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Vassago is one of the fallen angels and the third spirit talked about within the Lesser Key of Solomon. He can also be a High Prince and has the identical nature as Agares. This nice demon guidelines over 26 (or 28) legions of demons. 


Other Names: Vasago, Usagoo

Direction: North/West

Planet: Jupiter; Saturn; Mercury; Sun

Element: Water (Under Goap)

Zodiac: Aries 10-14 & 20-30; Sagittarius 10-14; Pisces 10-14

Tarot: 4 of Wands

Dates: March 30-April 3; April eleventh – April twentieth, Dec. 3-7; March 1-5

Color: Blue, Light Blue

D/N: Diurnal

Gematria: 316

Metal: Tin

Plant: Leek

Incense: Cedar

Channeled Magickal Numbers: 37, 34, 91, 74, 86

Demonic Enn: Keyan Vefa Jedan Tasa Vassago


Vassago has a mysterious character and little is understood about his look. According to stories, he has a red dragon look and one other that appears like an extra-terrestrial being generally known as Grays. It ought to come as no shock to you that many of our historic Demons should not from this time, or not from this planet. It will come to be identified at a future time that the majority of the Demons, a.okay.a. our historic gods, our extraterrestrial. I imagine that his curiosity and compassion in our human situation, of not with the ability to socialize adequately with one another, that retains his curiosity in wanting to help us with our communication expertise.

In different occasions, he even appeared within the type of one other demon generally known as Agares; an outdated man driving on a crocodile.You can resolve if this is identical spirit or one thing completely different, we expect the latter.

Those who’ve labored with him in latest occasions testified that he appeared in numerous kinds to them so his fundamental mode of look stays unknown. According to Aleister Crowley, though this demon has a dark, malevolent and baleful disposition, he’s additionally kindly disposed to the sorcerer.

The Magickal Abilities of Demon Vassago:

The demon Vassago is understood for his capability to see issues of the previous and future. You can name on him to disclose all hidden secrets and techniques to you.  Although there are a lot of different demons with the power to see into the previous and future, Vassago is essentially the most most popular demon for divination and prophecy.  He explains the imaginative and prescient in full element and in addition helps the person in retrieving misplaced gadgets.

When summoned, he will help to enhance the witch’s conversational capability, social confidence, social expertise and quickness of her ideas. Also, he can provoke the overall transformation of the witch right into a horrific and dark being.


  • For this demon, he’s greatest invoked in divination rituals.

The Summoning of Demon Vassago

Vassago is a cool demon to work with but when you need a profitable encounter with him, then you need to perform the next:

  • You ought to hold your physique pure between 4 or extra days previous to the ritual day.
  • A preferable time for summoning this demon is round 2 am
  • Set up your altar and ritual gadgets then deliver an providing or you may negotiate your cost with him.
  • Draw his sigil and in addition put on an enchantment ring.
  • You can write out your request and when all the pieces is prepared, recite the summoning incantation and anticipate him to seem.

While working with this demon, you need to act respectfully and by no means take him as a right. When you try this, he would settle for you with open arms and grant all of your requests.


Offerings to the Demon Vassago: Bone, Cedar, Saffron, Lemon balm, Steel, Tin, Gold, Gilead, Grain of Paradise, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Gilead, and Ambergrise.

Similar Demons to Vassago

  • Agares
  • Paimon
  • Vual
  • Amon
  • Ose

Other demons with the ability of divination:


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Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by Drasmella Black

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