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The time period Uridimmu is a Sumerian phrase coined from Ur-idm (lion/canine) and idim ( raging/mad). When put collectively Uridimmu is used to explain a raging lion or canine. This monster is one of the creatures of Tiamat and it appears to have a reference to the constellation recognized by the Greeks as Wolf (Lupus). Its first look may be traced to the Kassite interval and that’s if Agum Kakrime inscription proves to be a real piece. He is usually paired with Kusarikku, “The Bull Man” and so they function attendants to god Samas.

Just like some monsters and demons, Uridimmu serves as a guardian of temples, houses, and cemeteries. He is normally displayed on doorways the place he serves as a protecting spirit and wards off evil. For instance, in the Sumerian temple of Eninnu, ornaments carved in the kind of this demon had been seen on the door. In Nineveh, on the doorway in Assurbaniapli’s north palace, this demon is carved as a guardian determine. He additionally seems as an intercessor with Marduk and Zarpanitu. During the Neo-Babylonian interval, he was revered in Eanna in Uruk.


Uridimmu may be seen on an Iranian vase standing upright. His higher physique is that of a bearded man sporting a horned cap of divinity and his backside half is a bull. On his hand he holds a workers with crescent moon at its tip. His horned cap of divinity serves as an emblem of earthly energy via the decided will.

In Babylonian mythology, he’s depicted with a human head and torso, arrange on a lion’s hindquarters. Sometimes, he’s thought-about a bringer of well being to the sick. Within magical works, when evoked, he manifests as a black smoke getting into the Temple. He can even seem as a imprecise black form with distinctive canine options. Sometimes, he kinds dark clouds, and different occasions, he crystallizes in the center of the cosmic void. He is thought to be the ruler of the Black Desert.


During rites of evocation, his widespread look is that of an alien hybrid with tentacles and 7 snake heads and every of them has one eye. These heads shoot out from the vortex of black power. When requested by the practitioner to rework into a visual kind, he might change right into a black lion or wolf or a combination of each.

This demon endows the magician with the capacity to see past mundane actuality. He conjures up visions of an Everlasting Night in the Black Desert. When invoked, he rips the practitioner’s flesh, wraps the physique in his black essence, and thru his nuclear power, he transforms his soul. Then, he releases his spirit into the practitioner, and such is an enlightening expertise.

Uridimmu is the Black Wind and his essence can blast the entire universe. His energy can be utilized to trigger large destruction. However, attributable to his huge power, solely a powerful and targeted practitioner can use this power efficiently.

How to Invoke the Spirit of Uridimmu

Items Needed:

  • The sigil of Uridimmu
  • The practitioner’s blood
  • Ritual blade
  • Image of the Key of the Night
  • Parchment


  • Draw the demon’s sigil on the parchment with few drops of your blood or use the blood to hint the strains of the glyph.
  • Use the blooded ritual blade to hint the Key of the Night in entrance of you, above the altar.
  • Envisage it shining with purple fireplace.
  • This will cost the Temple with the essence of the spirit.
  • Stare at the sigil for some minutes whereas chanting the demon’s identify.
  • Visualize how the glyph turns into activated and glows with the essence of the spirit. At this level, a gateway is opened inside your interior thoughts and thru it you shall obtain the power of the demon.
  • When the Temple is totally charged, and you’re prepared to start the invocation, converse the following phrases.


By the Blood of the Dragon which is my very own Essence, And by the Key of the Night,

I name you, Uridimmu!

Fierce Wolf Demon! Messenger of the Void!

Come from the Desert of Night,

Arise from atavistic depths past the stars,

And cloak the earth in terror and gloom!

Come with Hunger and Desire,

And empower me along with your timeless power!

I supply myself to be consumed in your harsh Vacuum,

Which swallows worlds and feeds on souls of the residing!

My physique is a vessel on your formless essence!

Come from the Black City of Pyramids,

From alien wastelands and empty areas,

And grant me the energy to destroy those that oppose me!

Rip their hearts and devour their flesh!

Feast on the souls of my enemies,

And plague them with illness and distress!

Burn their eyes in order that they might not see the Light, And go away them screaming in agony of worry and despair!

Enter this Temple of Flesh,

Forge my Soul via your fearsome rites of abomination,

And intoxicate my goals with visions of primordial Void!

I invoke you in the identify of the Dragon!

In Nomine Draconis! Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Going Further:

Burn the parchment with the sigil and as the smoke arises, it shall carry your needs to be united with the spirit’s essence to the planes. Visualize how the gates of your soul speak in confidence to be full of the essence of this spirit. This would take you right into a trance of possession. At this level, let your consciousness merge with the essence of this demon via visible meditation or sexual ecstasy.

Visualize how the spirit enters your physique like a swirling vortex of power. You shall be enveloped with dense black smoke, wrapping round you and suffocating. At first, you’ll really feel dizzy however when your thoughts is full of this black atavistic power, you primal starvation for important essence and life power could be woke up.

At this level, let the visions movement freely and proceed to discover the powers of this demon which at the moment are yours to command. Let your focus be in your aim. You can use the power of this demon for damaging functions. If your aim is to hurt your goal, visualize your self in the kind of this demon then channel his black cloud power in the direction of your goal. You can use weapons like lashes, or black fireplace to torment your sufferer till his important power is devoured.

In malefic works, Uridimmu assaults his sufferer via the chest, tears his flesh, and feed on his life energies. He goes forward to tear off the sufferer’s coronary heart, devour it and the physique turns black. In actuality, this manifests as a illness or a hearth accident. The sufferer’s soul is torn into items and the flesh is left empty. During this time, in the bodily world, the sufferer may very well be likened to a residing corpse. Then progressively, he withers till the final spark of his life power is consumed and he dies. This is a gradual however agonizing dying.

Whatever is your intention, simply envision it and it is going to be executed. When you would like, you may finish the working and return to your mundane consciousness. Finally, thank the spirit and shut the ritual.


Rituals open the gateways of the soul and people doorways can by no means be closed once more. For that motive, I strongly advise that informal experimentation with these rituals ought to be averted. Due to the advanced nature of this ritual, I might recommend that you’ve some expertise earlier than practising this ritual. Also, whether or not you’re skilled or not, kindly tread with warning as a result of these should not designed for dabblers. They are designed for critical pathworking.


  • Grimoire of Tiamat by Asenath Mason
  • Maskim Hul Babylonian magic by Michael Ford


Source link . Rewritten article. Originally written by Drasmella Black

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