What happens when you die? Part 3: The Time of Death

So what happens when you truly shut your eyes for the ultimate time? Is that the tip of the present? Do you lay in limbo ready for some kind of resurrection? Does purgatory have your identify on the door? Are you immediately reworked into one other physique? Is Satan ready on your arrival, able to burn your soul within the everlasting fires of hell?

As a younger woman, my Daddy would all the time inform me that when I die, I’ll grow to be worm meals. Everything was mentioned in jest, much like a Monty Python skit. Still, the data was amusing and but mortifying. During this time, I used to be additionally visually seeing spirit. So I knew with no shred of doubt, that life existed past bodily dying. As a younger pagan, with out all of the terminology for what I used to be experiencing, I knew with no shred of doubt, that every ingredient had a bodily impact on the surroundings, and on myself. So, although my father was telling me my future was to grow to be worm meals, I didn’t have concern as I revered the unknown and knew all of us had some goal past bodily dying.

Now as an older and skilled occultist, I’ve somewhat extra context for what we might maybe expertise as soon as we die. I don’t profess to have all of the solutions, and I don’t assume there is only one reply. I do imagine we have to be conscious of not needing a definitive reply for the aim of feeling glad with the reply to this everlasting query. I do know, that every soul is exclusive and the journey of that soul is equally as distinctive.

What happens to you on the time of your dying

When you die the soul breaks away from the bodily physique. It can really feel like a “peeling away”, some folks say it feels prefer it’s ripping away, from the physique. Once you go away the bodily physique you start the journey. Many folks describe the journey as travelling in the direction of the sunshine of some kind. Typically it’s described as travelling by a tunnel or a passage earlier than arriving in some unspecified time in the future.

Then, you arrive at “the destination” the place you will discover different people who we’ll name “the greeters.” The Greeters are usually different departed souls, who’re by some means linked to your loved ones line. You might indirectly recognise who they’re, however they know you. This immediately offers you with some stage of consolation. They might present imagery or present different optimistic and comforting vibes to assist you ease into this journey. The imagery and the vibe can be completely different for every particular person. The aim is to make you really feel relaxed by offering consolation whereas you transition.

Once you start to chill out, your soul reconnects with the larger universe. Time, area, dimension is skilled, and you perceive that your soul is now importing and reconnecting with what I’ll name “the everything.” Everybody appears to have a unique identify for what you’re experiencing presently. Some folks will name it heaven, I similar to to name it “the waiting bay.” The feeling when you hit the ready bay is full consolation. There’s no extra psychological or bodily torture as a result of you know you have fulfilled no matter mission you have been attempting to realize when you are again on the earth, and now you really feel like you’re lastly residence.

Some folks should still have a bodily connection to what’s taking place to the bodily physique. It will depend on how you truly die. You might bodily look down at your lifeless physique (much like what you would do if astral projecting), or maybe you simply really feel what’s being executed to your bodily physique by others (reminiscent of a physician ought to you be receiving medical therapy throughout this time.)

The Near-Death Experience

It’s at this level the place I imagine some folks, and I stress some folks, could have a alternative on if they’ll return to their bodily physique. I imagine that call is more durable to make if “the greeters” are people whom you have been near throughout your lifetime. For instance, if you have been married to your soulmate, and he died, and you have discovered it very onerous to proceed dwelling, ought to you end up at dying’s door, maybe you will select to proceed previous the ready bay and enter the astral plain completely. In one other frequent instance, if you are affected by most cancers or another horrible illness the place dying is shut, the greeter might encourage you to return over to the opposite facet versus staying within the bodily physique and proceed to endure. Once you transcend a sure level, there isn’t any turning again.

Other folks will return to the bodily physique whether it is deemed by the religious world that dying is premature and there’s extra for the soul to realize on this lifetime on the bodily aircraft. The identify we at the moment give to this expertise is known as a near-death expertise (NDE).

The near-death expertise explains how consciousness or our soul vitality, is distinct and separate from our bodily physique. If you’re having a close to dying expertise, medical professionals and even others who see you not respiratory and never bodily functioning might say that you are lifeless. But as a result of the soul is a separate entity out of your physique, and remains to be hanging across the physique throughout this time, ought to the soul reconnect with the physique, some folks can keep in mind the expertise of dying, and the method of heading in the direction of the ready room.

In many conditions throughout a close to dying expertise, you might discover the greeters can be on the level of crossover, watching you, maybe encouraging you to battle for all times or to cross over to the opposite facet with them. Individuals who’re round you throughout this time may additionally see ghosts, varied apparitions, and different entities who’re at this level of time the place a person is leaving the soul.

Religion & Death

The query round particular non secular beliefs and what happens upon dying are also necessary to the touch upon right here. Quite merely, when you die, your non secular persuasion is insignificant and has nothing to do with what’s going to occur upon your dying. There just isn’t a separate ready room for Muslim folks, a separate ready room for Jewish folks, a separate ready room for each different non secular idea.

Religion is a man-made assemble to assist us really feel protected and linked. Most individuals are born into a particular faith, and so they comply with that faith to remain in alignment with their household, and the customs, beliefs, and values of the larger neighborhood. The religious world doesn’t care what you did within the bodily physique. So it doesn’t matter what you did to please any God whereas possessing the bodily physique, it’ll haven’t any profit when you truly die.

The soul journey is identical for nearly each soul! Almost? Yes, if you are a spellcaster or perhaps a tarot reader you could also be concerned with studying what happens to us.

Enter the Witch 

As a religious practitioner, I’m eternally astounded and stunned by the miracles from the religious world. In particular witchcraft practices, when we work together with the spirit guides, and different religious guides throughout occasions of sickness and dying, we will “request” the person be saved from dying presently.

I’ll say with none doubt, that when we request a person keep on the bodily aircraft and never cross over previous the ready room, there does appear to be a tag or mark on the person, the place the religious world can be on the lookout for causes to cross the person again over to the religious world ought to they not be worthy to proceed the soul journey on the earthly aircraft.

When we petition the religious world to take any person over into the ready room, I don’t imagine the expertise for that particular person can be optimistic reminiscent of travelling by a passage of calming imagery and being met by a “greeter”.

For us who change bodily actuality with our magical practices, we would discover that particular entities of many differing kinds could be there to see us as soon as we die. There is not any judgement on white or black magic, so for these of you who at the moment disguise underneath the banner of white magic or tarot studying and assume that you are safer than us who’re within the dark arts, assume once more as you are very incorrect. With the lifting of the veil to the religious worlds, religious forces can be concerned with the place you are going, and what you’ll be doing.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, some folks need to cling round right here on this bodily aircraft for some time longer, and this may be for a number of causes. The ghost is an individual who died but retains the soul linked to this bodily aircraft.

How does this occur? This is a good thriller and there are such a lot of theories on why the ghost hangs round a sure place till it’s dismissed. Some will say that ghost has unfinished enterprise, different folks say that people who suicide haven’t fulfilled their life goal, and can’t cross over into the ready room.

I perceive that this weblog submit might have raised extra questions than present you with solutions, therefore why we’ll discover my ideas on what happens when you die throughout a number of posts within the coming months.

If you have any questions or feedback, please do share your ideas within the feedback part under. I’ll say that you don’t must agree with me, and I do worth all views. My lens into the religious world is with a filter of each witchcraft and occultism. Your view is greater than welcome.

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