Lammas 2021 – Honoring the Grain Ritual


Lammas falls on  August 1st every year and is a celebration of the first of the three annual harvest festivals.  Harvest time was one in all the most necessary instances for our ancestors, however this one had particular significance.  An excellent grain harvest meant extra than simply bread and beer.  It meant that seed can be out there to collect and retailer for planting the subsequent year.   In the trendy world, world provide chains have insulated us from fears that seed wouldn’t be out there for future plantings; even when one space or nation had a poor harvest, growers might simply purchase seed from overseas to make sure future plantings.  It’s exhausting for most individuals to know that every harvest was the solely shot our ancestors had, actually.

This ritual is designed for a gaggle and is finest carried out exterior round a firepit or a bonfire if house and fireplace-security protocols are enough.

What gadgets you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), green (north), blue (west)
Yellow Altar Cloth
A Small Bowl stuffed with winnowed grain
2 Loaves of Fresh Bread
Small sickle or scythe
Small sheaf of grain (contemporary)
Seasonal Beer and Ale to share
Goddess Candle (White)
God Candle (Tall Gold candle)

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols must be understood as educational notes and to not be spoken aloud.

The Ritual

<Our opening assertion is a name to motion for the members to cease speaking, collect, and put together to start the ritual.  Have everybody collect round the fireplace and be silent earlier than continuing.>

This circle forged, each huge and spherical, from the stable earth to the skies above is now a spot deemed sacred floor – All are welcome, all are equal, no voice shall be silenced nor any opinion disregarded.  We are between the worlds.

<Unlike the conventional begin of most rituals, this one has a blessing at the starting.  The ritual chief ought to take one in all the loves of bread and maintain it excessive above their head so that each one shall be capable of see it and recite the assertion under>

Tonight, on this superb night time, we have a good time Lammas, the first of the three nice harvests.  This is the harvest of the grain, which shall be used to bake bread and brew the first beers and ales of the season.  By our actions right here, we proceed the historic traditions of those that walked these lands earlier than us.  History has informed us the processes and we replicate them as finest we will as we speak.  Those households would spend lengthy hours toiling below the scorching solar to reap, winnow, and later start brewing, and baking.  The very first loaf was reserved for this particular second and dropped at the circle the place it blessed after which divided into 4 items.  At the shut of the ceremony, every quarter was rigorously positioned in a single nook of their grain storage.  It was believed that this course of would supply safety in opposition to illness and infestation.  Tonight we as soon as once more honor that custom by putting one quarter in every of the cardinal instructions and praying for power and security from illness and hardship to those that are gathered right here tonight.

<The ritual chief ought to then break the bread into 4 sections and make the following assertion earlier than putting the items close to the quarter candles in the North, South, East and West>

“Great Gods and Goddesses’ of the harvest; we humbly offer this first loaf as a symbol of our gratitude in providing us with a bountiful harvest.  We ask that you accept our offering and in return, provide each of with with sound mind, body, and spirit throughout the rest of the year.  Blessed be!”

<Place the bread in every of the instructions then return to the circle middle and name the quarters.>


All eyes now flip to the East, from the place the mysterious and invisible spirits of Air make their houses.  We’ve realized the nice lesson of belief from the Air spirits as they transfer effortlessly amongst our lands and folks.  We watch as timber bend and objects are lifted into the skies with no proof of any bodily motion, and but we aren’t afraid.  Although unpredictable, the wind is accepted as one thing majestic and great and nobody questions it’s actions. We ask for this sort of confidence in all that we do in life and to not worry that which we can not management.  <mild yellow candle>


Now flip to the South, the place the nice spirits of Fire have a tendency their mighty forges.  The attract of the flame has at all times captured the ideas of humankind as we search to own and management it.  Yet the sensible ones know that it can’t be managed, solely cared and revered in ways in which present mild, warmth, and heat to us.  Like all nice sources of energy, we should at all times be vigilant and never change into distracted, or else we could discover ourselves consumed and misplaced.  <mild red candle>


Next we glance to the West the place the transcultural spirits of Water effortlessly movement to and from.  As we observe the transmutable nature of water, shifting from stable, to liquid, to fuel, we stay awestruck at this humbling lesson of flexibility.  Water is timeless and unstoppable, shifting and altering that which lies in its path.  It is in a relentless state of change, however stays true to its foundation in nature, demonstrating that adaptability is the key to longevity.  <mild blue candle>


And lastly we glance to the North the place the nice energy of Earth thrives all through all the seasons.  Nature offers in order that we as people could thrive, supplied we don’t take greater than we’d like or hoard unnecessarily.  Our lives are depending on the land and we should take steps to  guarantee it stays viable for generations to return.  Even although some are working exhausting to preserve, others will not be, so nature reminds us by way of warmth waves, floods, and different pure phenomena that there aren’t any ensures in life apart from the love of the Goddess.   <mild green candle>

<Next, the Ritual Leader ought to instruct the group to lift their fingers overhead as praises are given >

God & Goddess

Great God, Lugh, Shining One, Warrior, Savior, Lord of each Fire and Light. Begotten Son of the Sun above; be a part of us in our celebration this night time! <mild God Candle>

Great Goddess, though it’s possible you’ll present your self in lots of names and in lots of varieties, we your followers know that you’ll by no means abandon us.  We search your eternal blessings on this celebration of Lammas, for we all know that it’s you that brings forth the grains from the seed and nurtures them as a mom would suckle a new child.  <mild Goddess Candle>

Hail and Welcome to All!



Welcome one and welcome all to this nice celebration of Lammas and the harvest.  The solstice as handed and we’re on the fringe of the dark half of the year, bit worry not, for a lot of superb months shall move earlier than the frost creeps throughout the land and the skies flip grey and cloudy.  Tonight we have a good time the nice union between the God and the Goddess, for they’ve as soon as once more produced a bountiful  harvest of grain that may guarantee one other year of prosperity to every and all.

Music of Lammas

Each ritual we carry out has sure components that make it stand out from the others.  In some methods, that is how we keep in mind every one and the great occasion it commemorates.  One of our distinctive steps is to discover a particular music to assist set the temper and produce these gathered collectively, even nearer.  Tonight we have now chosen a music referred to as Harvest Night, by Eldin.  It’s hauntingly stunning, beginning softly after which gaining momentum.

Lammas & The Three Great Harvest Festivals

Our ancestors would have a good time a lot of the annual occasions in the pure world.  The Summer and Winter Solstice’s, the full moons, and different extra worldly occasions akin to harvesting.  Each year there are three nice harvest festivals.  Lammas, the grain harvest is the first one.  The second is Mabon, when the fruits and storage greens are harvested.  The third is Samhain, when the final of the nuts, the roots, and the herbs to make drugs, tonics, and flavorings are harvested.  In trendy instances our harvest’s don’t match up precisely with these of our ancestors as a result of trendy equipment and the undeniable fact that Earth’s local weather is completely different than it was a number of thousand years in the past, however the idea stays legitimate.  If any of the three harvests failed to provide, issues would change into tough and survival by way of the winter questionable.


Honoring of the Grain

Together we will honor the grain for its splendid majesty.

<Ritual chief will maintain up the ready sheaf of grain excessive above for the ceremonial first slicing>

“Each year, in small villages across the land,  just as the morning sun was rising, everyone would gather in the corner of a grain field.  There they would cut the first sheaf by hand in great celebration.  This first cutting would winnowed and ground immediately.  One portion of the new grain would be taken to the kitchens and baked into the first bread of the season.  The remainder would be used to brew the first beers and ales of the season.  To honor this ancient tradition, we shall make our symbolic first cutting a community event. ”

<The ritual chief ought to rigorously minimize the ceremonial sheaf utilizing a small scythe or related slicing device after which supply the device and grain to the every particular person in the group till everybody has participated.>

“Let it be know that the ancient tradition has been honored.  We pay homage to our ancestors and all who have walked these fields before us to be present and witness the great remembrance.”

<Place the minimize grain sheaf on the altar>

Together we additional honor the grain by celebrating the seed and the future prosperity it offers.

<The ritual chief will maintain up the bowl of unfastened grain excessive above>

“A bountiful harvest of grain meant so much more than fresh baked loaves of bread and full tankards of ale.  Abundant seed was a blessing and gave hope to everyone that there would be a future planting opportunity.  Our ancestors would carefully store and police the grain storages to ensure no disease, moisture, or fire would cause damage to this precious commodity.  To honor this tradition, we shall ceremonially spread these seeds across the earth, representing a new crop and the security that came with it.”

<The ritual chief will take just a few kernels from the bowl and sprinkle them on the earth earlier than passing the bowl to everybody in the group to do the identical>

“Let it be known that the ancient tradition has been honored.  Our sight is clear and our minds focused on the importance of providing for the future, by the work of our own hands.”

<Place the bowl on the altar>

Together, this neighborhood honors the merchandise of a bountiful harvest.  We have a good time each the bread and the beer, for the sustenance and luxury they supply.

<Ritual chief first holds up the bread excessive above>

“I speak to everyone gathered, but words alone cannot fully express the gratitude we have for the Gods & Goddesses to provide us with such a bounty.  Behold, for this bread symbolizes the first loaves made with the first grain of the first harvest.  From seed to stalk, harvesting and winnowing, to the gristmill, and finally to the ovens, each step has been filled with reverence and honor.  We’ve given our energies to each step in the process, from the planting, to the caring, and finally to the harvesting.  At this moment, we are rewarded with receiving energy, which shall continue throughout the long cold months of winter. ”

<Ritual chief ought to break off a chunk of bread and move the loaf to the group.  Once accomplished, everybody ought to partake concurrently.>

“We have given and now we shall receive”

<Ritual chief ought to maintain a mug of beer excessive above>

“We think of beer and ale as recreational drinks, yet that thinking wasn’t always true.  Our ancestors depended on beer and ale to give them critical calories, which were important for survival.  We honor this ancient tradition on this night.”

<Ritual chief ought to move out beer/ale or move a big mug/chalice for every particular person to pattern.>

Let us always remember those that walked earlier than us and who, by way of their hardships and struggles, have paved the manner for our existence.

Lammas Closing Prayer

Grain Mother, we give thanks for the blessings of the harvest.  For the abundance of grain, the seed, and means to outlive by way of the dark half of the year, we provide our everlasting thanks.

We have gathered right here to have a good time this present of abundance, and to ask for steerage all through the coming year.  We belief in the grain and its life-giving energy.  We belief in the seed, to convey forth new life in the days forward, and we belief in each other; sharing our energies, our sacred areas, our data, and our path.  Praise to the Goddess!

Blessed Be!

Closing the Lammas Circle

We rejoice in celebration and provides excessive praises to the spirits of Earth.  As we glance to the North, our imaginative and prescient is stuffed with land and we as soon as once more notice the by no means-ending energy of the soil, the resilience of the crops, and the knowledge supplied by the creatures of the forest. All issues work harmoniously in nature and as people, we should pledge to be a part of this nice system, somewhat than a plunderer of it. <extinguish Green candle>

Deep ideas and wonderment fill our minds as we are saying farewell to the spirits of Water.  As we glance to the West, we see how the completely different elements of the grain have similarities as the completely different phases of water.  Each kind is exclusive, however as a complete they’re common of their majesty and magic.  <extinguish Blue candle>

As we flip our sights to the South and bid good night time to the nice spirits of Fire, we once more renew our relationship with the mighty energy of the flames.  Whether a tiny spark or a raging inferno, the fireplace teaches us the lesson of dichotomy and the way one factor can have two distinct elements.  The flames create warmth, mild, and heat, whereas the embers eat and destroy the kindling and logs that gasoline them.  As we put together to go away this circle, we could select to scry for a second and presumably have a revelation in the quieting flames. <extinguish Red candle>

And lastly we flip to the East, and mirror upon the occasions of this night time and thank the spirits of Air for being current.  Tomorrow we will watch as the solar as soon as once more rises and the cycle of time is renewed.  As the mild breezes slip in amongst the fields nonetheless left to be harvested, we re reminded that the energy of nature is at all times round us, watching over our progress and offering the issues we’d like for all times to thrive.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great God Lugh, your presence isn’t forgotten and we thanks for sharing your power and power on this Lammas night time, on this sacred house. <extinguish God candle>

Great Goddess, we thanks on your abundance, your knowledge and the unconditional love shared with us this night time in our sacred house. Without the many presents and blessings you present, life can be troublesome and stuffed with tragic toil, so we’re actually grateful on your caring and luxury.  <extinguish Goddess candle>

And lastly, we should look to these gathered inside out circle, for it’s a blessing to have a robust neighborhood of like-minded souls collect and honor the traditions of our ancestors.

This circle is now open, but in our hearts it’s by no means by no means damaged!


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