Spell Series Ep.3: The Protection Spell (Boxed Kit)

How to solid a Protection Spell utilizing a Prepared Protection Spell Kit

Link – https://youtu.be/9th_kTbPEQw

In this video, I take a spell package for defense and comply with the producers’ directions to solid this spell. I share further ideas, that I personally use after I carry out spells for myself. This was not a paid product endorsement. This was merely a package that I selected to reveal methods to carry out a spell instantly out of a ready field package.


3-day spell throughout a waning moon interval

Spell Casting Time

– Bath – 5 to 30 minutes

– Spell – 10 to twenty minutes



Prayer to the Morrigan for Protection

Prayer to the Morrigan for Protection

Great Goddess, Morrigan

May your sturdy defend be between myself and all hurt and hazard

May your sharp sword be between myself and all who would assault me

May your magical ability be between myself and all ill-will and ill-wishing

Morrigan, Great Goddess, might your safety be on me right now, tomorrow, and perpetually.






Protection Kit BWC –

Protection Candle Inscribed with Theban Script (it’s not Tibetan, I simply couldn’t learn it at that particular time)

Protection from attackers talisman/amulet

Protection spell companies on BWC


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Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by BWS

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