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Autumn Equinox: Mabon

2020 Autumn Equinox will happen Tuesday, September twenty second at 6:30 a.m. Pacific Time

Mabon is the second harvest competition. A time to reap what you’ve got sown, whether or not meaning crops of meals or metaphorically. Day and evening cling in the stability as we start our descent in the direction of the cooler months, leaving the heat behind us. We embrace the transition throughout this time of equal gentle and dark, of masculine and female, to search out stability in all facets of our lives.

A Time of Rest and Gratitude

Go exterior and spot the shifts going down. The leaves are starting to alter and the winds are shifting from heat breezes to chill gusts. Enjoy these final fleeting days of fine climate. The humid warmth is behind us and we will put together to convey out the sweaters and wool socks quickly. But for now we dwell in a liminal time. The climate now could be the excellent compromise. I at all times really feel relaxed and clear headed going into the Autumn season. It is my favourite time of year. It is a time to be glad about all that surrounds you. To return gratitude to the earth in trade for the bountiful nourishing fruits that she provides us so generously. We relaxation and mirror on what we’ve labored laborious to convey to life, what internal presents have blossomed since the Spring Equinox. While we additionally look in the direction of the cool months of peace and relaxation with hope for brand spanking new dormant seeds to be held in our hearts till springtime comes once more.

baskets of ripe red raspberries in a farm field in the fall
Mabon is the second harvest, a time to collect berries and different fruit.

A Time to Harvest

During this second harvest time we collect raspberries, apples, and squash. I don’t have land for rising meals however we do have many farms that supply decide your individual apples. It is a lot enjoyable wandering the orchard collectively, choosing out the juiciest wanting fruit, and naturally stopping in the barn for a slice of apple pie after the baskets are full. On forest walks it’s possible you’ll discover rose hips, elderberries and blackberries. Harvest if you want, go away sufficient for the animals who dwell there and keep in mind that the seed that’s wanted for brand spanking new development lives in the fruit. (Also don’t poison your self!)

You can also wish to put together the medication cupboard together with your winter herbs and medicines. Drying your crops and getting your arms busy with making ready syrups and oxymels to nourish us for the lengthy dark nights to return.

Mabon Ritual

A easy ritual to honor the Autumn Equinox is to construct an altar for the season. Place golden leaves, sunflowers, apples, rose hips, elderberries, acorns, nuts, seeds and anything that feels proper to you on a tree stump exterior. Add one black candle and one white to your altar, representing the stability of the equinox. Sit in entrance of your altar and light-weight the black candle, visualizing one thing you want to let go of. Light the white candle and visualize what you want to manifest. Sit in entrance of your Mabon altar to meditate on the cooler months forward. When you’re completed, omit the apples and nuts for the wildlife. Leave it as a shrine to nature. You can revisit and replenish as the wheel turns to Samhain. Giving presents to the birds, deer and squirrels, and to the nature spirits.

Mabon Tarot Spread

  1. What do you must be glad about?
  2. What am I harvesting?
  3. The adverse or dark facet that’s revealing itself this season?
  4. What good will been shined on throughout this transition?

About the Wheel of The Year

Wheel of the Year pagan watercolor (c) 2018 TianaThe wheel of the year is a spherical of festivals that remember the cyclical nature of the Earth. The wheel of the year integrates festivals from many historical cultures. Living your life in accordance with the seasons and rhythms of nature will assist convey you into stability and go away you feeling in tune together with your non linear, cyclical self. Learn about all the different festivals on the wheel of the year in the Learning Center.

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