The Updated Past, Present, Future 3-Card Tarot Spread

Past, Present, and Future are ambiguous phrases, so the 3-card unfold may cause confusion. How way back is the previous card referring to? Does the current discuss with this actual second in time, whereas I’m studying the playing cards? And how far into the longer term are we talkin’ right here?

A New Way to Read the Past-Present-Future Spread

Another method to take a look at the Past-Present-Future playing cards is: 1) Where am I coming from? 2) Where am I now? and three) Where am I heading? While which will appear to be symantics or splitting hairs, it’s an essential distinction. Rephrasing the questions this fashion focuses the studying on the querant, slightly than on a time frame.

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How to Read the Updated Three-Card Spread

Shuffle and minimize your playing cards along with your question in thoughts, and think about these questions as you lay the unfold:

🔮 Card 1 “Where am I coming from?” could be considered your basis – the belongings you imagine or have been taught (schooling, faith, custom, and so forth.)

🔮 Card 2 “Where am I now?” is the place your head is at on this current second primarily based in your present setting and circumstances.

🔮 Card 3 “Where am I heading?” is the potential end result of your scenario, primarily based on the motion you’re taking as we speak.

Let’s do this methodology utilizing a pattern 3-card unfold.

Where am I coming from? Where am I now? Where am I heading?

Tarot Exercise

🧙‍♀️ Let’s learn the 3-card unfold pictured above utilizing the up to date definitions of Past-Present-Future. And, let’s connect a query to it: “What do I need to know about my new business idea?”

Card 1: Where am I coming from?

The Queen of Pentacles sits in a flourishing backyard, which represents her nurturing nature. Everything is in bloom, and a rabbit is coming into the scene beside her throne. The throne itself is adorned with wild animals, illustrating her connection to the earth. She is cradling a coin – the pentacle – not in a possessive method, however indicating that she understands its worth in creating safety and is keen to share her abundance.

The go well with of pentacles, or cash, is about sensible issues like funds and profession. And, conventional key phrases for the Queen of Pentacles embody: nurture, deal with residence, safety, and charity. So, once we body up the cardboard on this first place as “Where am I coming from?” (slightly than an ambiguous “past”), and within the context of the query, lets say: At your core, you worth monetary safety. You have lovingly nurtured this new enterprise concept.

Card 2: Where am I now?

The Nine of Wands depicts a person leaning on his workers, wanting matted and injured. At first look, this appears like a dismal scene, however look nearer. Yes, he has a bandage on his head, however he’s nonetheless standing. He’s been via a battle and is stronger for it.

Some conventional key phrases for this card embody resolve, resilience, power, stamina, defensiveness, and highway blocks.

Reading the cardboard on this second place, “Where am I now?” or “Where is my head at?” within the context of the query, lets say: Getting up to now with your small business concept has not been straightforward. You’ve battle arduous, and it appears such as you’ve overcome some obstacles. But, you’re nonetheless standing, and now all of the naysayers (represented by the deserted wands) are nowhere to be discovered. You caught to your weapons and perservered!

Card 3: Where am I heading?

The World card is the twenty second and remaining card within the Major Arcana (it’s numbered 21, as a result of the primary card, The Fool, is numbered zero). It is about completion, success, triumph, reward, and accomplishment. So, if this card lands within the third place, the “future” appears shiny certainly.

But keep in mind, tarot illuminates the trail forward to disclose potential outcomes primarily based in your actions. The tarot doesn’t trump freewill! Also, any card have to be learn in consideration of the opposite playing cards on the desk. So, within the context of the opposite two playing cards on this unfold, and the query requested, lets say: It appears like for those who proceed on this path — sticking to your weapons and never permitting your self to be discouraged — and for those who maintain quick to your values of safety, the world is your oyster and there may be nothing to cease you from succeeding in your small business!

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