Moon Water – How to Make, Store, and Use It

Moon Water – How to Make, Store, and Use It


Moon water is water that has been charged, or allowed to take in lunar vitality.  The strongest moon water is made on the night time of a full moon.  Generally, moon water can be utilized in many alternative methods together with spell making, cleaning rituals, and extra.  You also can make intention-particular moon water throughout totally different phases of the moon.  At the tip of this text is a chart which exhibits among the specifics of various phases of the moon, to your reference.  Also there’s a part under which covers particular makes use of of moon water.

Making Moon Water – What You Need to Know Before Starting

Making your personal moon water isn’t tough, nevertheless there are some things you want to know earlier than beginning.  These are suggestions and not by any means exhausting and quick guidelines.  There is not any proper or mistaken means, however there are basic understandings that you just want to know, particularly if you’re new to the craft.

Use a glass container that has been correctly cleaned and sterilized.  Clear is preferable, nevertheless utilizing coloured glass is appropriate, so long as it’s clear and will permit the lunar rays to sufficiently penetrate the container.  Some folks advocate both glass or silver, however there are dangers related to utilizing silver, particularly if you’re planning on ingesting the water.  If you’re making a big batch in an open bowl (an older, purist sort of course of), ensure you place the bowl in a spot the place animals or bugs gained’t have entry to it.

The sort and supply of water you employ has a direct affect on the shelf-lifetime of the moon water and can impression what you in the end use it for.  If you will have entry to a pure supply of transferring water, akin to a stream or river, this water is taken into account an excellent alternative.  It already has pure vitality to start with.  There are a couple of drawbacks that it’s best to think about although. Running water might have undesirable micro organism or different undesirable parts that will exclude it from being drinkable.  Also, those self same contaminants will dramatically minimize down on the shelf-lifetime of the completed product and you might even see algae development.  You might boil it beforehand, however that will additionally eradicate its pure vitality.  Tap water or because it’s generally known as, ‘city water’, is protected to drink, however the time period protected is extremely subjective.  There shall be chemical substances within the water, which could make it undesirable to be used in spell work or different magick.  Another supply is rain water, however keep in mind that rain water isn’t pure water.  There are chemical substances within the environment that might contaminate it. Distilled or bottled water will give you the longest shelf life.

The Process

Once you’ve collected your vessel, determined in your alternative of water supply, and deliberate a time for making your moon water, the work is usually finished.  The subsequent step is to put the water exterior in a spot the place it’ll obtain the utmost quantity of moonlight.  Depending in your private beliefs, you might have considered trying to say an incantation or different phrases over the vessel.  Some practitioners might also select to put a protecting circle across the vessel earlier than starting.  Once the moon has set, retrieve the vessel and retailer it appropriately.  Some folks select to retailer their moon water within the fridge to enhance the shelf life.  That once more, is an alternative choice that the person should weigh.

As beforehand talked about, essentially the most potent moon water is made below a full moon.  There are some variations that you may want to think about.  Some practitioners consider that you would be able to supercharge your water by placing your vessel out for 3 consecutive nights when the moon is full, not simply the height night time.  If you intend to observe this follow, be sure you deliver it in every morning earlier than dawn and maintain it in a dark place in the course of the daytime.  Many witches consider that if you happen to depart it out within the daylight, it’ll successfully cancel out the cost from the moonlight.  Consult a dependable moon-part calendar to decide the date and time of any particular part you’d like to cost you water below, do you have to select to take that route.

Once you’ve accomplished your chosen charging session, switch the water out of your bowl to a clear sterile container, ideally one that doesn’t have a steel cap/lid.  Glass bottles with a cork stopper are a good selection.  Moon water can be used for spell work, particularly love spells or spells which want a charging factor.

Adding Things to Your Moon Water

Be extraordinarily cautious about what you add to your moon water, exterior of water itself.  Dried herbs may appear to be a good suggestion, however they’re natural and will decay.  That decaying matter will make the water unusable for a lot of actions.  Adding salt or utilizing crystals/stones within the course of must be finished with excessive care.  Some crystals will break down in water and will render the water toxic.  Salt is normally protected, however ensure they’re from a dependable supply.  Many witches have a number of styles of salt of their possession and the origins aren’t at all times identified.  Don’t use rock salt (halite) that’s generally offered as ice soften.  For reference, these widespread crystals must be saved out of water are: Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Celestite, Fluorite, and Ammolite.

moon water
Selenite Wand

Uses for Moon Water

Your completed product has a number of makes use of, however keep in mind that this record will not be exhaustive.  Remember that you would be able to select to use moon water for no matter you need, even when that use is washing your canine.  The most typical use is for cleaning, each to your bodily house (akin to your home or sacred house) or your physique.  Some folks dilute their completed product and clear their home with it, whereas others add it to a twig bottle to refresh their house.  A twig bottle can be used to mist houseplants, herbs, and different residing objects.  Many witches add moon water to their tub, particularly prior to rituals.  Watercolor artists have added it to their art work.  Mothers can rub a couple of drops on their youngsters to assist loosen up them and encourage studying.

If you’ve used protected or potable water, strive including a couple of drops to meals, drinks, espresso or tea to give your self a refreshing decide me up.  You also can add some to your pets water dish.  Some folks make ice cubes from it. Moon water can be utilized to clear and cost your magickal instruments if you’re unable to put them exterior below the moonlight itself; this can be a good factor if you happen to dwell in a really chilly local weather.  Don’t need your wand buried below a pile of snow, then strive charging it inside with somewhat moon water.  You can add some to recent flower association to delay their life.

The selections are infinite on how one can incorporate it into your every day life.  If you’ve ever heard the assertion that moon water is an absolute important to the witches toolkit, now you may see why.  Moonlight is an incredible vitality supply, one like no different.  It’s available and simple to get hold of, so there’s no cause why you shouldn’t be making the most of that truth.

Phases of the Moon

As talked about beforehand, totally different phases of the moon are related to particular factor.  If you need to discover the totally different associations, under is a brief record of among the main connections with totally different phases.  Moon water made below a Blood Moon or Blue Moon is particularly highly effective.  Never miss out on an opportunity to make some on these uncommon and particular nights.

New Moon – Traditionally related to new beginnings, divination, and self care.

First Quarter Moon – Associated with motion, relationships, and creativity.

Full Moon – The strongest time of the lunar cycle.  The full moon is related to manifestation, socialization, and communication.  It can be related to ceremony.  Ceremony is a broad time period, however simple to perceive.  Many witches or covens collect on the height night time of a full moon every month to cleanse and clear detrimental vitality in addition to to do spell work below the highly effective lunar vitality.

Third Quarter Moon – Associated with Shadow work, cleaning, and introspection.  Shadow work is private work.  It’s a time to face your personal demons or issues and come to phrases with them in order to permit you to transfer ahead in your private religious development.  Many of those are traumas or different dark occasions, which hand around in the shadowy elements of our consciousness.

moon water

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