Mammon the Queen of Pentacles

“Mammon in the New Testament of the Bible is commonly thought to mean money, material wealth, or any entity that promises wealth, and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. The Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke both quote Jesus using the word in a phrase often rendered in English as “You cannot serve both God and mammon.” In the Middle Ages it was typically personified and typically included in the seven princes of Hell. Mammon in Hebrew means “money”. The phrase was adopted to trendy Hebrew to imply wealth…”




In my very own deck, I’ve granted Mammon the Queen of Pentacles tarot card. Mammon is one other of the seven princes of Hell. He is related to one of the seven sins apportioned to those spirits – that of greed. This demon makes individuals turn into obsessive about the accumulation of materials wealth to the level the place they sin. Like the different seven princes of Hell, Mammon’s workplace is malevolent as per the nefarious nature of greed.

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The Queen of Pentacles is a tarot which could be present in the Minor Arcana deck. When this card happens upright in a studying it’s often interpreted to imply abundance of funds amongst others. If it’s reversed the card often means monetary independence or battle at the office or at house. This card is per the workplace of Mammon as a result of the demon is synonymous with the amassing of materials wealth resulting in abundance.

This tarot card exhibits a royal feminine who’s seated on a throne. This throne has a number of decorations equivalent to engravings and carvings throughout it. The queen holds a coin in her hand which she seems at intently. There are numerous animals and crops throughout the foreground and background that encompass her as nicely – of these the most vital is a rabbit which prances about at the toes of the queen.

Sensual pleasures can be discerned from observing the Queen of Pentacles. Firstly, the physique posture which the royal feminine adopts is indicative of an individual who’s relaxed in the satisfaction that her wants are catered to. This is evidenced by her loving gaze coupled with the lush environment wherein she is seated – there isn’t a indicator of any strife throughout the card. Both the foreground and background present wealthy endowments all through.

It is noteworthy that these decorations all point out a way of abundance. Some of the symbols which can be carved on the queen’s throne embrace fruits, angels, animals, and different harvests. The coin which she holds additionally signifies this abundance. The queen’s loving gaze in direction of the coin exhibits her nurturing aspect which per the feminine nature. The rabbit is an indicator of fertility as rabbits are recognized to breed quickly.


The Demon

Mammon is one other of the fallen angels who’s categorized as one of the seven princes of Hell. He is liable for tempting human mortals with greed for materials wealth. In biblical accounts, wealth is related to evil as a result of it influences human beings to commit different deviant acts. For this cause, Mammon is talked about severally inside biblical accounts as being a tempting affect for mankind.

Mammon has a moderately humanly look in the majority of depictions – some accounts nonetheless give him a monstrous look equivalent to glowing eyes and leathery pores and skin. However, his countenance is considerably unnerving as constant along with his demonic nature. He is often proven clutching a bag of cash to point his affiliation with materials wealth. There are not any mentions of whether or not he assumes some other look in addition to this.

This demon undoubtedly has Jewish origins though his true identification has since been misplaced to historical past. The phrase “Mammon” is Semitic for wealth, riches, or monetary abundance. He is talked about in each the Old and New Testaments. Among the biblical books which make point out of this demon are Matthew and Luke. The demon can be talked about in the Talmud legends. There is little different info which is offered concerning his previous earlier than falling from grace.

Note – there are not any mentions of whether or not this demon is benevolent, malevolent, or detached in direction of human mortals. He ought to due to this fact be handled with warning particularly by inexperienced conjurors.


The Message

I imagine that regardless of his flaws, Mammon is a demon whose talents could be leveraged by the magican. Given that he tempts individuals with greed for materials possessions, it stands to cause that he’s succesful of making one aggressive in the pursuit of their targets. In this fashion, the demon makes it doable for one to get forward in life by amassing wealth and different materials sources. He can be used to focus on the enemies of the magican by inciting them into wrongdoing.

If the tarot studying was upright, one ought to count on constructive outcomes. The implication right here is that the topic of the studying stands to profit from monetary abundance or success elsewhere. Alternatively, they could undertake a sensible strategy in direction of their actions thereby rising the probability of success. The topic of the studying might also turn into extra nurturing of their methods resulting in a healthful household life and relationships.

If the studying was reversed nonetheless, there may be the implication of threat. For occasion, one can count on some battle to return their approach in the close to future. Another of the outcomes related to a reversed studying is monetary independence – that is clearly a fascinating consequence because it exhibits the particular person will expertise abundances. The different consequence of the reversed studying is self-care which can even be fascinating because it exhibits one prioritizing themselves.

The outcomes related to these readings could be anticipated to look inside a week or so. During this time, it is necessary to not get overly excited. You ought to at all times tread rigorously in the case of these spirits as a result of of their superlative information and nuance of the approach the universe works. Nevertheless, the Queen of Pentacles nearly at all times portends nicely as seen in each the upright and reversed readings.




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