Shadow People, The Hat Man, and Things Lurking in the Night


For hundreds of years the world has skilled shadow folks, the hat man, and many different entities that seem throughout the lifeless of night time. Yet we’re no nearer to understanding why they seem or what they need.  There are loads of theories about their origins, however none that may be confirmed.  The strangest a part of the story is that the majority of the time these entities simply watch folks whereas they sleep; it’s creepy and terrifying nonetheless.

shadow people

Fear of the Dark

Human beings have an unnatural concern of the dark.  Our minds play trick on us.  Normal sounds are amplified, objects seem blurry and distorted, and we conjure up the most dreadful photographs.  Tree branches scratch throughout window panes and the winds whip up leaves and particles.  Nocturnal creatures emerge from their caves and burrows to roam the darkened panorama.  Everything appears to be shifting in an unholy dance that causes the hair on our necks arise and our pores and skin to go chilly and clammy.  There are shrieks and generally howls and generally noises with no clarification.  The concern is actual.  But in most circumstances, even when we’re scared, being in the confines of our bed room appears to convey a sense of consolation and security to most individuals.

But what if that secure area was now not secure?  What if it was infiltrated by the shadow folks?  Imagine waking in the center of the night time and seeing one thing dark and ominous lurking in a shadowy nook or doorway.  Imagine a dark determine simply watching you and when that shadowy kind realizes you’re watching again, simply vanishes earlier than your eyes.  You’re momentarily petrified; unable to maneuver and even name out for assist.  Your thoughts desperately tries to course of what simply occurred and you are feeling your self teetering on the edge.  You’ve simply had an encounter with a unknown entity identified collectively as the shadow folks.

hat man

What We Know About Shadow People

Shadow folks come in many kinds and have been reported by folks throughout the world for a lot of years.  Most typically they’re seen in bedrooms, however some private tales report that shadow folks have adopted or stalked them.  As beforehand talked about, most shadow individuals are solely observing; nobody is aware of why they watch or what they’re searching for.  They have many traits of a ghost, having the ability to transfer by way of bodily objects at will, and disappear at any time when they select to.  Descriptions given present hanging similarities, no matter the place the sightings are reported.  Most are fairly massive, towering from six to over eight toes tall.  Most additionally seem in the form of a human man, however this isn’t unique.  Some seem sexless, having no hair or different figuring out options.  Still others have been described as a dark, nearly cloudlike mass.  What makes them totally different from common shadows is that they’ve depth, somewhat than only a flat picture showing on a wall and are very dark, even darker than the night time.

The bigger share of the studies describe the beings as masculine, carrying a full size cloak, overcoat, or different sort of lengthy full-body overlaying.  Often occasions this male entity is carrying a fedora-type hat and most don’t have discernable eyes, ears, or different bodily options except for a human form.  Of all the reported sightings, there may be another terrifying than all the relaxation.  He’s now often called the Hat Man and it’s mentioned this shadow individual has the demeanor of a demon spawned in the depths of hell and if that alone isn’t terrifying sufficient, the Hat Man additionally has glowing red eyes.

Examining the Theories

Even although the shadow folks seem humanoid in form, they aren’t human.  The our bodies, or figures, mimic human conduct to a level main some theorists to imagine they’re remnants of human souls destined to stroll the earth eternally.  Despite having no bodily contact with folks, they’ve been described as oppressive and malevolent.  Could it’s that the shadow individuals are some kind of vitality supply left behind from evil people all through time?  This vitality supply would possibly nonetheless retain the will to inflict hurt upon dwelling people, however is unable to make contact in some other kind except for a visible.  The lack of facial options in most sightings makes it troublesome to strive any evaluation on the motivation of the entity.

Another strongly supported principle is that shadow individuals are truly aliens; particularly a part of a species known as ‘the greys‘.   These aliens have been documented in a whole lot of non-public sighting studies throughout the world.  Some of the supporters of this principle go additional to say that they creatures use a hat and lengthy coat depiction as a disguise to hide their true identification.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that imagine that aliens are at all times current on earth and these aliens spend numerous hours learning humankind.  This helps the higher share of the studies that the shadow individuals are simply observing sleeping folks and not interacting with them.

Another principle is that they’re actually inter-dimensional beings able to shape-shifting at will, shifting by way of strong objects, and vibrating on a unique frequency than people.  These interdimensional beings could also be from a time interval earlier or later than our present time stream, thus the totally different appearances.  Another principle that’s carefully associated to this one is that the hat man and shadow individuals are time vacationers, however with a twist.  Since now we have no actual benchmarks on how time journey works, this principle appears to suggest that those that have discovered methods to do it may well solely observe one other time stream and not affect it, aside from to scare somebody with their presence.

There are additionally many individuals that imagine the hat man is a demon or demonic entity that exist solely to torture unsuspecting folks, feeding on their concern.  Still others attempt to write the complete factor off as figments of our creativeness on account of exhaustion, lack of sleep, stress, or different private points.

hat man

Why and When do Shadow People Appear?

Most non-believers need to write off the complete notion of shadow folks in the identical trend they write off ghosts, aliens, supernatural beings.  And regardless of their non-belief, the sightings proceed and the plot thickens.  The non-believers say shadow individuals are figments of our creativeness attributable to motion pictures, tall tales or different explainable issues.  Those who’re open minded see the hat man and shadow folks as observers, however hungry ones.

It is believed that shadow folks seem to people  in periods of excessive stress.  They suppose the entity feeds off of the damaging vitality that accompanies that stress.  The damaging vitality generated by concern have to be an added delicacy.  Imagine the burst of pure terror that your physique would emit at waking to the sight of a dark shadow on the wall.  A shadow that has been silently observing your sleeping physique.  A darkness that’s targeted on nothing and nobody else however you.  Then think about it all of the sudden disappears and not using a sound.  All the whereas, you lay frozen in concern along with your eyes frozen and mounted, your coronary heart pounding and mind looking for any rational purpose as to why.  Yes, I believe that type of concern can be in excessive demand by a supernatural creature of this sort.


Our world is crammed with unexplained issues, creatures that go bump in the night time, and issues that feed on vitality.  Shadow individuals are the latter.  They appear extremely smart as they simply feed and depart; no haunting and no mischief.  Whether you imagine or not isn’t necessary.  The shadow folks don’t want your permission to trigger terror in the night time

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