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“… is a Great Prince of Hell, and reigns over sixty legions of demons. He causes men to love women and vice versa, and can make people bare themselves naked if desired. He is depicted with the face of a leopard and the wings of a griffin, but under the conjurer’s request he changes into a very beautiful man.”

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Goetia demons


Personally, I’ve given Sitri the Lovers tarot card due to his workplace which is to trigger individuals to fall in love. However, in staying true to the Occult Tarot deck I’ll grant him the Ace of Pentacles. As at all times, my goal for this thread is to decide on one card per day to supply inspiration and steerage each day. I additionally hope that one among our beloved demons will reply to me in the midst of path working.

The Pentacles correspond to the ingredient of earth. This ingredient is a masculine one which includes the interactions which human beings have with their exterior or bodily environments. The conditions which one finds themselves in with regard to well being, funds, wealth, property, work, and even household come up from the interactions which one has with the exterior setting. It is these that are at all times related to the Suit of Pentacles.

Pentacle Archetypes are a bunch of individuals which is obsessive about materials possessions. The issues which happen once they work together with the exterior setting have extra worth to them in comparison with different existential phenomena. As a end result, these people are at all times centered on their careers and work with their view of success counting on attaining milestones in these areas. In the Ace of Pentacles, they need to steadiness their urges with realism with the intention to succeed.

The Ace of Pentacles is a tarot card belonging to the Minor Arcana. When this card is upright throughout a tarot studying it’s interpreted to imply abundance, new profession or monetary alternatives, and even manifestation. When it reversed nonetheless, it’s taken to imply a misplaced alternative or lack of planning. I name this card the “Forecast Card” as a result of its constructive studying panders to the idea of foresight and the strategizing that comes about with this means.

This card reveals a hand that’s hanging from the sky while holding a big coin in its clasped palm. This coin is offered for anybody who’s prepared to take the initiative and retrieve it. The panorama proven is lush and wealthy in foliage maybe depicting abundance. There is a path resulting in the background the place mountain peaks might be seen – the implication right here is that one has to take the steps to raise themselves with the intention to get forward in life.


The Demon

Sitri is one other of the fallen angels that have been captured by King Solomon and certain to a brass vessel. He is listed because the 12th of the 72 demons accorded to Solomon within the Ars Goetia. Sitri is ranked as a Great Prince of Hell with command over 60 legions of lesser demons. Not a lot else is thought about this demon and this can be a operating theme with the vast majority of demons and otherworldly entities.

Given the dearth of knowledge surrounding him, it’s pretty tough to hint the origins of this demon. He can’t be discovered inside historic Graeco-Roman texts and even early Middle Eastern mythology. He is nonetheless talked about severally in main grimoires such because the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Dictionnaire Infernal, and the Ars Goetia. This lends credence to the concept this demon has Jewish origins having performed an vital function in Solomon’s achievements.

Sitri is described as showing within the method of a winged leopard. His wings are stated to be these of a griffin. He is decidedly monstrous when he first manifests to the magican. However, the demon can be able to assuming the looks of a really comely man upon the request of the magican. It is inconclusive whether or not this demon is male, feminine, and even androgyonous. Among the opposite titles which this demon responds positively to are Sytry and Bitru.


Note – it’s inconceivable to know whether or not this demon is evil, benign, or detached in the direction of human mortals. The implication right here is that he needs to be left to essentially the most skilled of conjurors lest he decides to deceive the magician.


The Message

Is there a possibility that I’m lacking? Should I take larger care in planning?

I imagine that Sitri is a demon whose energy can show very helpful to the magican. It isn’t any secret that a number of individuals battle with the problems of affection and may profit from extra assist. Therefore, you may also use this demon to assist in resolving the problems in your marriage or relationship. In so doing, one can get forward in life even by means of utilizing their charms alone on unsuspecting individuals in outstanding positions.

If the tarot studying was upright in my case, I might instantly be full of a way of optimism. This is due to the promise of latest alternatives for development – the prospect of creating more cash clearly appeals much more because it signifies a fascinating future. If it was reversed nonetheless, I’ll try to double my efforts inside any area of curiosity that I’m partaking in in order to forestall the lack of the chance in query.

Within a week or so, I ought to expertise the outcomes of this tarot studying. If it was upright, my fortunes ought to change considerably to mirror the brand new alternative that has fallen in my palms. If it was reversed nonetheless, I count on some downfalls or losses in my area of curiosity as in step with the studying of a misplaced alternative. If I don’t expertise any of those then I often assume that the chance has handed or is but to return.

All the tarot readings and the symbolism contained listed here are open to interpretation. Let us know what you consider Sitri and the Ace of Pentacles card within the remark part beneath. We’d love to listen to from you!


Occult Tarot by Travis McHenry

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