – say out loud, “I release that which no longer serves me”

<Provide ample time for everybody to burn and meditate over what was launched>

full worm moon ritual 2022

Lunar Charging and Replenishing Your Energy

The spirits of air will carry the smoke which holds these adverse issues away.  Focus on the smoke because it rises greater than you possibly can see and takes that baggage away eternally.  You will really feel lighter, perhaps even empty.  You are taking an enormous step towards a greater and extra targeted you. Now we should fill these empty areas in order that they can’t be corrupted with negativity once more.  For this, we glance to the total worm moon and the highly effective lunar power it radiates.

<observe the directions as above – this reads like a guided meditation>

Once once more, shut your eyes.  Open each pore, permit your senses to turn into one with the universe.  Look inside and see the heavens, really feel the winds of change sweeping over you.  Listen because the waters of life spill forth from the hidden wellsprings of the universe.  Feel the warmth of the nice forges burning with the spark of creation.  Embrace the grounding bond you’ve with the earth and the protection it supplies.  You are right here and you’re in every single place.  Energy circulates round you and penetrates you from each route.  Your spirit is a part of the collective and the divine is watching over you.

Set your intention on that which can serve you.  Drink within the power of that which can shield you.  Become a vessel for that which can information you alongside your non secular pathway.  Recapture your freedom of selection and permit the compass of your soul to level you within the route of your highest self.  Seek and you can find.  Feel the power because it fills these areas; constructing protecting partitions from negativity and washing away the whole lot that isn’t gentle and conscious.  Ponder on the alternatives that await you and so they shall be inside your attain.  Become one with the universe and the universe shall eternally be your companion.

<permit an prolonged interval of silent meditation>

Closing the Full Worm Moon Circle

Now be a part of me as we shut this circle and make preparations for the beginning of nice and new issues in our non secular lives.  We are charged with lunar power and our luggage has been carried away.

We look first to the North and provides our full appreciation to the spirits of the Earth.  We are blessed to be grounded and but nonetheless capable of change power freely with the universe.  We depart right here able to turn into higher variations of ourselves and create an surroundings with brings us to the next vibration. <extinguish green candle>

Now to the West and supply gratitude to the spirits of Water.  We are cleansed and our focus is as soon as once more crystal clear.  Great change comes for a motive and causes us to turn into totally different kinds however to not turn into one thing totally different.  We depart from this circle with the total understanding that we determine what we’re to be. <extinguish blue candle>

Turn to the South and share excessive praises to the spirits of Fire.  As the flames deconstruct the weather of negativity, we now have an important understanding of the ability of fireside.  For because it destroys, it has additionally led to creation and planted the seeds of nice hope to emerge from the locations the place darkness as soon as resided. <extinguish red candle>

Finally look to the East and acknowledge our indebtedness to the spirits of Air.  The mild breezes transfer round our newly charged beings.  We really feel alive and renewed.  Our confidence is restored and our pathway forward is now clear.   <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, on this evening of nice and highly effective power we depart in a state of pleasure and satisfaction.  Our targets have been completed and our souls are in a state of euphoria.  We are blessed for the chance to share house with all of the divine components of the universe and have gained new perception, knowledge, and a way of peace by your presence.   <extinguish Goddess candle>

This circle is now open!


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