What happens when you die? Part One: Coping with Loss

In this sequence, we’re going to discover the delicate and but attention-grabbing topic of what happens after you die. We will talk about ways in which you can join with your beloved who has handed over and in addition discover explanation why you might not be capable of join with your departed beloved one. We will even take a look at what you’re planning in your personal departure!

Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

Few issues examine to the ache of shedding somebody you love. While there’s no approach to keep away from intense emotions of grief, there are more healthy methods to come back to phrases with your loss.

Whether it’s an in depth good friend, partner, accomplice, mother or father, baby, or one other relative, the demise of a beloved one can really feel overwhelming. Bereavement isn’t restricted to the demise of an individual. For many people, our pets are additionally shut companions or members of the family. So, when a pet dies, you can expertise comparable emotions of grief, ache, and loss.

The depth of your emotions typically relies on the circumstances of your beloved’s demise, how a lot time you spent anticipating their loss, your relationship to them, and your earlier experiences of bereavement. Of course, simply as no two relationships are the identical, no two losses are ever the identical, both. The extra vital the individual was in your life and the extra emotions you had for them—no matter their relationship to you—the higher the influence their loss is prone to have.

You might expertise waves of intense and really tough feelings, starting from profound unhappiness, vacancy, and despair to shock, numbness, guilt, or remorse. You would possibly rage on the circumstances of your beloved’s demise—your anger targeted on your self, docs, different family members, or God. You might even discover it tough to simply accept the individual is absolutely gone, or battle to see how you can ever get better and transfer on out of your loss.[1]

Whatever your relationship with the one that died, it’s vital to do not forget that all of us grieve in several methods. There’s no single approach to react. When you lose somebody vital in your life, it’s okay to really feel how you really feel. Some folks specific their ache by crying, others by no means shed a tear—however that doesn’t imply they really feel the loss any much less.

Coping with loss when you’re not training “organised religion”

Most of us studying this data on this web site have determined to go away mainstream faith. If not bodily, then mentally transfer out of pondering that Jesus or another disciple is coming for his or her soul. When a beloved one dies, it could possibly check your beliefs, as predominantly you want to consider that your beloved is now in a “better place”. So how do you mentally course of what actually happens to your beloved now that they’re gone from this earth?

I actually consider it’ll rely upon which non secular system you are following at this time limit. For instance, the Church of Satan doesn’t even have a set of beliefs concerning the afterlife. Simply put, demise actually is the top [2]. Peter H. Gilmore wrote in his guide, The Satanic Scriptures: 

“Satanism is for the living. If we can, we will cheat death at every turn, to continue living well. When someone we cherish dies, we regret the loss of a worthy companion. When we die, the end of consciousness is upon us, and we cannot experience what happens amongst those who succeed us. Life cycles endlessly, and we are part of this process. So we enjoy the here and now, and do not look for a fictive afterlife.”

It’s vital to know that not all Satanists consider demise is the top. Theistic Satanism, in any other case known as non secular Satanism, non secular Satanism, or conventional Satanism, follow varied types of spiritualism and magic, and the beliefs round demise and the afterlife are extraordinarily numerous. One ought to research and analysis deeply to discover the choices. Understand that you don’t have to follow underneath any system, somewhat comply with your individual coronary heart and your individual journey if you so want.

If you are caught someplace in between detaching out of your previous non secular beliefs and researching the place you ought to land subsequent, you may very well be feeling further confusion. During the method of grieving, you shouldn’t put any further strain on your self at the moment. Go again to what you know, because the recognized rituals can carry you nice consolation. There might be time for you to course of your beliefs on demise and dying at a later time. But the time isn’t proper now. Be variety to your self, and give attention to the method of grieving.

Perhaps your loved ones is training their very own type of non secular ceremony  – ought to you take part? Is this dishonoring Lucifer? Personally, I consider in going with the stream. I’m very respectful of the non secular practices of others round me, and wouldn’t interject my very own private opinion except it was requested of me to take action. I’ll say, that there are components of sure non secular ceremonies that I cannot partake. It is one factor for me to be in attendance, displaying my respect, however I cannot take part with prayers or another actions which dishonour my very own non secular beliefs.


The phrase prayer can typically be a grimy phrase to the LHP.  Some search to take away any means by which they’re managed or repressed by others, and reject all previous terminology linked to suppressive religions. However, the phrase prayer means “a request for help” or “an expression of thanks”. Personally, I request assist from lots of my historic gods every day, so it is sensible that I might attain out and request assist from Lucifer or another spirit whom I work with, throughout a time of non-public grief.

Grieving the lack of one thing you love is a time of nice loneliness. Even if you are in a room stuffed with household and pals additionally grieving the lack of that beloved one, the person who has handed might have had a particular relationship with you, that solely you and the non secular world can perceive. Prayer is that bridge that helps you join your thoughts, the spirit, and the good past!

I encourage you to hunt books, prayers, and little rituals for each main human occasion. This generally is a prolonged venture to undertake, however it’s a fantastic course of to carry you enrichment and connection to your left-hand path non secular practices.

S.Conolly, in her guide Modern Demonology presents these prayers:

Funeral Oration

In darkness there comes a ray of sunshine within the promise of rebirth foretold by our dark Lords. Hail Eurynomous and Baalberith. May Babael preserve this burial place sacred and unsoiled. I pray you Lord Eurynomous for my family members secure passage to Unsere who brings life from desolence.

Death of a Child

Lord Baalberith, please watch over this little baby. (S)he has come to you in demise. As protector of souls consolation and information her to her resting place. May Babael guard her that no hurt shall befall her. A life so younger forsaken. We weep and discover consolation in figuring out she is now, and ever shall be amongst kindred. As her vitality was in life so it returns to its supply. Blessed are the kids for his or her innocence. Blessed is that this baby. Lord Eurynomous defend and preserve her, so be it.

Death of a Pet

Even although this mere creature of Belial was not a person nor lady, (s)he was my good friend and companion in life. Now, our Lord Eurynomous has taken her soul in peaceable relaxation. Thus we lay her to the bottom, to the earth from whence she got here. In sorrow we launch her and in pleasure can we have a good time the daybreak of her passing. Blessed are the beasts for his or her love in unconditional. Blessed are the beasts for his or her judgment lyes in fact. Protect and preserve her, so be it.



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Hypnosis can actually assist you deal with the psychological and emotional points throughout grief. Click on any heading beneath for extra data.

As with grieving for human family members, therapeutic from the lack of an animal companion takes time, however there are methods to manage with your grief.

The shock following a suicide can appear overwhelming. As effectively as mourning the lack of your beloved, you may additionally be struggling to come back to phrases with the character of their demise and the stigma that suicide can nonetheless carry. While you might at all times be left with some unanswered questions on your beloved’s suicide, there are methods to resolve your grief and even achieve some stage of acceptance.

Family Member Suicide


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