Mabon 2021 – Celebrating the Second Harvest on the Fall Equinox


In 2021, Mabon falls on September 22, or the fall equinox because it’s recognized by in layman’s phrases.   This vacation has it’s origins relationship again round 2,000 years with our historic Celtic ancestors.  Unlike many different annual dates, the equinox happens at the similar second worldwide.  In 2021, this second is 1:20 PM MST in the Northern Hemisphere.  Mabon is the astrological begin of Autumn and a day when the mild and darkness are equal in size.  In reality, the phrase “equinox” originates with the Latin phrases “aequus” which suggests equal and “nox” which suggests night time.   It needs to be famous that the equinox doesn’t all the time happen on September twenty first; in some years it falls on the twenty first.

In the pagan world, Mabon is also called the Second Harvest and our ancestors would use this event to offer because of the Gods and Goddesses for offering ample assets at harvest.  The solely unlucky factor to notice on Mabon, is that after at the moment, the darker half of the year begins to overhaul the lighter half.  The daylight might be diminished as the chilly and dark reminder of winter begins to settle into the neighborhood.

mabon 2021

What You’ll Need For Our 2021 Mabon Ritual

This ritual is designed for a medium to massive sized group and is greatest carried out exterior round a beneficiant bonfire if circumstances in your space are permissible for open fires (test your state burning restrictions web sites and all the time use warning as the wildfire season shouldn’t be over simply but)

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), blue (west), green (north)  – as a facet notice, with very massive teams we use tiki-torches as an alternative of the candles; they’re much less prone to be blown out by the wind and they’re much extra seen by everybody
If attainable, use a really massive altar for this ceremony, so you’ll be able to enhance it copiously with contemporary harvested objects (some ideas are apples, pumpkins, squash, any remaining root greens, persimmons, pomegranates, pears, and late-seasonal herbs)
Basket with bulbs or seeds to share – these might be something you would like – Mabon is a good time to share the fruits of your labor
God/Goddess Candle (White)

From an administration standpoint, any portion of this ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols needs to be understood as tutorial notes and to not be spoken aloud.

Our 2021 Mabon Ritual Begins

<Have everybody collect round the fireplace and be silent earlier than continuing.>

“This circle cast, both wide and round, from the solid earth to the skies above is now a place deemed sacred ground – All are welcome, all are equal, no voice shall be silenced nor any opinion disregarded.  We are between the worlds.”


Turn to the East; the route Air and the origin of nice instinct; the invisible but highly effective realm of the skies and clouds; the nice energy of the wind cascades throughout the panorama loosening and spreading the final of the seeds, clearing the storm clouds in order that the illumination of the moon could peek by way of and shine ethereal mild upon us all; for this and a lot extra, we honor you and bid you welcome to this circle. <mild yellow candle>


Turn to the South; the route of Fire and origin of the nice forges of creation; the flames that provide each creation and destruction; the balancing energy of taking and giving and finally releasing that which is transformational and magickal in order that we who inhabit this world could have our eyes broad open to the prospects and possibilities of the days of the future; for this and a lot extra, we honor you and bid you welcome to this circle.  <mild red candle>


Turn now to the West; the route of Water and the portal of the eternal fountain of life; the crystal clear wetness that sustains life; the nice cleaning drive that washes away the dust and dirt of a thousand lifetimes, filtering and directing an limitless movement of fresh water to quench our thirst, enrich our fields, and clear that which has accrued particles; for this and a lot extra, we honor you and bid you welcome to this circle.   <mild blue candle>


And eventually we glance tot he North; the route of Earth and a number of all issues each natural and inorganic; the constructing blocks of that which we all know as life; the fertile soil, foliage, nuts, berries, herbs, and forests teeming with wildlife all are introduced collectively to maintain humankind and supply the foundation for future generations; for this and a lot extra, we honor you and bid you welcome to our circle.  <mild green candle>

Gods & Goddesses

We look skyward to supply excessive praises to the Gods and Goddesses of all folks’s, all civilizations, and all origins; for on this circle we don’t declare to know that which is unknown to humankind, nor can we want to elevate one deity over one other.  Instead we solely provide our most profound and humble thanks for the many blessings which were bestowed upon us.  We stand right here tonight providing reward to you for the seeds which you’ve allowed to rise from the soil to supply fruits and grains for us to eat; for the wind and water and plentiful rays of sunshine.  We reward you for offering every of us a pathway to enlightenment.  We thanks for bringing us collectively and being current in our circle as we have a good time this night time.  <mild God/Goddess candle>

Hail! and a hearty welcome to all who collect!


Tonight we collect underneath the mild of the waning gibbous Harvest Moon to have a good time Mabon, the second of the three nice harvest festivals.  On this equinox, Night and Day are as soon as once more in good equilibrium; masculine and female energies are in concord; there’s steadiness with all issues.

Musical Interlude

Music is an integral a part of all rituals, whether or not for elevating vitality or as a prelude to elevating our glasses in a toast.  so, with out additional hesitation, we current one among the traditional Mabon songs, by Lisa Thiel known as – Mabon (Autumn Equinox)

Mabon – The Second Harvest

To the uninitiated, the phrase “Second Harvest” probably refers to meals pantry or possibly one thing else.  To the devoted, it refers the the second of three annual harvests, which date again 1000’s of years and the precise feast of Thanksgiving.  In August, when the summer season solar continues to be excessive in the sky and the air it scorching and thick with the humidity of the season, the first harvest takes place.  We have a good time Lammas on August 1st, and the harvesting of the grain.  Grains equivalent to wheat, barley, rye and others are lower, winnowed and put away to supply bread, ale, and beer by way of the winter months.  As the summer season begins wane and the nights begin to reveal a chill, harvesting begins for the conventional storage crops that are related to Mabon.

The cycle of the wheel is shifting in the direction of its annual completion as we harvest the potatoes, squash, pumpkins, onions, and root greens from the soil.  We additionally pluck the juicy apples, pears, persimmons, and any remaining berries from the timber and vines.  Also the corn and hay are lower and put into storage to feed the animals all through the winter months.  The sap from the timber begins to return again to roots deep in the earth, altering the green of summer season to the flaming reds, oranges, and golds of autumn.  It’s additionally the time to dig medicinal roots to be dried for combating sickness and illness throughout the instances of chilly.  Dandelion, horseradish, valerian, and lots of different roots might be at their peak power now, as the vegetation above floor start to die.   Each day the gathering and processing reminds us that the Gods and Goddesses have blessed us and are offering for our future.

With a lot gratitude to be shared, it’s apparent that Mabon is the true Thanksgiving, no matter what fashionable calendars attempt to inform us in any other case.  There might be feasting and sharing on this night time and tables will overflow with potatoes and onions, roasted meat and sport birds, contemporary herbs might be added for coloration and taste to boiled corn, snapped beans, and mushrooms.  Pumpkins and squash might be cooked all the way down to make deserts and pies, with dried fruit and molasses added to sweeten the combine.  All of those scrumptious meals objects are inherently and without end linked to the second harvest of Mabon.  If that alone isn’t proof sufficient, then ask your self who’s working the land in late November?  No reply is critical.

At this level, we’d prefer to take a couple of moments to fellowship and open up dialog on being grateful.  Everyone is grateful for the meals, however that isn’t the solely factor.  So I ask each one among you, “What are you thankful for?”

<the ritual chief makes use of this time to go round the circle and have everybody say one thing aloud that they’re grateful for>

<Once everybody has shared their thanks – the chief ought to recite this prayer>

Mabon Prayer of Thanksgiving

On at the present time of steadiness

When mild dances with darkness

In good and pure perfection

When the fields are exhibiting their traces

Dark furrows left by the blades of plows

Tall rows of corn now lower and saved

Vines dark and drying in the daylight

Trees surrendering their treasured leaves

Herbs now hanging inside to dry

Pumpkins and squash curing

All issues sorted and as they need to be

Smiles are evident all through the land


For the earth has offered as soon as once more

And the winter shall be tolerable

With full bellies

And sufficient to share with the neighborhood

We should look skyward

Raise our arms

And give praises upon excessive

For that which we’ve got acquired

Blessed Be!

Spiritual Review and Looking Ahead

The season of Mabon will quickly give method to the season of relaxation and restoration.  We’ve spent lengthy hours tilling and toiling with crops and livestock to make sure the icy spear of winter shall not discover a sufferer on this neighborhood.  Our our bodies are in want of relaxation and our souls in want of peaceable reflection.  I ask every of you to take inventory in  your lives and consider all that you simply’ve completed this year.  Do not get caught in the perception that the fruits of your labor are all that issues.  Look inside your self on a religious stage and assessment the steps you’ve taken to develop and if you’re feeling lapse, what you continue to have to work on.  Winter will quickly be upon us as soon as once more and now’s the time to begin one other chapter of your life and to filter out and let go that which is now not needed or wanted.  With a transparent thoughts and full bellies from our harvests, we are able to use the winter for peaceable reflection and planning.  And regardless of the frozen floor and chilling temperatures forward, we are able to nonetheless plant one thing; the seeds of recent hope.

May the subsequent flip of the Wheel deliver us love and compassion, abundance and prosperity, fertility and life; as the moon above, so the earth beneath.

Closing the Mabon Circle

Great spirits of Earth, we can not measure the worth of that which you present us with, not more than we might depend the timber in the forest.  We can solely give thanks.  Thank you for the soil, wealthy with vitamins from the decaying matter of a technology handed.  Thank you for the mighty timber, for his or her shade in the warmth of summer season, for his or her lumber when we have to construct, and for the lifeless branches for use as gasoline to warmth our properties.  Thank you for the stones that line our wells, grind our grain,  and shore up our foundations,  Thank you for the roots and herbs from which we make tonics and therapeutic poultices.  Thank you for the golden solar and the mild that coaxes all dwelling issues to achieve for the skies.  But most of all, thanks for caring about humankind and guaranteeing the race perseveres. <extinguish green candle>

Great spirits of Water, we’re without end humbled by your generosity.  Thank you for the chilly mountain ponds, teeming with fish beneath and fowl on the floor.  Thank for the limitless working streams that deliver a provide of contemporary ingesting water to nourish our our bodies and the our bodies of our kids and animals.  Thanks you for the nice oceans and all that they supply.  Thank you for humidity and airborne moisture to maintain green leaves from curling and skins from drying.  Thank you for caring about the human race and offering the assist to everybody all the time. <extinguish blue candle>

Great spirits of Fire, we’re perpetually in awe of your nice energy.  Thank you for exhibiting us the method to transport this most treasured reward from place to put.  Thank you for an all-encompassing supply of warmth, mild, heat, radiance, consolation, and magick.  Thank you in your nice lesson on balancing creation and destruction and giving us the time to study and grasp the abilities essential to be a very good steward of this best reward of all.  <extinguish red candle>

Great spirits of Air, we’re mesmerized by the superb energy of all that you simply do.  Thank you for making a belief amongst all people and the understanding that simply because we can not see one thing, that doesn’t imply it’s no there.  We thanks for the prevailing winds that cool our pores and skin on a scorching summer season day.  Thank you for the turbulent breezes that elevate and provides life to the dancing leaves which rise from the forest flooring.  Thank you for carrying the misplaced phrases of our ancestors to and from the spirit world, in order that we could always remember the knowledge they possess.  Thank you in your pure cleaning perfection.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Gods and Goddesses, thanks in your abundance, your knowledge and the unconditional love shared with us this night time in our sacred house.  Thank you for exhibiting us how one can obtain steadiness in our lives; night time and day; female and male; summer season and winter.  <extinguish God/Goddess candle>

And so the wheel turns…blessed be!


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