Money Attraction Spell using a Green Figure Candle



In sorcery, one other magical system you most likely know I observe, there may be a full ritual that we carry out for Juno/Jupiter. Still, if we’re doing a candle magic spell on the altar, there are a few little shoutouts to Jupiter I wish to say. One is a prayer and the opposite is an incantation. Modify each as you want will use these as inspiration to start your personal chant or prayer;

“Ancient Juno/Jupiter, Listen to my prayer, I need you, I need your energy to help me create a wealthier life. I am worthy of receiving your blessings. Money will make me appreciate my life more and I will be ready to open myself up to gratitude and positivity…So mote it be”
Chant this at the very least 3 instances with intention, visualizing the runes from the candle spreading a green mild and vitality, and visualize your self already having the cash and the wealth you might be wishing for.

For the prayer, that is quite simple however I actually prefer it:
Jupiter Optimus Maximus
Jupiter, finest and best
From your seat above the sky
Look right down to me.
Smell the candy scent rising to you.
Hear the Holy phrases reaching to you.
Answer my prayer most Holy One.

Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by BWS

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