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“… Raum is a Great Earl of Hell, ruling thirty legions of demons. He is depicted as a crow which adopts human form at the request of the conjurer. Raum steals treasures out of kings’ houses, carrying them where he wishes, and destroys cities and dignities of men (he is said to have great dispraise for dignities). Raum can also tell things past, present and future, reconcile friends and foes, and invoke love.”

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Demon Raum: The Destroyer of Dignities


I’ve personally given Raum the 7 of Swords on account of its interpretation as making a break for it. However, to remain in line with the Occult Tarot deck I’ll grant him the three of Swords. As with each different article on this thread, the purpose is to decide on one card per day as a way to present each day steering and knowledge. The hope can also be that certainly one of our beloved demons can reply to my efforts and supply extra perception for apply.

The Suit of Swords corresponds to the component of air. This is a masculine component which is related to unseen and underlying energy – regardless of air being an intangible phenomenon it’s generally accepted as a potent and harmful drive inside nature. Additionally, the tapering form of swords is phallic and maybe signifies the penetrative drive which air has. As a outcome, there are a number of interpretations of this component and go well with which might be each constructive and adverse.

Air Archetypes are related to braveness, robust wills, fortitude, energy, authority, and even drive. This group is believed to have energy which isn’t instantly seen upon commentary – air equally has underlying energy which might show very potent if want be. Thus, Air Archetypes are anticipated to summon their internal energy as a way to face the challenges that include life. This is similar for the three of Swords which is related to strife.

The 3 of Swords belongs to the Minor Arcana deck of tarot playing cards. When upright, this card is learn as heartbreak, emotional ache, grief, sorrow, or damage – it’s noteworthy that these are attributes related to the component of air. When it’s reversed it means optimism, forgiveness, releasing ache, or adverse self-discuss. I seek advice from this card because the “Pain Card” as a result of it’s related to numerous the adverse points of the human expertise.

The 3 of Swords exhibits a coronary heart being pierced by three swords. In the background, there are dark clouds gathering over the pierced coronary heart. The swords are indicative of the ache and strife which an individual faces in the middle of their lifetime. The clouds and their dissipating nature maybe suggest that the scenario of damage or ache isn’t everlasting and can disappear similar to the way that clouds evaporate from the sky.

The Demon


Raum is a fallen angel and one of many demons that have been ensnared by King Solomon throughout the days of antiquity. He is listed because the 40th of the 72 spirits of King Solomon within the Ars Goetia. He is ranked as a Great Earl throughout the hellish realm. Raum has dominion over 30 legions of lesser demons that do his bidding. Not a lot else is understood about this demon as in line with the working theme for almost all of those beings.

Like most of the demons within the Ars Goetia, the origins of Raum are troublesome to hint. Perhaps most notable is the truth that he belonged to the order of thrones previous to his fall from heaven. This demon is in any other case not talked about in historic Graeco-Roman or early Middle Eastern mythologies. He can solely be mentioned to have Jewish or Abrahamic origins by advantage of his itemizing throughout the Ars Goetia.

Raum seems as a crow with some humanoid attributes. There is nothing decidedly monstrous in regards to the demon’s look. The demon is nevertheless able to assuming a human form upon the request of the magican. It can also be unknown whether or not this demon is evil, benign, or detached in direction of human beings. Among the distinguished grimoires that make point out of this demon are the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and the Dictionnaire Infernal.


Note – regardless of there being no mentions of this demon’s nature, his tendency to hate individuals in dignified positions maybe signifies a way of malevolence on his half. Novice conjurors ought to subsequently avoid Raum.


The Message


Should I anticipate adversity within the close to future? Is my optimism misguided?


It is my perception that Raum is a demon who can show to be very helpful throughout the apply of magic. Several of his workplaces have direct advantages to the magican equivalent to his capacity to steal treasures from lofty locations and grant them to the magican. He can also be able to telling issues previous, current, and future whereas additionally reconciling feuds amongst mates and foes. Each of those workplaces is clearly in a position to assist one to get forward in life.


If my studying was upright, I’ll take steps to protect myself from any impending ache or struggling by way of participating in actions equivalent to meditation. In this fashion, I can construct up my psychological fortitude to take care of the challenges that life will throw at my doorstep. If it was reversed, I’ll do my finest to test my actions in order that I’m not blindly optimistic. I often attempt to curb my expectations and urges as a way to reduce the influence of disappointments.


Within a week or two, I ought to start to expertise the outcomes of the readings. In the primary occasion, I can anticipate some emotional strife often inside my relationships with different people who find themselves shut associates. In the second, I often anticipate that I could turn out to be disenchanted with the ultimate end result of certainly one of my initiatives or actions. In both case, I can draw upon the energy of the demon and the underlying efficiency of the component of air to beat.


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