Lessons in Witchcraft: The Pendulum

How to use a pendulum

Hi. I’m Michelle and I am here to show you, the entire world, everyone, your auntie, the mailman, your nearby neighbor how to be a witch with my Lessons in Witchcraft (First is Pendulum How-to).

You can be a witch. In the event that you are male, in fact, that is a warlock, or you can be a witch in the event that you are female or you can be a witch on the off chance that you are male, in the event that you like, sexual orientation liquid, we are about that in this witchy express that we are in. Incline toward toleration is the thing that I state. So the best spot to begin is clearly the simplest spot to begin when you will end up being a witch and that as I would see it is with the pendulum. So I have one here. 

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About Pendulums

Agate pendulum

This is an exceptionally lovely pendulum that I got in Germany. Also, it is made of agate and it is extremely beautiful.

Pendulums never truly last under my support. I will in general hurl them about a piece. Not exactly sure why. Now and again others toss them around.

Furthermore, here is one that I use which is especially acceptable at conversing with the dead. This is a piece of green gem.

Green crystal pendulum

Yet, a pendulum can be anything. It tends to be a corroded nail or a piece of cotton that you hang from your fingers, you don’t have to go through any cash.

Now and then I utilize this Necklace when I am at a misfortune with no pendulums to my name at that point.

Necklace Pendulum

How to use a pendulum

So that is the thing that we will learn. So pendulums offer you a yes and a no response which implies you can bore down. It is somewhat similar to playing that game twenty inquiries. In the event that you have ever played twenty inquiries. You know, “are you female?” “DO you need me to do this”? You need to pose the inquiries that have a yes or a no answer. So how would you find your yes or no solution?

Indeed, most importantly you get your pendulum, how about we utilize the agate since I like this one. Presently, I have a specific example to my yes or no answers so, in the event that I pose the inquiry, my pendulum will swing a specific route contingent upon whether it is yes or relying upon whether it is no.

Pendulum Yes reaction

Furthermore, the way that you will discover how your pendulum swings is to ask it inquiries that you definitely know the response to. For instance, Let’s attempt a yes question for my pendulum.

For instance, “pendulum, do I like red wine?”. Furthermore, you can see the pendulum is swinging in reverse and advances (simply an example), this is my yes reaction.

You can’t simply pose one inquiry you need to pose a few inquiries to ensure that is the correct answer. Since it very well may be you subsiding into your pendulum tune

Pendulum No reaction

Presently you need to discover what your no reaction. It isn’t really what is inverse to your yes reaction is. It will simply be something else. My no reaction turns out to be a sideways development (for instance). Furthermore, once more, to explain your no reaction you need to pose a few inquiries. So, I will pose an obtrusively no inquiry: “Do I like curried kidneys?” My pendulum will swing (for instance) Backwards. This is my no reaction.

At the point when you first beginning posing inquiries, your pendulum may move the teeniest smallest humblest sum that you can’t quite see it. So in the event that your pendulum is simply going and you don’t know whether it is heading inside and out, all around, here and there, left and right request that it give you an unmistakable reaction.

In this way, “pendulum would I be able to have an unmistakable and huge swing to the accompanying inquiry, yakkity yak”. Whatever your inquiry is.

So that is the means by which you figure out how to utilize a pendulum. Thus, you have your indeed, whatever that is, mine is in reverse and advances. You have your no reaction.

Pendulum Perhaps Reaction

Your perhaps reaction will be not a yes and not a no. It will be simply something other than what’s expected. My perhaps reactions really change often relying upon how solid the possibly reaction is. So in some cases my perhaps reaction is only the pendulum wiggles somewhat on its piece of string and doesn’t actually move anyplace. Also, now and again it is a truly solid perhaps and it will go possibly, perhaps and go all around and around.

In this way, it kinds of progress. My yes and no reactions never truly change. What’s more, to become familiar with your perhaps reactions, again you pose inquiries that may occur. Will I plant more bulbs this colder time of year? No that is a yes question. I can’t think about a possibly question. You should make them up and see what your perhaps reaction is.

Slow reactivity of the pendulum

The other thing that may occur with your pendulum is that it may take a short time to make a reaction. In this way, it can begin smally and in reverse and advances state for a yes reaction can take ages. Be that as it may, in the event that you let it stand the reaction will come. So don’t surrender in the event that you are posing these inquiries and your reaction is delayed to come. Also, on the off chance that it doesn’t come it is on the grounds that you are posing an inquiry that has a possibly answer and you haven’t understood it. When I was instructing this a few days ago to an extremely decent individual called Steven, I asked him to make some yes inquiries and he said Am I an acrobat? Sorry no inquiries rather. Also, having said am I a acrobat? The pendulum went well definitely. What’s more, I said well, would you be able to do a handstand? Furthermore, he worked out in a good way, better believe it I can. Furthermore, I said well, you are kind of an acrobat at that point, you are not an acrobat in terms of professional career but rather you have gymnastic abilities.

In this way, you must be extremely cautious in what you state. Ensure that it is completely yes and completely no.

The pendulum is a magnifier of energy

As I said toward the starting your pendulum is a magnifier of energy and it can amplify the energy that you’re placing into it or the energy from a room or the energy from a creature, or the energy from another person. Or then again the energy from a soul. It can amplify any energy, that is the way it works.

In a manner of speaking “works”. Energy comes in various structures there is acceptable energy and there is negative energy. Also, on the off chance that you get negative energy in your pendulum, it can give you a slanted reaction. Along these lines, your yes and no answers will go totally out of the window. You could state am I a kid? Also, your pendulum. Goes “yes you are”. Well you need to clean your pendulum.

How to clean a Pendulum

Presently it is a truly smart thought when your first get your pendulum to give it a clean. This is a spell and you will compose your own spell. Since every pendulum is extraordinary. In any case, the beneficial thing about it is that you can ask the pendulum.

Washing the Pendulum

Probably the most ideal ways, peculiarly who might have thought it, of cleaning a pendulum is to wash it. definitely! decent hot sudsy water. I utilize rose cleanser as I love the smell. It is truly overall quite beautiful. What’s more, on the off chance that you wash your pendulum in hot lathery water, you can say to your “pendulum do you need any further clearing?” And your pendulum may go yes or it may go no.

So in the event that I ask my pendulum “do you need any further clearing?”, Mine is going no right now. However, in the event that it says indeed, at that point there are a few different things that you can consider doing with your pendulum.

Expose the pendulum to daylight


You can consider forgetting about it on the windowsill in the daylight. As the daylight gives it loads of beautiful energy and it can purify and clean your pendulum.

Expose the pendulum to Moonlight


You should think about leaving it on the windowsill in the Moonlight. Evening glow does the very same thing as daylight.

Clearing the pendulum with a singing bowl

singing bowl

Or then again, I very like doing a singing bowl. I couldn’t say whether anybody has seen one of these, this is a Tibetan or Nepalese or Indian or Hindu supplication bowls truly. Or on the other hand any petition bowls, Buddhist supplication bowls. You put your pendulum in it and give it a bong. Love it. I generally complete three bongs. A companion of mine is continually whining saying “you just need to do one bong”. However, I like the three. Anyway. Put it in your singing bowl and give it a bong. At that point you can take it out and state, “would you like some additionally bonging”. What’s more, I it says yes set it back in the singing bowl. It may require bonging three times each day for three days. That is often a decent one for new pendulums.

Cleaning a Pendulum with a smudge stick

Smudge stick

The other thing that you can do is give it a smudge as it is said. Presently I purchase these from any hippy dippy shop and they are what is known as white sage. These are white sage and you simply light them and in the smoke you kind of drift it round the pendulum like that for ten seconds or thereabouts. Also, that is it smeared and clear. You don’t need to utilize white sage. You could perhaps stroll round your nursery and pick the plants and leaves and twigs that you have a fondness with for. Bundle them together, tie them up with string, hang it up to dry in the circulating pantry for a week or thereabouts and presto! You have your own smudge stick.

🔸 Yet, interestingly, you ought to consistently inquire. You can ask your pendulum previously. Thus, you can say “Pendulum do you think you need a wash above all else?” and it will go yes. And afterward, you state “do you need something different after the washing?” and it will go yes. Furthermore, you state “do you need bonging? Do you need this?” Yes, no, truly, no, whatever. Record it and that at that point turns into your cleaning spell for your pendulum.



Ultimately, I needed to converse with you about getting your own book of shadows. Here is mine it is excellent. Cowhide. It has a decent pentacle on the front. Love it. Heaps of composing as should be obvious. A few pictures. It is a journal of all that I do as a witch so I record my spells in here, and there are heaps of them. Spell to heal, spell to cleanse. The greater part of them are illuminates helping individuals. Goodness, spell to oust devils, fascinating. I additionally record every one of my perceptions about what I have been up to as a witch. Also, it is an incredible reference point. There is additionally the arrangement, that in the event that you record something, your words make your plan a lot more grounded so your spells work better by keeping in touch with them down. Strange I know yet spells are totally done on plan. What’s more, this is an extraordinary method to make the purpose as clear as could be expected under the circumstances. Anyway, get yourself a beautiful book of shadows (Grimoire) and afterward you will feel like a real witch.

I want you to write down, how you cleansed your pendulum and how it made you feel. That is your job for this week, or until I manage to get my next article out.

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