The frightening stages of daemonic possession

Author: Krystal

 BWC Luciferian & LHP Witch

Some name them Demons. Others name them unfavorable forces or entities. Whatever they’re, they’re actual they usually can destroy not solely you but in addition your family members. Most of our group works with the traditional Gods and Goddesses who at the moment are known as demons. While we don’t state that we perceive the complete nature of these Demons, we do know that not all Demons are the identical kind of entity.

This article is targeted on the sort of entity that really assaults. It’s to not be learn as an all-inclusive assertion on daemonic assault, however a common overview that you simply might be able to use for additional investigation.

The phrase Demon for the needs of this text is the sort of daemonic entity which does assault. Remember, we don’t say all Demons assault.

What are demons?

We will begin with the definition of the phrase Demon straight from the dictionary:

de·mon / ˈdēmən  noun

  • an evil spirit or satan, particularly one thought to own an individual or act as a tormentor in hell: he was possessed by an evil demon | every of the damned souls was guarded by a gaggle of hideous demons.
  • a merciless, evil, or harmful individual or factor: I used to be somewhat demon, I can let you know. reckless mischief; devilry: his eyes are bursting with pure demon.

daemon  noun

  • inspiring power, genius, numen, demon; tutelary spirit, acquainted spirit, attendant spirit; Latin genius loci.
daemonic possession or daemonic assault.

What else are they? Creatures from the “hell”? Unclean spirits? Negative entities from one other dimension? Something created by our personal minds? Demons may be all of these.

Demons don’t have any everlasting bodily kind. You can’t contact them, but they’ll contact you. You can really feel their power. You can hear their voices… not solely with your personal ears, but in addition in your head. You may even see them. At least in a kind they select to point out you.

Demons are good manipulators. They will fake to be one thing they don’t seem to be simply to realize your belief. Then they’ll destroy every part. You, your loved ones, your shut buddies… every part. The extra destruction they’ll trigger, the happier they’re.

Demons are very smart and manipulative entities. Once they acquired into your head, they’ll make requests, they’ll fake they need assistance, they’ll persuade you to do something… actually something

These varieties of Demons, are essentially the most hateful entities. They prey on the weakest, most weak souls. They suck the power out of their victims… but in addition happiness and love. Misery and struggling give them pleasure.

Not all Demons are the identical. Some are stronger, others are weaker. Some may be straightforward to battle off, others are unattainable to repel with out skilled assist. One factor is for positive. There are quite a few unfavorable entities that need to unfold evil and despair. There is a specialised area that offers with this advanced concern – Demonology.

de·mon·ol·o·gy orˌdēməˈnäləjē 

noun    the examine of demons or demonic perception.

How can demons turn out to be connected to an individual?

There are many various methods how Demon can connect itself to a sufferer. There are methods we people are usually not even conscious of. But since Demons are very clever, they may also be very revolutionary. They might shock you in locations, the place you’ll by no means count on them to.

Some might imagine demon possession is one thing from Medieval occasions or horror tales. Surprisingly, the trendy world is an ideal nest for Demons. As a matter of truth, there’s a vital enhance in not solely demon exercise, but in addition in demon possessions. Why? Mankind is altering. I say, there may be extra hate on the earth than love. People are extra egocentric. They care much less concerning the world round them. There is much less and fewer love, increasingly more hate and anger. Our world has an ideal environment for unfavorable entities to feed on. People are determined, depressed. They are misplaced. It is far simpler for unfavorable entities to take benefit of this and do what they love essentially the most. Destroy folks, destroy this world, destroy the love that’s left in us.

BWC works on a whole bunch of demonic assault instances each year. There is one factor for positive and that’s there isn’t any particular kind of individual a Demon likes to assault. To a Demon, you’re a human interval. A residing being, with blood pumping via your veins, and a thoughts that may be manipulated.

Typically, our purchasers have been attacked as a result of of the next conditions:

  • They are underneath assault as a consequence of witchcraft
  • Clients performing rituals and opening vortexes inside their properties
  • Moving right into a home that’s already possessed or underneath assault
  • Mental Illness
  • Long-term drug or alcohol abuse (I don’t cowl the rationale why on this article, however mainly once you’re vibrating at such a low degree you’re at all times open to non secular assault and, you turn out to be a straightforward assault for stronger spirits as properly)
  • Divination Tools
  • Past Life (carrying over attachments from a earlier life)
  • Walking via or being in a spot that’s underneath assault or infested
  • Partaking in non secular practices of any kind (I don’t simply imply witchcraft. Praying can also be opening your self to the non secular world too – Think about it 😉

Divination is extraordinarily fashionable in all sorts of non secular techniques, and it’s possible you’ll be stunned at some of the methods a Demon can assault you if you’re not protected.

bwc How to use a ouija board
Image: BWC – How to make use of a ouija board with a gaggle.

Ouija Boards

Demons coming via kids’s toys. Everyone is aware of it from horror tales. Fiction, some may say. But sadly not. A preferred kids’s toy often known as Ouija Board is one of essentially the most harmful instruments you’ll be able to play with.

Ouija board or spirit board is a bit of board with letters, numbers and phrases “yes”, “no”, “hello”, and “goodbye”. Homemade variations, normally made of piece of giant paper, can even embrace “don’t know”. With planchette or upside-down small glass you’ll be able to converse with the spirits. But! Nothing is as straightforward because it appears.

Of course, you’ll be able to contact the useless family members. You can ask if they’re okay or if they’ve a message for you. You may even contact your spirit information or guardian angel, relying on the way you name the entities which are right here to assist us and information us. But there are additionally many low spirits, unhealthy spirits, misplaced souls that may hurt you… and one thing even worse. Yes. Demons.

There are many documented instances of folks speaking with deceased family members or pleasant spirits, typically misplaced souls that wanted assist, that weren’t precisely what they appeared. Demons are masters at pretending to be one thing they don’t seem to be. They know what works on their victims. For some it’s a useless relative, for others a long-dead occupant of the home they dwell in… however the worst disguise that works on completely everybody – the spirit of a misplaced youngster.

In the start, Demon will achieve your belief. It can discuss like an actual, terrified youngster who wants someone to assist her or him. And as a result of it’s in human nature to assist misplaced kids, to provide them love and make them really feel secure, the sufferer will divulge heart’s contents to that entity with a view to unfold the love and make the useless youngster secure and completely satisfied once more. Using love for their very own unhealthy intentions? No drawback. Demons are utilizing not solely unhealthy human traits but in addition good ones like compassion and love.

When the sufferer is opened to the unfavorable entity, the primary aim is completed. The sufferer will get obsessive, she or he will discuss to that entity many times. All-day, all evening. The particular person received’t have the ability to get that factor out of head. Slowly, she or he will understand one thing is unsuitable. Unexpected temper swings, suits of anger. Depression. Bad luck. Loss of urge for food or uncontrollable binge consuming. No power.

That little child or misplaced soul might be not what it pretends to be! Desperate requires assistance will instantly change. Now, it can actually eat the sufferer’s thoughts. It will hang-out her or him. It will begin saying issues no youngster would ever say. It will seed unfavorable ideas into the sufferer’s head. Dark ideas, unhealthy concepts. Very unhealthy…

At this level, there may be hardly an escape. Evil power is all over the place the place the sufferer is. He or she might understand it’s time to cease it, to do one thing. But it’s normally too late. Demon has full maintain over its sufferer. He can play with her or him like with a puppet. And that’s precisely what this entity will do. Slowly, so it may well get pleasure from each second of it. It will do something and every part to destroy the sufferer and everybody round.

The occult tarot deck
The occult tarot deck

Tarot Cards

Tarot playing cards, seemingly harmless and very fashionable device. But don’t get fooled. If you’re inexperienced, Tarot playing cards may be as harmful as Ouija Boards.

If what you’re doing, if you understand how to guard your self, if you’ll be able to acknowledge the unfavorable power, if you’re intuitive sufficient, you may be secure. If what you’re doing, Tarot playing cards may be nice assist in spreading love and light-weight. It may be a tremendous device to assist folks, give them hope and steerage.

Tarot Cards are usually not demonic in nature, however when you don’t know what you’re doing, it may well simply get out of your palms. Imagine this case: You learn nice tales about Tarot playing cards. So, as a result of you’ve some actually vital questions that have to be answered, you obtain a really good pack of playing cards at your native store or on-line. Now sitting at your desk and your new Tarot playing cards, you get shivers down your backbone. You really feel that this factor could also be true. You may lastly get the solutions you’ve been in search of. You open your thoughts.

However, there may be one drawback. If you don’t have any expertise, how will you know that you’re receiving info out of your greater self or your spirit information? It could also be from someone utterly else… someone or one thing not so good. Don’t get me unsuitable I’m not saying that you simply shouldn’t be taught tarot as a result of you may be underneath daemonic assault. I’m simply saying that you could at all times perceive that if you find yourself connecting with the non secular world, you’re at all times open to trickster-style spirits.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do something in any respect. If you aren’t severe about it, don’t play with this stuff.

A spell to help with depression
Mental sickness similar to melancholy will make you weak to demonic assault


There is a serious concern it at present’s fashionable world that additionally performs a key position. Stress. Anxieties. Worries concerning the future – not solely yours, but in addition concerning the future of the folks you’re keen on essentially the most. People are rather more vulnerable to melancholy. Or some are merely misplaced. They don’t know what to do with their lives. They don’t know what their objective of life is. They really feel they don’t match wherever. They are outcasts. Lost and lonely. Unloved. Failure.

Those kind of emotions are precisely what the unfavorable forces are drawn to. Desperation, loss of hope, self-hate, self-pity, self-harm, dark ideas. But additionally anger, hate, greed and jealousy which are so frequent in at present’s world. People with these emotions are essentially the most weak ones.

For unfavorable entities, it’s straightforward to provide them hope at first. Even just a bit bit. “Everything will be alright. Just open your mind to me, I will help you.” But that feeling by no means lasts lengthy. Or however, the unfavorable entity typically feeds the sufferer’s desperation. It can whisper into his or her ear: “You are the worst thing that ever happened to the world. You are the lowest of the low,…” And for the reason that sufferer is already in a nasty state of thoughts, it is extremely straightforward to govern her or him into doing issues they really don’t need to do and would by no means do.

Depression Spells

Remove Hex or Curse

Remove Self Created Negative Energy


Haunted Locations

It is a contemporary pattern to discover the paranormal world. People go to dark and haunted locations recognized to be infested by evil entities. They go to locations that witnessed the worst struggling within the historical past of mankind. Those folks need to be thrilled. They need to be scared. They need to see the proof of the afterlife. Sometimes simply going to locations like this with out figuring out methods to shield oneself may be as harmful as invoking the spirits.

When you go to a haunted place, you go there with a need to expertise one thing. You are opened to these energies. You need to really feel them, hear them, see them. It is like an invite card. And it doesn’t should be solely Demon who’s ready to leap into your physique and thoughts. There are a lot of different unfavorable spirits – as soon as residing human beings, however now all they need to do is to hurt. It could also be simpler to get rid of them, however spirit possession may be as harmful and destroying as demon ones.

It may be frequent for these varieties of spirits to comply with you house and trigger concern when you get again to the place you reside. They might even name to different spirits as soon as they hit your home, and even open a portal to the opposite facet, creating extra points for you. Some varieties of spirits are available in legions! If you’re open to non secular assaults like this, and you want to go to haunted homes or haunted places, be sure you reduce all of the chords and all of the non secular attachments earlier than you begin in your journey house. This isn’t at all times straightforward. We like to make sure that we’ve aura cleaning and rope chopping typically, so to interrupt these attachments – as we’re at all times in haunted or demonic places (and performing work for others too).

Daemonic attack

Demon possession

Once you’ve opened your thoughts to the dark entities, issues will quickly worsen. Only the strongest ones are in a position to get rid of them with out assist. But most victims are already weak or in a nasty state of thoughts. They are usually not in a position to stand as much as these invisible, but very highly effective tyrants. Some victims are fortunate to have help from household and buddies, who will finally discover the assistance wanted. But some are usually not as fortunate… and a few instances don’t finish properly.


Stages of demon possession

Possession happens in varied levels. From delicate demon possession, when the possessed behaves abnormally and the entity is inside his or her thoughts, however both it’s not highly effective Demon, or it’s not but absolutely built-in. To dramatic and lethal demon possessions, when the individual is possessed by high-level demon – very highly effective one, which is difficult to get rid of even with the skilled assist.

Each possession has related stages regardless of the severity. Also, these stages are much like spirit possessions, nonetheless, spirit possessions are normally not as extreme because the demonic ones.


Stage 1: Manifestation

Manifestation is the primary contact with a unfavorable entity. This stage is sort of non-invasive. However, it may well depart deep emotional trauma. At this stage, it’s nonetheless fairly straightforward to flee.

Hex, Curse, Negative Energy Removal Work

Stage 2: Infestation

The second stage known as Infestation represents a state when the entity infests the life of its sufferer. His or her private and day by day life. The particular person feels the entity is there even when it’s not.

This entity can even present itself via varied actions: poltergeist exercise, phantom voices, and noises, and many others. At this stage, the sufferer can begin to really feel actually uncomfortable, even harassed.  Yet it may well nonetheless be solved by easy removing of the spirit from the individual, cleaning of the person, or and maybe of the realm.

Removal of Demon or Negative Entity

Home Energy Cleansing

Stage 3: Mounting or Oppression

During the third stage the entity is getting ready the vessel for full inhabitation. The particular person can really feel as if the entity is getting into the physique. The extra the sufferer fights it, the more serious it can get. Those little episodes final just a few minutes or seconds. Some sources name this stage “Oppression”.

The entity will do and say something with a view to urge the person to permit the complete possession. It will drive the sufferer loopy. The particular person received’t have the ability to sleep or assume clearly. Uncontrollable nervousness, anger or disappointment are additionally quite common. The aim is to interrupt down the sufferer.

The complete stage can final for days or weeks… even months, relying on how sturdy the sufferer’s free will is. Removing the entity at this stage may be difficult, and we might have to return a number of occasions to cope with the spirit all the opposite spirits who’ve come alongside to benefit from the assault.

“The spirit is extremely intelligent and can hide from people trying to remove it from the target. The spirit knows who we are, and while it is not scared of us, it’s definitely a dance we need to perform, where we are asking the spirit to move along from this human vessel. As there are many different types of spiritual entities, the success rate of moving the spirit off of the individual depends on the mission of the spirit.” – Savannah


Stage 4: Full Possession

The last and essentially the most harmful stage – Full Possession. It may be very uncommon, nevertheless it occurs. After repeated episodes of short-term possessions, the sufferer absolutely permits the entity to take management, to merge into one, and completely co-inhabit his or her physique.

In instances the place the person has been underneath full possession for a lot of years, this can be very difficult to take away the Demon from the individual with out risking their life. In most instances, the person shall be useless earlier than the Demon leaves their physique.

I’ll speak about this intimately, by sharing a case examine it’s possible you’ll know properly, and that’s the case of Annelise Michael, a German feminine, the place after many years of the Demon possessing her physique, the exorcist was unable to take away the Demon even after almost 70 makes an attempt. The priest went on trial, as he was blamed for taking Annelise off medicine, however the fact is that the Demon was completely emerged in Annelise, and had no intention of leaving her physique whereas she was alive.

Real case

To hear the Demons voice recorded through the exorcism, go to 4:55

There are many documented instances of demon possession. One of essentially the most well-known is the case of Anneliese Michel. It occurred through the Nineteen Seventies in Germany.

Anneliese was a very good lady from a Catholic household. She had a really sturdy perception in God. Everyone described her as a form and loving youngster. When Annelise was 16 years previous, she began to behave oddly. Her household was describing it as a wierd trance state. Those episodes stopped as shortly as that they had began, nevertheless it was the ominous omen of the issues but to come back.

One year after that, the episodes began once more. Annelise awakened in a trance-like state, her mattress utterly moist, her physique in convulsions, shaking. Her mother and father took her to a neurologist. She was identified with epilepsy, which causes loss of reminiscence, audible and visible hallucinations. Annelise began to take the drugs and he or she enrolled at University. But as an alternative of getting higher, she was getting worse.

Annelise was nonetheless taking the drugs, however she began to be satisfied she was possessed by a demon. She began to search for extra info. Everywhere she went, she was seeing the face of the Devil. She additionally claimed she was listening to some voice consistently whispering into her ears.

In seek for assist, she contacted one priest. But she was refused and suggested to go to the physician. It wasn’t completely the priest’s fault. Exorcism is a really tough and complicated course of. There are many official procedures to be performed. The first step is clearly to exclude any medical drawback. But at the moment Annelise’s ‘hallucinations’ reached the very best factors. She was completely positive she was possessed. Even her mom began to consider it and he or she was additionally in search of assist.

Now you is likely to be asking: “Why Annelise?” She was a form and good-hearted lady from a Catholic household. Well, the reply received’t shock you by now. Young Annelise, similar to most kids in some unspecified time in the future, was taking part in with one thing she shouldn’t – Ouija board. It opened the door for evil.

Annelise case was completely different. She wasn’t possessed by one Demon, not by two or three… not even by 5 like sources say. She was possessed by eight evil entities, not solely Demons. And she took them in willingly, it was her personal determination. She sacrificed herself for the world.

After an extended approving course of by the Church, the exorcism lastly occurred. It lasted 10 lengthy months. 67 separate exorcisms in whole… however nothing helped. Annelise was too fragile after such an extended battle. She died on 1st July 1976 from exhaustion and malnutrition. During the post-mortem there have been no illnesses or issues present in her physique. Nothing that would trigger the unusual and terrifying habits.

Daemonic possession
When you’re possessed by the Demon,(or you probably have evoked the Demon), your eyes might flip black

How to get assist

Now the massive query: What to do when you or somebody near you is experiencing demon oppression and even demon possession? Answers to questions like this are by no means straightforward. It will depend on the stage of the possession, on the entity, and on the person’s skill to battle it.

Demonic Possession


For some, easy cleaning can assist. Sage, palo santo wooden, protecting crystals, blessed medallion, holy water, easy prayers – and the prayer doesn’t should do something with the faith. It may be some mantra, track, or poem that provides you the power and confidence to battle evil. Words are very highly effective weapons. You can create your personal safety “prayer” that has nothing to do with God or Higher energy.  The vital factor is that these phrases ought to make you are feeling the love. It have to be one thing that warms your coronary heart and provides you power.

You should consider that these phrases, sage, crystals or medallions will assist. You should have love and light-weight in your coronary heart – that’s the greatest safety energy. If you actually consider, it can assist. If you’ve doubts, you need to search skilled assist.

How to get assist for Demonic Possession

Professional assist

If you aren’t in a position to assist your self by yourself, there are at all times folks prepared to assist. You can attain out to a neighborhood paranormal workforce. In this time and age, there are a lot of skilled groups who’re prepared to journey to you to assist. They know what to do. They might have the proper contacts to get the make it easier to want.

If you’re fortunate sufficient, there is likely to be some psychic or shaman close to the place you reside who can even assist. Some have the power to get rid of Demons and unfavorable entities. If not, they’ll let you know what to do. Those folks, if they’re the true deal, won’t ever say “no” to you. They are right here to assist, to unfold love and the sunshine, to battle the evil.

If none of these choices fits you, there may be yet one more. The Church. Priests and Exorcism. Priests ought to assist to all folks, not solely to those that consider. If they don’t seem to be prepared to assist to unbelievers, discover one other one – extra open-minded, extra good hearted.

What when you don’t consider of their teachings? Don’t fear. No one will decide you. No one will power you to consider. They are right here to assist.

An attention-grabbing truth is that spiritual exorcism helps even to those that don’t consider. Why? Is it some divine power? Not actually. Priests actually consider in issues they do and say. They actually consider the divine energy helps them to expel dark and unfavorable entities again to hell. Their sturdy will goes to do the work, regardless that you don’t consider it. Just be open-minded, don’t be scared or ashamed and provides it an opportunity.

Remove Self Created Negative Energy

Removal of Demon or Negative Entity

Ghosts & Spirit Removal

Removal of a Poltergeist

In Closing

Demon or spirit possessions are as actual as this world is. If the possession happens, there are methods to cope with it. There are folks and strategies that may assist. When you assume you or somebody near it’s possible you’ll be oppressed or possessed, the vital factor is to not lose hope.

Don’t play with issues you don’t have any data of. Don’t attempt to be sensible. Don’t fake nothing can hurt you.


, Demonic Possession.

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