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“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung


The shadow is the “dark side” of our character as a result of it consists mainly of primitive, adverse human feelings and impulses like rage, envy, greed, selfishness, need, and the striving for energy. It is usually known as Inner work, which is the psychological and non secular observe of diving deep into your interior self for the needs of self-exploration.

The shadow doesn’t truly imply the darkness. The shadow means part of your psyche which you’re feeling essentially the most uncomfortable. Generally, it’s the shadow elements of your self that holds a lot of your consideration. Subconsciously and unconsciously, most of the actions you are taking and don’t take consciously are a direct results of the fears out of your shadow!

Therapists typically attempt to assist purchasers to remodel their emotional struggling (shadow) into well-being (freedom) via consciousness and alter of behaviors that don’t finally serve their targets.

You possibly questioning why it is best to even contemplate doing such an emotionally draining train?

On the lighter aspect, might I counsel that it’s going to allow you to construct your relationship with the God or Goddess. Most of the time we’re approaching the traditional Gods with a request, on account of a spell or a ritual we want to carry out. Working in your shadow self provides you a chance to develop a deeper and extra weak relationship with spirit.

On the deeper aspect, listed below are some further advantages you’ll expertise on account of working in your shadow:

  1. Improve your relationships as you should have much less private battle
  2. enhance your confidence
  3. develop self-knowledge
  4. improve your bodily and psychological vitality
  5. transfer in the direction of psychological integration a.ok.a. wholeness
  6. consider your creativity
  7. dissolve inside resistance to vary
  8. Have some compassion for your self

How can the shadow self have an effect on your relationship?

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

– Norman Cousins

In this instance, the place one individual is “resentfully compliant” by doing what their accomplice desires, whereas they’re “resentful about doing it”. Resentment falls to shadow. The resentful individual might say to themselves, “oh, it doesn’t matter that my partner is getting their way again, it’s no big deal”, (ego deflation) when genuinely, resentment grows into an enormous deal as a result of their true emotions are denied. The outcome can typically be passive-aggressive conduct. The different accomplice might imagine that there’s nothing fallacious with being persistent and that getting their manner is an indication of energy (ego inflation). Oftentimes that ego inflation comes out of a profound concern and vulnerability. Most of the time, with out realizing how they’re complicit within the poisonous setting of the connection each events proceed to undertaking their feelings out onto the opposite.

All we deny in ourselves—no matter we understand as inferior, evil, or unacceptable—develop into a part of the shadow.

Anything incompatible with our chosen acutely aware perspective about ourselves relegates to this dark aspect.

The private shadow is the disowned self. This shadow self represents the components of us we not declare to be our personal, together with inherent constructive qualities.

These unexamined or disowned components of our character don’t go wherever. Although we deny them in our try and forged them out, we don’t eliminate them.

We repress them; they’re a part of our unconscious. Think of the unconscious as every thing we’re not acutely aware of.

We can’t eradicate the shadow. It stays with us as our dark brother or sister. Trouble arises once we fail to spot it. For then, to make certain, it’s standing proper behind us.

The end result of inspecting oneself and dealing with what has occurred in a single’s life, nonetheless, provides an individual freedom to create change and use the wealth of vitality that was tied up in shadow.

Examples of Shadow Characteristics 

This checklist solely explores the dark aspect of the shadow, not the sunshine aspect (the place the constructive repressed qualities of our nature are buried). Some overlap with one another and plenty of are interconnected, which means that it’s not unusual to own greater than quite a lot of totally different Shadows:

Shadow Self:  Control freak

This individual shows the next traits: suspicious, jealous, possessive, bossy, obsessive.

Root trigger: primary distrust of life, emotions of abandonment and “not being good enough”

Shadow Self:  the exhausting cynic

This individual shows the next traits: adverse, overcritical, patronizing, resentful, cantankerous.

Root trigger: safety in opposition to feeling too weak

Shadow Self: egotistical arsehole

This individual shows the next traits: vanity, egocentricity, pompousness, inconsiderateness, self-indulgence, narcissism, extreme pleasure.

Root trigger: primal concern of “not being good enough”; not present, being no person

Shadow Self:  Neurotic Nightmare

This individual shows the next traits: paranoia, obsessiveness, suspiciousness, finicky, demanding, masochistic, compulsive conduct.

Root trigger: concern of life, others, and self; need to regain management

Shadow Self: shifty particular person

This individual shows the next traits: secretive, impulsive, frivolous, irresponsible, deceitful, unreliable.

Root trigger: concern of life basically

Shadow Self:insecure introvert

This individual shows the next traits: moody, melodramatic, manipulative, weepy, overemotional, impulsive, changeable.

Root trigger: primary feeling of being “unlovable” and powerless; response to unresolved emotional ache

Shadow Self: Tough As Nails

This individual shows the next traits: ruthless, vengeful, bitchy, quick-tempered, quarrelsome.

Root trigger: concern of others, distrust of life, closed coronary heart

Shadow Self: complete intolerance

This individual shows the next traits: uptight, illiberal, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, obstinate, uncompromising, rigid, narrow-minded.

Root trigger: concern and rejection of the unknown.

Shadow Self: Nothing Matters

This individual shows the next traits: emotionally indifferent, distant, detached, uncaring, unexcited.

Root trigger: buried grief, concern, and disgrace (numbness is a protection)

Shadow Self: sexual fiend

This individual shows the next traits: sadistic, lustful, wicked, corrupt.

Root trigger: repressed sexual vitality, attainable unresolved childhood wounds

Shadow Self: Carefree

This individual shows the next traits: puerile, petty, immature, illogical, simpleminded, vacuous.

Root trigger: refusal to develop up, lack of individuated ego

30-DAY RITUAL to work in your Shadow Self

I couldn’t consider a greater title of the fly, so this may stick for now 🙂

My suggestion is to carry out this train every single day for a interval of 1 month. It doesn’t matter which day you start this ritual, as you may be working via the entire moon phases over the subsequent 30 to 31 days.

Keep the Ritual brief and doc your emotions and correspondences on the finish of your ritual. The aim is to assist to advertise your psychological and non secular well-being as you discover steadiness in your magical life. On a direct be aware, you’ll by no means achieve success in witchcraft or occultism should you wouldn’t have steadiness. Your fears won’t enable you spiritually evolve and you’ll keep within the sea of needing approval.

On a deeper stage, you’ll maintain reincarnating till you have got a non secular awakening on this space.

IDEA – chances are you’ll want to have a pen and paper close to to you, as some individuals discover it useful to put in writing down their ideas throughout this course of.

  1. Position your self in entrance of a picture of the God or Goddess whom you want to work with at this second. If you want to problem your self, select a God or a goddess which you’d usually by no means need to work with in such a fashion. Perhaps select a attribute of that God or goddess by which you personally need to be extra like in your personal life. eg;
    • Thoth was stated to own data of magic and secrets and techniques unavailable to the opposite gods.
    • Hecate (Hekate) is a goddess of Greek mythology able to each good and evil. She was related with witchcraft, magic, the Moon….
    • Aphrodite is the traditional Greek goddess of affection, magnificence, pleasure, and procreation.
    • Lucifer, bringing the reality from the darkness into the sunshine.
  2. In entrance of the image or statue, place a candle. It doesn’t matter which candle coloration you select. Light the candle.
  3. Sit in silence for a couple of minutes simply staring on the flame of the candle or on the statue when you regulate your respiratory. You want to regulate your boredom, or the necessity to verify your telephone to inform different individuals that you’re truly doing this train 🙂
  4. Don’t try to overthink what you have been doing. Say a constructive mantra similar to “I am okay”. Saying one thing easy similar to a press release that you’re alive and capable of sit in entrance of the candle at this second in time is the reality. If you say different constructive affirmations, these could be considered by the unconscious as one other phony try at self-delusion. You can repeat this again and again in your thoughts, till you imagine that you’re truly okay and provides your self logic as to why are you’re okay at this cut-off date. A preferred phrase for that is mindfulness, the place are you’re presently connecting to what you’re doing on this very second. (this isn’t casting a spell the place you’re stating the petition as a constructive end result).
  5. If you’re fully new to the sort of train, or in case your thoughts is clean, chances are you’ll want to flip to the God or Goddess, and ask “What would you like me to know proper now? 
    • Sometimes the solutions gained’t come to you immediately, generally the reply is to take a seat in silence. However should you do really feel a suggestion come into the again of your thoughts, write it down earlier than you course of it!
  6. When you’re prepared, enable your self to consider all of the qualities that you just dislike in different individuals. Continue, and take into consideration the qualities that you just hate/dislike about your self. It is usually uncomfortable to return to phrases with your disowned ideas and emotions, and that is the rationale why the ego invests a lot of its time repressing these emotions and ideas.
    • As Jung is usually quoted saying: Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.
    • It’s useful to take 5 or ten minutes to mirror in your interactions with others and your associated reactions. It might be very troublesome to take a seat for five to 10 minutes in your personal fact, permitting the unconscious and the unconscious to deal with the ego in actual time!
    • Focus on what and who evokes an emotional cost in you. It doesn’t matter what the emotion is; it’s a clue you’re denying one thing inside you.
    • An instance: say that you just’re judging a buddy for being lazy. Maybe they’re sitting round and never taking motion and you may’t stand the sort of behaviour in a person. Think a few time in your life if you end up lazy possibly it goes again into your childhood? Did you wish to sit round on the sofa and watch TV? Why was that? Someone else’s laziness wouldn’t trouble you except you’re repressing your personal laziness. Once you see the laziness inside, you’ll have much less frustration with your buddy.
    • As Jung is usually quoted saying:

      Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

  7. Challenge the aspect of your character you imagine is fabulous. Maybe different individuals have informed you that you’re a good individual, a beneficiant individual, a loving individual and so forth. But you recognize that your ideas and your actions don’t measure as much as this description others have of you. This intensified the cut up between our acutely aware id and our shadow.
    • Make a listing of all your constructive qualities. Then, spotlight the other. Try to establish the other inside your self. For instance, should you outline your self as a disciplined individual, you’re repressing your lazy half. The lazy half is hiding within the shadow. The disowned is influencing your conduct and continually difficult your disciplined half. So establish with this lazy half. See it. Accept it. Make mates with it. It’s okay to be lazy too.
  8. Engage in dialogue. Sometimes that is known as discuss remedy or Empty Chair Work, however on this instance, you’ll be doing it with the God or your Goddess of selection. By dialoguing with the varied components of our shadow, we will combine them into our acutely aware thoughts.
  9. Accept and re-integrate – that is turning into one with your self or self integration. Be just like the Baphomet!
  10. Take Notes: If you haven’t executed so already it is advisable take notes proper now earlier than you start on every other exercise. Write them as you suppose them and don’t edit your writing as you’re writing! This writing is for you and it’s vital that you just doc your journey.

Relationship Shadow Work

The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

If you need a step-by-step technique for working with your shadow, attempt the 3-2-1 Shadow Process developed by integral philosophy Ken Wilber in Integral Life Practice.

Here are the fundamental steps:

Step 1: Choose what you wish to work with. It’s typically simpler to start with an individual with whom you have got issue (e.g., accomplice, relative, boss).

This individual might irritate, disturb, annoy, or upset you. Or possibly you’re feeling interested in, obsessed with, infatuated with, or possessive about this individual.

Choose somebody with whom you have got a robust emotional cost, whether or not constructive or adverse.

Step 2: Face it: Now, think about this individual. Describe these qualities that the majority upset you, or the traits you’re most interested in utilizing Third-person language (he, she, it).

Talk about them out loud or write it down in a journal. Express your emotions.

Don’t calculate say the proper factor. There is not any have to be good. The individual you’re describing won’t ever see this.

Step 3: Talk to it: Dialogue with this individual in your creativeness. Speak in the 2nd individual to this individual (utilizing “you” language).

Talk on to this individual as if she or he was there. Tell them what bothers you about them.

Ask them questions similar to:

  • Why are you doing this to me?
  • What would you like from me?
  • What are you attempting to point out me?
  • What do you must train me?

Imagine their response to those questions. Speak that imaginary response out loud. Record the dialog in your journal should you like.

Step 4: Be it: Become this individual. Take on the qualities that both annoy or fascinate you.

Embody the traits you described in step 2. Use 1st-person language ( I, me, mine).

This might really feel awkward, and it ought to. The traits you take on are the precise traits you have got been denying in your self.

Use statements similar to:

  • I’m indignant.
  • I’m jealous.
  • I’m radiant.

Fill within the clean with no matter qualities you’re working with: “I am __________.”

Step 5: Notice these disowned qualities in your self.

Experience the a part of you that’s this trait. Avoid making the method summary or conceptual: simply BE it.

Now you possibly can re-own and combine this high quality in your self.


Final Suggestion:

If you discover shadow work too troublesome to do by your self, and you can’t afford to see a therapist, the subsequent really useful motion could be to attempt hypnotherapy. I personally advocate this website – Uncommon Knowledge, as it’s operated by 4 hypnotherapists, who’ve handled over 5,000 sufferers in private 1:1 remedy.

“Emotional problems work much more on the “feeling level” than the “thinking level” which is why simply attempting to suppose otherwise is so exhausting when attempting to raise, for instance, panic attacks or emotions of low self price or phobias. We use hypnosis that can assist you really feel totally different shortly which then makes you think differently a few state of affairs. This is a a lot simpler and extra pure manner of lifting issues. But we additionally perceive that persons are not simply ‘hypnotic’ which is why our periods additionally deal with pondering types and easy methods to change them and encourage wholesome behaviour sooner or later.”

I’ve despatched lots of my sufferers to particular hypnotherapy recordings over the years they usually have discovered hypnotherapy to be useful. It’s sort of like guided meditation!

Recommended books on shadow work

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover. by Moore and Gillette.

Moore has outlined the construction of the psyche in archetypal phrases. Moore means that the 4 major archetypes of the psyche are the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover. Each archetype possesses qualities we outline as the very best attributes of mature maturity. But for every constructive archetype, there’s a harmful shadow. And not only one shadow, however two: an lively aspect and passive aspect (bipolar). For instance, the shadows of the King is the Tyrant and the Weakling. The shadows of the Warrior are the Sadist and Masochist. Getting to know these bipolar shadows makes it simpler to establish their ideas and behavioral patterns inside your self.

How to be an Adult: A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration by David Richo

One of crucial books for each grownup, no matter their age. This little e book is packed with concise psychological practices for working with adverse feelings and rising into maturity (which doesn’t occur by itself).




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