Mabon Ritual 2022 – A Great Celebration of the Second Harvest


Mabon, the second harvest and the true Thanksgiving feast. Tonight we’re at an ideal midway level. The solar was at it’s peak of Litha and shall be at its low throughout Yule. Today the mild and the darkness are in concord. A stability the fashionable world known as the vernal equinox or fall equinox. We are solely gifted two such nights every year. Tonight and on Ostara, the spring equinox. From this evening ahead, the days shall shrink and the nights change into longer and longer till the deep darkness of winter units in.

This year, the fall equinox will likely be Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 7:04 P.M. MST. Next year it’s going to happen on the twenty third. The vernal equinox happens concurrently round the globe. Adjust from Mountain Time to pinpoint the actual time in your space. In America, the vernal equinox is taken into account the official first day of autumn. Our ancestors would collect collectively and have fun on Mabon because it occurred throughout the peak harvesting interval of the most necessary harvests of the year. Key survival meals had been harvested and put into storage for the winter throughout this time of the year. This included apples, onions, potatoes, pears, corn, carrots, turnips, laborious squash, cabbage, and lots of extra.

Our Mabon ritual for 2022 focuses on Mother Earth, giving thanks, and sharing good instances with our kin our buddies and our clan.

If you propose on internet hosting a gaggle to carry out this Mabon ritual, know upfront the following. It is a feast/drink inclusive ritual. Inform your friends to carry a dish to go that may be served outdoors. You will want a bigger area than your conventional alter to position the meals & drink (don’t neglect drinks) on. Their is a listing of gadgets to collect for the ceremony (as written).

mabon ritual 2022

Mabon Ritual 2022 Preparations

This ritual is designed for a a small to medium-sized group and is greatest carried out outdoors round a beneficiant bonfire. Please bear in mind of native circumstances for fireplace security and be vigilant throughout the ceremony.

What gadgets you’ll want to gather for this Mabon ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), green (north), blue (west)
A bounty of meals gadgets for the altar (apples, squash, root greens, persimmons, pomegranates, pears, potatoes, onions, and so on.)
Baskets and Bottles (meals and drinks to share / fall themed)
A Rose, a protracted crystal (white most well-liked), a leafy department, a feather, and a sturdy stick that may be burned on one finish
Goddess Candle (White)
Mabon Candle (Gold)

This ritual requires a ritual chief and an assistant. Instructions are proven in italic and in addition bracketed by these <> symbols. They are to not be spoken aloud, relatively for use to facilitate the actions and elements of the ceremony. 

Our Mabon Ritual Begins

<Instead of solely utilizing a Wand or Athame in the casting of the circle, this ritual makes use of completely different objects for every route. See additional directions under. As you level, flip and face every of the instructions whereas creating the circle, ask all contributors to show in the route, following your lead. For the God/Goddess introductions, level in direction of the sky> <Call all attendees to affix you in a circle round the bonfire and ask for silence earlier than starting>

I solid this circle spherical and spherical from earth to sky, from sky to floor. I conjure now this sacred area, outdoors of time, outdoors of place.  The circle is now solid; we’re between the worlds.

Calling the Quarters

East <use the feather as your wand>

Our journey begins in the East, the route of Air and the rising solar. We name upon the spirits to affix us on this evening of stability, celebration, and fellowship. This feather is a logo of the nice energy of air. As we commune with the spirits, we’re renewed in spirit as we ascend greater and better upon the invisible to find new methods to advance our personal self-growth and produce a recent perspective to our creativeness. <the assistant lights the yellow candle> 

South <use a burning stick from the firepit as your wand>

Next, we flip our consideration to the South, the route of Fire and the mid-day solar. Our collective welcome, we provide to the spirits dynamic and untamed vitality. The flames of red, orange, and gold are spilling their coloration throughout the lands as we the threshers and reapers work the fields and bushes. We are victorious in our quests to offer and put together. And though our bodily selves toil, our minds are engaged in the actions of our youth, preserving our spirits younger and our hearts full of love.  <the assistant lights the red candle>

West <use a transparent or blue/green crystal as your wand>

Your consideration to the West, as we flip to the route of Water and the setting solar. We humbly request the presence of the spirits to cleanse and purify every of us and this sacred area of gathering. As we join with the morning dew, drink from the mighty river, and bow our heads in the fields as the light rains fall, our admiration continues to develop. The west is the route which signify autumn and the world getting ready to relaxation. As the nights develop longer, the knowledge of releasing the previous and embracing the future shall change into extra evident and necessary.  <the assistant lights the blue candle>

North <use a leafy department as your wand>

Now flip to the North, the route of Earth and guiding mild of the moon. All creatures that make the floor, department, and cave their house are welcome to affix us in fellowship and celebration. For now could be the time to focus our magick on protecting and grounding rites as the darkness will quickly be upon us. Share the logic of creation, the mind of choice and the knowledge of each phrases and silence; for quickly the time of restoration will likely be upon us and we will deal with our non secular development.  <assistant lights the green candle>

Goddess <use a rose as your wand>

Great Goddess, as we peer upward into the nice unknown, we’ve got no concern, for you’re all the time with us. Protecting our our bodies towards the parts, shielding us from the arrows and blades of our enemies, and offering for us that which we want however to not extra. As we collect to share on this Mabon ritual, our thanksgiving is absolute and full. We re grateful for the harvest and realizing that we will survive to see one other summer season. For it’s by your grace that we stroll in the footsteps of our ancestors and it’s by your love that we’re capable of share with each other. For are endlessly grateful.<assistant lights the White Goddess candle>

Hail every person and an excellent welcome to our Mabon ritual !

<The gold candle will likely be used deeper into the ceremony>

Mabon Ritual 2022


The sky is a pure masterpiece as all the time. The moon is however a fractional sliver, three nights till new. The twinkling stars and clear skies will quickly yield to the grey and cloudy. As we get pleasure from this final evening of summer season in good firm to have fun the second of the three nice harvest festivals. But, earlier than we start our journey into the origins of Mabon, we’ll get pleasure from a bit of music.

Musical Interlude

The track chosen for tonight isn’t particular to Mabon, or perhaps a track of thanksgiving. It is nonetheless a rousing and uplifting track that can take you again to the days when the world was youthful and nonetheless full of thriller. The title is The Circle and the band known as Blackmore’s Night (pictured above). This track simply begs you to bounce round the fireplace. It begins in historical world, pulling you into a spot of your visions, and from there you collect pace, transferring throughout time and area into the fashionable world. Prepare to have your vitality raised! <assistant performs the track in the technique of their selecting>

Mabon: The Celtic God of the Harvest

The time period Mabon has been used to mark the celebration of the fall equinox for simply over 50 years. The celebration itself passed off for hundreds of years with out a identify. The historical Celts would collect collectively, with the ladies and youngsters coming down from the pastureland and the males in from the fields. They would feast and supply thanksgiving for the profitable harvest. As the completely different neo-pagan teams grew in the western world, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there started a formalization of the Sabbats. The identify matches completely

The Welsh Celtic God of Light, Death, and Resurrection was named Mabon. He was the son of Modron who was known as “The Great Mother,” an Earth Goddess probably the historical model of Mother Nature. In the historical writings, he was generally known as the “Divine One” and “The Great Son.” Those tales additionally inform the account of Mabon being snatched from his cradle at solely three days outdated. He was taken to the otherworld however was rescued and returned to his Mother’s loving arms. This otherworld was situated inside of her womb. The duality made Mabon the oldest and youngest of the Gods. The immortal that glows with the embodiment of youth. As a lot in the mild as in the darkness, he’s the residing embodiment of stability. Balance, equality, the second the place all the pieces appears to be correctly.

So, as we’re gathered beneath the dark sky, we should carry stability to our sacred area. For this, we will mild a gold candle, and it’s mild shall serve to stability the dark of evening.  <assistant lights gold candle>

mabon ritual 2022

Mabon – The Second Harvest

Tomorrow we welcome Autumn with all of its colourful glory. As summer season fades for yet one more flip of the wheel, we’re feeling blessed. The solar was sizzling and excessive in the sky. Some rain fell, however we had been by no means in need for water. Crops flourished; some gave us a bit of fear, however these late bloomers weren’t left behind. We reduce and clipped, dug and washed, wrapped and stacked, till our cellars had been bursting and our cabinets full. This is the present of the second harvest.

Three instances every summer season. Three nice harvests. The first is the harvest of the grain at Lammas. The second is Mabon, after we decide the fruit, collect the laborious squashes and pumpkins, and dig the turnips, potatoes, and onions. We reduce the corn, decide and dry the herbs, pickle, pack, and protect all that we will. And the final harvest is Samhain, the Celtic New Year, and after we harvest the mints, roots, the forest herbs and the final of the row crops.

The celebration of Mabon is the celebration of Thanksgiving; a time when all the pieces was recent from the discipline and harvesting was occurring regularly. The second harvest is the most necessary because it the supply of most of the meals for the winter. And even with the significance being such, everybody stopped on the Equinox to supply due to the Gods and the Goddesses for the presents which they had been receiving. Although instances are a lot completely different now, being grateful stays the identical. We are gathered right here collectively tonight to collectively supply due to all the pieces and something.

Ask yourselves what are you grateful for? I’m grateful for …… <ritual chief ought to reply this honestly. Such as I’m grateful for my great associate or I’m grateful for getting a brand new job>

<the ritual chief then walks round the circle, talking instantly to every particular person, asking them “what are you thankful for?” >

So many great issues and a lot gratitude. The energy of love and kindness has stuffed our circle and the vitality is magic! Now be part of me and lift your fingers to the sky. <The ritual chief ought to communicate the prayer loudly and with ardour – both memorize it or have the assistant maintain up a replica on paper>

Thanksgiving Prayer

Great Gods, Great Goddesses,
It is with continued admiration,
A joyful and prepared coronary heart,
And the deepest of respect
That we your humble servants
Do supply our deepest Thank You
For your guiding love
And your countless giving
For your teachings and care
Protection and preservation
And full forgiveness
With love in our hearts
Blessed be!

mabon ritual 2022

Thanksgiving – Sharing Food and Drink

<if having meals or drink will likely be an issue, you’ll be able to skip this portion>

Autumn is upon us. The harvest is sort of full. Soon the herds will likely be introduced house to winter. We’ll have milk and meat for the winter. The grain is already secured. Cellars are filling with the bounty of the roots and vines. Split department piled excessive for the fireplace. Trees will likely be picked and powerful drinks will likely be fermented. We relish in the thought of our bellies fats and our thirst quenched.

But we aren’t right here to assume of the future. Tonight we feast and we drink and we sing songs about our ancestors and dance round the nice bonfire. We make the nice noise of a contented gathering with pleasure in our hearts.

<Share your refreshments – remind everybody to remain in the circle>

The Mabon Ritual 2022 Comes to an End – Closing Circle

North <use a leafy department as your wand>

As our Mabon ritual involves a detailed, we depart renewed and replenished. We look to the North, the place the evening skies by no means finish and the spirits of Earth make their approach house. A nice thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest. We stay up for the months forward when the fields are barren however our properties are overgrown with safety of life.  <assistant extinguishes the green candle>

West <use a transparent or blue/green crystal as your wand>

Now flip your eyes to the West, as we bid night to the spirits of water, we really feel an ideal rush of vitality. A last cleaning of our non secular selves as they circulate away. As we start autumn, we will spend extra time with the water spirits, for that is their season. We always remember the classes of water and the protections it offers.  <the assistant lights the blue candle>

South <use a burning stick from the firepit as your wand>

Next, we flip our consideration to the South and bid farewell to the spirits of Fire. Our thanks has no bounds for the nice present of fireplace. As we put together for winter, the present grows in worth and makes the distinction between life and one thing different. For each heat house, ever cooked meal, and each mild in a darkened room, we are saying thanks.  <the assistant extinguishes the red candle>

East <use the feather as your wand>

Where it started, additionally so it finish. We take a last look to the East and stand inflexible as the nice spirits of air wander between us, earlier than gathering pace and taking pictures skyward. We are motivated and we’re prepared to complete the last steps of the journey earlier than settling down for a time of meditation, studying, processing, and planning. The nice wheel continues to show and we proceed to evolve with it. <the assistant extinguishes the yellow candle> 

Mabon <use the rose as your wand>

Great God Mabon, allow us to all the time bear in mind the lesson of stability that was strengthened right here this evening. All issues work as they need to when they’re in good concord. We shall use the remaining evening to ponder and contemplate these issues which elevate questions. <the assistant extinguishes gold candle>

Goddess <use a rose as your wand>

Great Goddess, as our Mabon ritual involves a detailed, we once more discover ourselves peering upward into the nice unknown. Our questions are many, however our sense of urgency is calm. We perceive that data is the truest type of knowledge, so we select to knowingly immerse ourselves in the methods of the forest and the fowl. We watch and take heed to the wind and the bushes. Our senses are sharpened by the scent of the smoke, the thickness of the ice, and the moss on the tree. For all of these, we’re grateful. As the deep winter comes, then shall our time to assume and ponder, develop. Guide us as we take that journey of understanding.  <assistant extinguishes the White Goddess candle>

The circle is now open, to all I bid farewell !


mabon ritual 2022

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