Ostara Ritual – Blessing the Elements of Springtime

In the Northern Hemisphere, Ostara falls on March twentieth this 12 months.  This occasion is usually referred to as the March Equinox or Vernal Equinox and marks the official first day of Spring.  It’s recognized as the time when the Sun crosses the equator line, heading north in the sky.  From this present day onward, the planet turns into extra tilted towards the Sun, which leads to longer days and hotter temperatures.  If your inquisitive about the etymology of the phrases, Vernal interprets to “new” of “fresh,” whereas Equinox originates in previous Latin combining aequus (equal) and nox (night time).  On Ostara, the day and night time are of equal size.

The origin of Ostara, like most of our fashionable pagan celebrations might be discovered with our Celtic and Saxon ancestors; the latter group used the event to have a good time planting and springtime.   The Celtic peoples didn’t have a good time Ostara as a vacation, however they did mark the time of 12 months as important.  Since then, Ostara has been “Christianized” into the fashionable vacation referred to as Easter.  It is well known someday between March nineteenth and March twenty second in the Northern Hemisphere.  Ostara is often known as Lady Day, Egg Day, or Alban Eiler (Druidic).  Modern-day celebrations embrace, however aren’t unique to fertility rituals, celebrations of new progress/planting, spring, and the sacred marriage of the Goddess and the God.

As at all times, the rituals discovered on this web site are free for anybody to make use of.  Feel free to make use of some or elements or add one thing of your personal in.

ostara 2021

This ritual is designed for a bunch and is meant to be carried out outside with a central bonfire or hearth pit. (Please use warning and remember of windy situations when working with hearth).

What you’ll want to arrange for this ritual (as written)

Alter with green material or different Spring colour
Quarter Candles (4 complete) in these colours – Red (South), Yellow (East), Green (North), and Blue (West)
Goddess Candle – Large White Candle (I exploit a 3 wick candle for the Goddess)
Sacred Drinking Vessel crammed with clear water
Bowl crammed with wealthy natural soil
Yellow candle to symbolize the solar

Any portion of the ritual that’s bracketed with <> refers to directions and shouldn’t be spoken aloud.

The Ostara Ritual

<Opening Statement – A name to motion for the contributors to cease speaking, collect, and put together to start the ritual>

“Let it be called, let it be cast, this sacred circle of present and past; a learning place, a joining space, welcoming all from the human race”

Join Us as We Call the Ostara 2021 Quarters

In the East we glance to rising solar and the dawning of a brand new day; the course from which daylight breaks throughout the horizon and floods the fields with golden rays of heat, mild, and hope.  We honor the course from which the nice Air spirits trip the winds to share their message with the mortal world.  We maintain our ears tuned to the altering sounds of the winds in hopes of listening to the solutions to our earthly questions and to hold away that which not serves our biggest and highest good.  <mild yellow candle>

From the South we glance to the perpetual flames that burn endlessly, permitting life as we all know it to exist.  Of all the spirits, we discover ourselves calling in the Fire spirits most frequently; not just for warmth in the chilly months, nor for mild in the darkness, however to face as a pillar of steering in all that we do.  Fire presents us with an ideal icon of steadiness.  It each creates and destroys and might be managed, however by no means absolutely managed.  Staring deep into the red scorching coals, our recollections are stirred and one other half of our lives are revealed. <mild red candle>

The West is the course of closure; an finish to every day, a time when the toils of labor are accomplished and the interval of relaxation begins.  The nice Water spirits are cyclical in nature, with the tides dashing in after which later departing, sharing house simply as the night time and the day share the identical house.  And but, water additionally teaches us that repetition is just helpful when it serves us, and typically issues should take a brand new path so as to proceed transferring ahead.  <mild blue candle>

Turning to the North, we commune with all that surrounds us.  The spirits of the Earth are many and unfold throughout the land; principally hidden besides to those that are trusted with the second sight.  As we transfer into the season of mild, the many presents we take pleasure in are placed on full show for all people, regardless of standing or origin, to take pleasure in, to make use of carefully, and to marvel at.  Today, on this present day of steadiness and equality, we should open our eyes additional to see that transformation is all over the place, no simply in the seasons of the lands.  Our hearts and our souls are reworking to succeed in larger and better plains of existence, the place common information might be revealed. <mild green candle>

Great Goddess; we stand humbly earlier than you in celebration of the presents which you’ve offered us with.  We watch with the eyes of a new child fawn and the majesty spreading by the forests.  We hear attentively as the air turns into alive with the sounds of springtime and new life.  We bow our heads in thanks, as we see with our personal eyes the wonders that you’ve got offered us with.   As we put together to interrupt the floor and plant the seeds, we give heartfelt because of the many blessings you’ve offered. <mild white goddess candle>

ostara 2021


On this present day of nice steadiness, we collect to alternate concepts, share tales, and to have a good time the coming of Spring.  If you reside in a chilly space, Ostara appears extra significant than our brothers and sisters who get to take pleasure in heat climate all through the 12 months.   The balancing level has at all times been seen by human beings as a time of positivity.  A time when all issues are, “as they should be”.   It’s one thing we search all through our lives, however can’t at all times appear to totally get below our management.  Tonight, the world has offered us with an ideal template to study from, and if we’re fortunate sufficient, we will study higher methods to even out these elements of our lives which have tipped a method or the different.

We all know the historical past of Ostara, and the way the components of our ancestor’s celebrations have been ‘borrowed’ and repurposed by different religions.  If you might be unaware of the story, check out final 12 months’s ritual at this hyperlink – scroll right down to the finish and you may examine the Goddess, the egg, and the origins of many of the gadgets utilized in the fashionable-day vacation.  It’s a beautiful story that you should share, particularly you probably have youngsters.  They will adore the references to child animals, and can study one thing at the identical time.

Ostara has many alternative prospects relating to performing a ritual.  Fertility, rebirth, steadiness, seed and flower blessings, meditations, and the creation of altars are only a few concepts to select from.  Over the years, we’ve integrated many of these components into our rituals, nevertheless this 12 months we’ll be deviating from custom, however in a extremely cool manner.  Tonight we’ll be celebrating Spring and the components which make it fascinating.  Warm sunshine, wealthy soil, and clear water are integral for planting, so we’ll pay particular consideration to every one.

Consider this a centered ritual on giving again vitality to the planet.  Ritual leaders ought to be at liberty to permit time for meditation in between the prayers for every component.

Music of Ostara

If I’ve stated it as soon as, I’ve stated it a thousand occasions.  No pagan celebration is full with out music.  Music invigorates the soul, fees the psyche, and eliminates all perceived boundaries between individuals.  It actually is the most base type of communication.  For tonight, after looking out excessive and low for the acceptable alternative, we can be having fun with an instrumental model of the music, “Be Thou My Vision,” which has it’s origin in previous Irish.  The video is courtesy of Mína La Voisin.  The music it each mushy and uplifting, bringing a sense of hope, magick, and new beginnings.

Healing the Earth – Both Spiritually and Physically

Most individuals assume that they haven’t any impression on the greater issues in our world.  They are incorrect.  History has confirmed to us time and again {that a} single particular person can change the world, in the event that they put sufficient coronary heart and soul into the effort.  It’s not instantaneous, however can occur.  Einstein, Gandhi, and Darwin are only a few people who made such an impression on the world that they’re immortalized in human historical past.  Others made their mark for cruelty, conquest, and human struggling, however I received’t listing them right here.   Still others made historical past by their efforts to preserve and save pure assets, nature preserves, waterways, and maintaining this planet clear.  Those of us coated the bodily half of conservation.  We’ll cowl the non secular half tonight by providing prayers and blessings to the components.

Prayer for the Water

<Ritual chief ought to maintain the cup of water above, so that every one could bear witness to it>

Great Goddess, Queen of all issues that are seen and unseen
As a Springtime Maiden, Summer Mother, or Crone of the Winter
We, the devoted, see you as the one and solely fact
A Triple Goddess seen otherwise all through the seasons
But of the identical substance, the identical magnificence, and the identical energy
Your grace and love is common, to those that settle for it
The energy of three, the triquetra, the triangle
Whether ice, liquid, or as an ideal mist upon the land
Water is the common fact and the true secret of life
That which has no equal nor substitute
We honor you
We sing excessive praises to the skies
Our voices crammed with the energies of the Equinox
On this nice night time of steadiness we do pledge
To defend
To protect
To share
And to show
For with out water, we’re with out life
Bless the oceans, the lakes, the rivers, and the ponds
Bless the glaciers, the rainfall, and the humidity
Bless those that preserve and people who present
With reverence and thankfulness
We supply these phrases of fact

Magical Water https://www.deviantart.com/crazy-kiwii/art/Magical-Water-173304986

Prayer for the Soil

<Ritual chief ought to maintain the bowl of soil above, so that every one could bear witness to it>

Great Goddess, she who walks unseen all through the lands
She who touches all issues in the pure world
Hear our phrases on this nice night time of steadiness
For quickly the air can be wealthy in the scent of turned earth
The dark black tillage, mysterious and fascinating
That which we name the land
That which takes the seed and safeguards new progress
That which holds agency below the mild rain
Hardens below the snows of winter
And but turns into mushy with the energies of toil
That which we name Earth
We honor and reward the land
Our phrases a testomony of our dedication
Our fingers proof of our involvement
Our hearts present our love
When all issues are in steadiness
We acknowledge and revere
We recognize
We supply our unyielding blessings
For that which permits us to offer
To survive
To thrive
With reverence and thankfulness
We supply these phrases

Prayer for the Sun

<Ritual chief ought to mild and maintain solar candle above, so that every one could bear witness to it>

Great Goddess, bringer of mild to the darkness
On this nice night time of steadiness, we really feel you
Your ethereal vitality surrounds us
Our sight is sharpened and listening to eager
Our senses heightened to new ranges
We’ve honored the water
Sung praises to the Earth
And now flip our phrases to the solar
Oh what a marvel does shine in the sky
Breaking throughout the horizon with a spectacular rise
Warmth rays pouring forth throughout the damp mounds
The morning dew evaporating as the temperature rises
Light spilling into each crack and crevice
So that none shall stay in darkness
Words alone can’t state
The significance humankind holds for the solar
We increase our collective aware
To supply a most humble reward
We increase our open fingers to assemble the heat
To share house with the magnificence
To be one with the lifegiving solar
If just for however a fleeting second in time
Yet a second all are free to take pleasure in
Again and once more
Without ticket or tithe
On this present day when house is shared equally
We see the hope of new beginnings
We see progress and accomplishment
With a vivid future and golden mild
We honor
We cherish
With reverence and thankfulness
We supply these phrases

Closing the 2021 Ostara Circle

Great Spirits of the North, we’ve provided our most humble blessings on this night time of nice steadiness – as we put together to as soon as once more put crops in the floor, we accomplish that with a larger understanding of the presents which have been bestowed upon us. We embrace our function as a caretaker of the planet and pledge to do our half to protect it. <extinguish green candle>

Great Spirits of the West, we’ve provided prayers and pledges to take care of the water system and to unfold the phrase that we’re all on this collectively.  We shall not and can’t overlook that water is life and with out it, we too shall disappear from existence.  We go away dedicated to preserve and protect. <extinguish blue candle>

Great Spirits of the South, we can’t overlook the significance of hearth in our lives and the lives of these round us.  As we ponder all issues on this night time of nice steadiness, we will see how the mighty flames can each create and destroy and the classes discovered by this fact.  We go away right here with a larger understanding of being chargeable for that which we set in movement. <extinguish red candle>

Great Spirits of the East, we really feel you throughout us as we close to completion of this night time of blessings and prayers.  As the days develop and the air warms, the message is not going to change.  The Great Wheel has turned because it at all times turns, and we should flip with it or ceaselessly be misplaced to the chaos of confusion.  <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Goddess, by our many prayers we’ve provided our sacred energies again to the land, to the solar, and to the water as proof that we’re extra than simply contributors on this world; we’re embedded and dedicated as members of the fellowship of life.  In closing we as soon as once more thanks for the fertile earth that awaits the new seeds, the heat of the nurturing solar, the refreshing cool, clear water, and the celebration of new life and fertility.  Thank you in your knowledge and love. Thank you for sharing this night time with us in our sacred house.  <extinguish Goddess Candle>

“The circle is open but never broken”


ostara 2021

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