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“Gemory is described in demonological works such as the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic, the Liber Officiorum Spirituum, the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the lesser Key of Solomon, the Dictionnaire Infernal as appearing in the form of a beautiful woman (though as with all Goetic demons referred to using the masculine pronouns “he” and “his”) carrying a duchess’s crown and driving a camel, ascribed with the facility of showing hidden treasures and answering questions in regards to the previous, current, and future. The Munich Manual, Pseudomonarchia, Lesser Key, and Dictionnaire additional give Gemory the facility of procuring love from ladies (though the Liber Officiorum Spirituum describes him as “a companion of the love of women, and especially of maidens”), whereas the Pseudomonarchia and the Lesser Key observe that the duchess’s crown is (one way or the other) worn on Gemory’s waist. Stephen Skinner and David Rankine, of their version of The Goetia of Dr. Rudd, recommend that this was a mistranslation of the Latin cingitur which ought to have been translated “encircling her head”. Gemory is talked about in a manuscript labelled Fasciculus Rerum Geomanticarum.”



In my very own deck of playing cards, I have given Gremory the Ace of Cups tarot card for its affiliation with intimacy. However, I will keep true to the Occult Tarot deck and provides him the Empress tarot card. The card is related to the flexibility to seek out love from ladies of all ages (though some accounts emphasize maidens) or different affectionate sentiments. As all the time, the hope for this thread is to decide on one card to supply inspiration and steering day by day whereas holding the hope that one in all our beloved demons will attain out.


The Empress tarot card is one that may be discovered within the Major Arcana deck. This card is related to varied issues resembling intimacy, the flexibility to disclose hidden objects, and even being able to divinity. When it seems upright in a studying, it’s interpreted as feminity, fertility, magnificence, nature, and even abundance. When it’s reversed nevertheless, it normally means a artistic impediment and even reliance on different folks. In essence, this card exhibits the productive capabilities of the person or their lack thereof (when it’s reversed).


This card normally exhibits the empress as a lovely girl with a crown of 12 stars on prime of her head. Her magnificence clearly harks again to the interpretations of feminity and sweetness. The 12 stars are indicative of the cyclic months of the year in addition to the twelve planets acknowledged by the occult. These 12 stars additionally align with the interpretation of nature given they’re indicative of pure cycles such because the year. The adornments on her gown are of pomegranates thus exhibiting the interpretation of abundance.


Upon broader remark of the Empress tarot card, it may be seen that the backdrop is a lush green setting. There can be a transparent stream flowing by in shut proximity. These go to indicate her reference to nature and Mother Earth herself. This serene atmosphere additionally provides emphasis to the interpretation of feminity which is related to a peaceful aura and a way of peace. The final merchandise of observe on the cardboard is a area of wheat within the foreground that additional implies abundance by advantage of a bountiful harvest.


The Demon


Gremory is a demon who’s listed among the many 72 spirits that have been summoned and certain to a brass vessel by King Solomon within the days of antiquity. He is by default a fallen angel due to having rebelled towards heaven. In the Ars Goetia, he’s listed because the 56th demon among the many chosen 72. He ranks as a Great Duke of Hell with command over at the least 26 legions of lesser demons that perform his instructions. Not a lot else is understood about this demon as according to the mysterious nature of those beings.


Gremory is normally depicted as a lovely lady. He nevertheless goes by male pronouns maybe indicating that the demon is androgynous. The lady is proven carrying duchess apparel and has a crown on the prime of her head – some accounts mistakenly state that her crown is worn across the waist. The demon additionally normally seems driving atop an incredible camel. Despite there being no mentions of something monstrous in her look, there is no such thing as a means of realizing whether or not Gremory assumes another form apart from this comely one.


Gremory has many workplaces though his most vital one is procuring the love of ladies from all ages. He is ready to make the magican acquire the favors of largely maidens though he’s equally able to manipulating older ladies. His different main workplace is the flexibility to inform of all issues previous, current, and future – he can due to this fact be summoned to supply correct solutions on various things all through historical past. The demon can be in a position to reveal the areas of hidden treasures to the magican in the event that they so want.


Note – there aren’t any mentions of whether or not the demon is malevolent, benevolent, or detached in direction of human beings. Caution ought to due to this fact be exercised when coping with him.


The Message


Should I look ahead to new beginnings? Should I anticipate stumbling blocks?


I consider that Gremory could be a helpful ally of the magican. Besides being able to drawing the favors of a number of ladies, he may also present you the place treasures are hidden. The latter workplace is especially vital for anybody who’s trying to get forward in life. Alternatively, his skill to inform of issues previous, current, and future may also be helpful in making predictions – this workplace would maybe largely be helpful to gamblers, inventory merchants, and the like. Likewise, you’ll find nice worth in forming a friendship with this demon.

If a studying turned up upright for me, I would instantly start to really feel optimistic. This is as a result of the implication right here is that I might meet somebody new or have interaction in some productive actions. Both these situations would present one taking ahead steps in life. Alternatively, if the studying was reversed then I would train extra warning. I would attempt to set up the issues which can be making me unproductive or reliant on different folks. In this manner, I can start a course of that can both take away the impediment or enable me to work independently.


Helpful Resources on The Occult Tarot Series

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