The Witches Ladder

A witch’s ladder (also called rope and feathers, witches’ ladder, witches ladder, or witch ladder) is a observe, in folks magic or witchcraft, that’s comprised of knotted twine or hair, that usually constitutes a spell. Charms are knotted utilizing particular magic aims in to the cable, the deliberate consequence based mostly on the quantity of knots and likewise temperament of their charms. It’s considered a dangerous and confidential sort of witchcraft.

Whatever one’s intention is could be made right into a magical spell right into a witches ladder.

TIP: Any intention or drive could be tied or managed by the knot. What separates the magical knot from tying a secular knot is the main focus and intention of the one making the knot.

Black Magic Purposes

It was believed that witches of outdated solid a loss of life spell over an individual by tying the knots after which hiding the twine, and the one strategy to undo the spell was to seek out the secreted twine and untie every knot. I consider this to be true.

Personally, I additionally use the sort of twine/rope spell, a.ok.a. the witches ladder, for cursing spells or a pleasant foundational exercise to loss of life spell works. When casting the sort of spell for a shopper, I’ll inform our shopper that I’ve no intention of preserving the knot so that they higher ensure that this spell is warranted as there isn’t any going again!

Charles Leland documented that his investigations into German witchcraft found a equal form of witches knot, being a “witch’s garland”, assembled utilizing the strand with black bass feathers. A curse was uttered as each knot was tied. Next, it was set below or beneath the goal’s mattress.

Image: Witches Knot as seen in Colles Article

Black Cord; Waxed Cotton

The Witches Ladder in Wicca & Witchcraft

This is also known as twine magick, knot magick or string magic.

One instance of a contemporary witch’s ladder is a string of 40 beads or a twine with 40 knots. Sometimes feathers, bones, and different trinkets are braided into the string as symbols for a desired spell impact. Earlier variations of a witch’s ladder consisted of a rope or twine of three, 9, or 13 knots. In truth in my programs I train that it’s best to use both 9 or 13 knots in your witches ladder spells.

The witch’s ladder could be created a bit at a time or unexpectedly. Either method, particular chants are spoken through the creation course of to empower the talisman to do its creator’s bidding.

According to an article, The Witches’ Ladder,[4] an instance of a witch’s ladder chant and knot placement is as follows:

 “At the tying of the last knot, all the energy is directed into the cord and its knots, with a final visualization of the object of the work. The power has been raised and is now ‘stored’ in these knots in the cord.”

Once completed, the beads or knots of the witch’s ladder allow a witch to focus on repetitive chants or incantation with out having to maintain rely. This permits the witch to focus will and vitality on the specified aim. (2)

Knot charms might probably be designed for features as reducing nervousness, transmitting actually like, ensuring protected touring or producing a relaxed surroundings inside your home. The collection or strand could be drawn up from nearly any supplies, nonetheless pure fibers (for instance, wool, hair, cotton and hemp) are all most well-liked.

Lots of Wiccans proceed to maintain a private ladder for constructive causes.

Basic 9 Knot Spell

Say the incantation when you’re tying of the 9 knots.(1)

  1. Focus in your aim and want, whereas holding a red twine in your arms.
  2. Tie a knot.
  3. Wrap it in material, place it in a magic field and hold it in a secure, safe location.

A Traditional Knot Incantation

By knot of 1, the spell’s begun!
By knot of two, my spell comes true
By knot of three, so mote it’s
By knot of 4, energy I retailer
By knot of 5, my magic is alive
By knot of six, this spell I repair
By knot of seven, this spell I leaven
By knot of eight, it’s destiny
By knot of 9, what’s wished is mine!

Diary of a Gypsy Witch  the Importance of Banishing or Releasing Rituals

Banishing Spell

Binding Spells to Stop Unwanted People or Energy

Are you suspicious about strolling below a ladder?

Talking about ladders….. many individuals are superstitious about strolling below a ladder, and concern they’ve been cursed, or have drawn in direction of them some stage of dangerous luck.

Walking Under Ladders Antidote Spell

Among the most typical superstitions is the concern of strolling beneath a ladder, and lots of will go nicely out of their strategy to keep away from doing so. Should you end up pressured to stroll beneath a ladder there may be an antidote to keep away from dangerous luck.

This spell should be solid if you stroll below the ladder. (1)

  1. Cross your fingers as you strategy the ladder. (If this isn’t doable, a knot could also be made as an alternative.)
  2. Keep your fingers crossed till a canine is noticed.
  3. Once you sight that canine, you’re residence free.
  4. Uncross your fingers; untie your knot.


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