Samhain 2021 – Seeking Ancestral Wisdom


The Great Wheel has turned as soon as once more and we discover ourselves at Samhain, essentially the most vital of the 4 historical fireplace festivals of our Celtic ancestors.  It’s the third and last of the annual harvest festivals; first on Lammas, we celebrated the grain and the primary new loaf of the season and the primary new beers; subsequent on Mabon we once more feasted and gave thanks for the vegatables and fruits; whereas tonight we once more give thanks for the herbs, the nuts, and the meats which we are going to put into storage for winter. Samhain is the end result of all which the Goddess gives.  It’s additionally the start of winter.  It is Celtic New Year, Wiccan New Year, and New Year’s Eve for Witches. But greater than all of these earthly celebrations, tonight is the one evening of the year when the veil is at its thinnest; the day when faeries are afoot making mischief, monsters are prowling the land of the dwelling, spirits are roaming the misty moors, and absolutely anything is feasible.

samhain 2021

What You’ll Need For Our 2021 Samhain Ritual

This ritual is designed for a medium to massive sized group and needs to be carried out outdoors round a beneficiant bonfire (if circumstances in your space are permissible for open fires – verify your state burning restrictions web sites and all the time use warning because the wildfire season just isn’t over simply but)

Since this can be a ritual targeted on communing with the ancestors, please ask all individuals upfront to convey any merchandise which has significance to them and an ancestor (previous pictures, private objects, and so on.)

What objects you’ll want to gather for this ritual (as written)

Four quarter candles – yellow (east), red (south), blue (west), green (north)  – as a aspect observe, with very massive teams we use tiki-torches as a substitute of the candles; they’re much less prone to be blown out by the wind and they’re much extra seen by everybody
If potential, use a really massive altar for this ceremony
Food & Drinks to share for the Group
God/Goddess Candle (White)

From a ritual chief standpoint, any portion of this ritual that’s bracketed by <> symbols needs to be understood as tutorial notes and to not be spoken aloud.

Our 2021 Samhain Ritual Begins

<Have everybody collect across the bonfire and be silent earlier than continuing.>

“This circle cast, both round and wide, from the solid earth and to the sky, we call this now a sacred space, outside of time and outside of space”


Turn to the East; the route of Air, the good trainer and likewise an ideal divination instrument.  Air is the good uniting issue that every one life holds with each other – we’ve all shared the identical very important breath; from the second of our inception till we stand poised to cross over veil, we’re all united.  Though we create boundaries comparable to tribe, coloration, perception, or apply, these are solely constructs of our physicality.  We should stand up on the foils of invisibility and belief within the energy of the universe to convey us collectively in a common concord.  <mild yellow candle>


Turn to the South; the route of Fire; the good trainer of educating dedication and forging an iron willpower.  Fire is our inside mild and gives a relentless stream of vitality, nonetheless this doesn’t come with out the necessity for us to train willpower to create boundaries which permit the cautious tending of the flames, relatively than permitting them to rise uncontrolled and devour all inside their attain.  We should create, relatively than destroy.  We should share the warmth and the sunshine to all which might be dwelling in chilly and darkness.  <mild red candle>


Turn to the West; the route of Water; the route of cleansing, regeneration, and therapeutic.  Water is our life.  It is inside us, and but we have to devour extra of it to outlive.  It conveys our emotions and channels our hopes and goals; it helps us acknowledge that which might convey consolation to our lives and washes over us with love and an awesome sense of gratitude for that which no different factor can think about.   We should take the love and share it with one and with all.  Together we will all succeed.  <mild blue candle>


Turn to the North; the route of Earth; the route of creation, development, grounding, and safety.  In every grain of sand and clump of soil lies the identical hope as present in every newly hatched chick, contemporary green sprout, and all dwelling creatures.  From each route comes a powerful record of grand prospects which might be solely ready for somebody to start the subsequent phases of.  We have to be those who usually are not in worry of what the long run may convey, for we’re the bringers of sunshine, and water, and nice flames, and shall arrive on a silent evening wind. <mild green candle>

Gods & Goddesses

We look skyward, to not discover a land of the afterlife, however to stare in surprise on the expanse overheard.  The width and breadth offers sufficient air to sing the best praises to the Gods and Goddesses and their blessings and presents that we humble members of humanity get pleasure from.  We provide our most profound and humble thanks, repeatedly and once more.  As we in search of knowledge from our ancestors throughout the veil on this evening, we ask for defense, steering, and an evening of putting up with correspondence. <mild God/Goddess candle>

Hail! and a hearty welcome to all who collect!

samhain 2021


On Samhain, the veil between the worlds is so skinny that our ancestors, and different creatures might cross over to work together with the dwelling on this evening.  History tells us, that Faeries would cross over on this evening and kidnap people or trigger mischief among the many dwelling.  In order to organize and safeguard themselves, our ancestors would place choices of food and drinks close to the perimeters of their fields in hopes of appeasing the Fae.  Also, lots of them would costume as in the event that they had been monsters or animals to maintain from being kidnapped or harassed.

Yet, regardless of the trepidation of roaming spirits and mischievous Fae, tonight is an evening worthy of danger-taking, for it is a chance to talk with those that have been departed.  Now greater than ever, humankind wants to hunt the knowledge and classes discovered previously, in order that we don’t repeat them sooner or later.

Musical Interlude

Music is an integral a part of all rituals, whether or not for elevating vitality or as a prelude to elevating our glasses in a toast.  so, with out additional hesitation, we current one of many basic Samhain songs, by Lisa Thiel entitled Samhain Song

Seeking Wisdom from the Ancestors

We have ready a feast for our ancestors tonight.  Upon the altar are drinks, and all types of meals that we are going to share with them as we commune in a gathering like no different.  But, earlier than we name for them, we should first bless this meals and those that are about to get pleasure from it.

<the ritual chief ought to ask everybody to affix palms across the altar and stand on the within to talk the blessing>

We name upon the Goddess, the Gods, the celebrities, the moon, and the solar.  We name out to the animals, fowl, fish, and bugs to witness this.  Our souls are in want of steering and our hearts in want of development.  Our senses are conscious of the approaching storms and we should collect power to defend all that which is true and good from those that need to subjugate and management.  We bless this meals to offer us nourishment, each bodily and spiritually.  As our desk shall be open to all who may select to cross over, we current this as a welcome; collect…..share……commune…..and educate us to that which your eyes have seen and your ears have heard.  Give us the knowledge to affect our choice-making in order that we will not commit errors or be led astray.  Our praises!  Blessed Be!

<Ask everybody to launch palms and proceed with the ritual>

Today we rejoice the lives of those that have handed over from this world to the subsequent and we invite them to affix us in a night of feasting and sharing time.  Some of you’ll have the will to talk with a particular ancestor and have introduced a memento of them to assist information them to our circle.  Please method the altar and place your merchandise on it.

<ritual chief ought to permit time for everybody to method and return to their place earlier than resuming>

Speaking to the ancestors has been part of each tradition all through time.  And normally on this specific evening; the time when the veil was skinny because the season of dwelling surrenders itself to the season of dying, ancestors will cross over and be cherished and never forgotten.

Open up your coronary heart and let your vitality move freely.  Let your vitality merge with the vitality of the individual subsequent to you, and the individual subsequent to them.  Free your thoughts in order that your energies can mix with the energies of the earth and the roots beneath it.  Fill this circle with the mixed energies of the rocks, and timber, and the invisible air, and the flames licking the blackened logs and the moisture on the grass, and all issues that matter.

Listen, however not together with your ears.  See, however with eyes closed.  Feel, however use your thoughts relatively than your palms.  Become one with not solely this world, however the world throughout the good veil.  Become a vacation spot for individuals who journey and turn into a compass for individuals who are misplaced.  We should elevate the collective vibration as excessive as potential.

<communicate this subsequent part slowly, permitting time for everybody to settle into a phenomenal place of excessive vitality>

Now cease and sit quietly.  You are within the vitality discipline of your ancestors.  Stay targeted and pay attention with your entire coronary heart and soul.  Keep that which you want to know within the entrance of your ideas.  Remember your intention.  Speak with goal, you not with sound.  Ask that which you want to know.  Seek the knowledge of classes taught many centuries in the past or ones from current.  Continue to remain targeted in in your unique intention. Listen extra and communicate much less.  Survey that which surrounds you for an indication or image.  Gather within the actions from the whispering wind and the route of the rising smoke.  Examine the flames as they might be chatting with you as pure vitality.  Surrender any expectations of what might or might not enter the circle, for you might be protected and our welcome is pure.  Present all that you simply want to know and all that you’re in want of.  Keep targeted.  Listen with the total consideration of each sense for steering and route.

<wait for so long as it appears mandatory>

The ancestors don’t all the time give us solutions within the type we anticipate.  It could also be so simple as a sense of calmness to say issues will likely be okay.  It could also be a light-weight, or sure gust of wind, or one thing extra revealing comparable to an apparition or a sense of pure love, or perhaps a sudden rainstorm.  Or you may simply really feel at peace and extra will likely be revealed as you dream.  The ancestors usually are not sure by the identical time constraints as we’re, so it might be a number of days later that your are given a response.  Be open to no matter may occur, and do not forget that knowledge is the aim on this journey.

Now share on this food and drinks and in dialog with each other and if any are gathered from throughout the veil.

<permit for ample time to share and eat earlier than shifting ahead and shutting the circle>

Closing the Samhain Circle

Great spirits of Earth, our reference to all issues, each on this soil and that of the opposite aspect has been strengthened on this Samhain evening.  Our gratitude can’t be measured however solely imagined.  We provide praises to the Earth for the wealthy soil of the farmlands, the ample development on the grazing lands, and the various presents of sustaining crops, animals and roots and herbs.  Thank you for caring about humankind and presenting us with the chance to satisfy those that walked right here many years in the past.. <extinguish green candle>

Great spirits of Water, the preserver of life itself, each via the nourishing liquid and the life which lives throughout the nice boundaries.  Your generosity is past measure, and past expectations.  We provide infinite praises for the abundance of Water, but additionally understand that we have to be vigilant in preserving the supply of the wells and riverheads in order that future generations might expertise life as we do at this time. <extinguish blue candle>

Great spirits of Fire, we’re perpetually in awe of your nice energy.  We’ve watched because the flames devour all that lives, but additionally as those self same flames present warmth, mild, and heat to humankind.  Our minds will likely be ceaselessly educated on the classes Fire has supplied and people classes are transferred to all duties in our lives.  We should assume management of issues which might simply get uncontrolled and use this information to information future generations.   <extinguish red candle>

Great spirits of Air, we’re mesmerized by the invisible energy proven numerous numbers of occasions.  Each of us stays linked by each breath we take, however every of us additionally retains an individualism that’s distinctive.  We’ve come to be taught that each are required for humankind to proceed into the long run.  The classes of belief given by the Air are unforgettable and by no means removed from being reminded.   <extinguish yellow candle>

Great Gods and Goddesses, thanks to your abundance, your knowledge and the unconditional love shared with us this evening in our sacred house.  Thank you for displaying us easy methods to obtain steadiness in our lives; evening and day; female and male; summer time and winter.  <extinguish God/Goddess candle>

And so the wheel turns…blessed be!


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