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June nineteenth-twenty second

This year, the Summer Soltice falls on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in the Northern Hemisphere

Magical Yule to Our Witchy Friends in the Southern Hemisphere! Check out our Yule publish with Winter Solstice rituals and a tarot unfold.

Litha is the midsummer competition to have a good time the longest day of the year. We soak in the full heat of the solar, giving gratitude for its nourishment and life sustaining gentle. We take the time to acknowledge the abundance which surrounds us. Our faces are dappled with kisses from the solar. We lay in the plush grasses which might be rising rampant with wild flowers, absorbing the solar rays of the Solstice. Weaving flower crowns of intention, inserting flower choices on the earth, and dropping gems into the waters we honor this time of photo voltaic efficiency.

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Litha Rituals

To have a good time Litha I’ve many small rituals I’ve carried out with my household. Of course, this being the top of strawberry season, one among our rituals revolves round this juicy fruit. Our lovely valley farms are bursting with the candy dewdrops of strawberries. We like to select our personal at our favourite close by farm. When you go to assemble up these scrumptious little jewels, clear your thoughts. Pluck with intention in your actions. Be acutely aware of the solar in your again, the solar that nourished these berries in partnership with the earth. Feel the heat of the solar and thank it for nourishing you and the meals you eat.

It’s summer season! Let’s cool off from the warmth. Go to the waters. I stay inside strolling distance of the Mississippi river. It is the second most polluted river in the US and it lives as much as its nickname. It is muddy. The indigenous Ho Chunk Nation understood that a spot the place 3 rivers met was a sacred energy spot on the earth. The river was beloved and revered. Unfortunately our river right here is in no way revered anymore. The tradition round the river is all social gathering. But once we can, we go early in the morning for a quiet swim. Sometimes I like to supply the waters I frequent with a present of a crystal. I maintain the gemstone in my fingers, infuse it with gratitude and throw it into the water. Go to the waters. Whatever water is close to you, I hope it’s revered and beloved, be it lake, river, stream, waterfall, ocean, or bay. Go and really feel the therapeutic waters take each ache and emotional ache from you to carry you into the current. Close your eyes, float upon her waves and switch your face to the solar.

A couple of years in the past we hiked to a stream the place we gathered wildflowers and fallen twigs. We sat beneath the solar weaving flower crowns for one another. While we labored we meditated on the different particular person, wishing for them that they embody the gentle of the solar. We crafted a small boat from the twigs and foliage we had gathered. We despatched our needs down the water on our little boat. Instead of crafting a raft you possibly can merely float a flower down a river or stream. One for every want, intention or purpose that you’re casting for the summer season season.

The Summer Solstice is the excellent time to make a flower essence! Making medication with the solar is a phenomenal observe. That is what I did final year and you may examine my Litha ritual right here.

Today, go exterior to take in the solar’s lovely gentle. Feel it nourishing your physique and the physique of our mom earth. Reflect on what you may have carried out in the time from the Winter Solstice to now. How have you ever grown as the solar’s time in the sky grew. Do any of those solar soaked actions and rituals after which draw your playing cards in the solar’s full gentle.

Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

  1. How do you illuminate the world?
  2. What is abundantly rising for you?
  3. What do you need to give thanks for?

Litha Ritual and Tarot Spread PIN

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