Witch Tools – A Shopping List For Witches


Witch Tools are important.  Whether you’re a Solitary Witch, training alone together with your curtains drawn or a member of a Coven, celebrating your wildness round a blazing bonfire in an open discipline, you’ll have to have the correct instruments for the job.  As with all articles on the Craft, I prefer to remind everybody that there are numerous opinions and numerous alternative ways to follow.  This logic holds the identical for instruments of the commerce; some Witches would possibly place increased worth on one instrument versus one other and a few would possibly low cost that instrument altogether.  This record incorporates a common description of the fundamental instruments essential to follow Witchcraft.  They are in no specific order.

Witch Tools – More Than Just Wands and Brooms


The Witch’s wand is a sacred object and to not be shared, used, and even dealt with by anybody apart from the proprietor.  The wand itself will not be magickal however serves as an extension of the Witch that concentrates and directs each power and intention.  Because they’re so private, wands are various in what materials they’re manufactured from, what decorations they’ve, size, thickness, coloration and extra.  A wand might be bought or crafted and manufactured from wooden, steel, bone, or anything that the Witch can dream up.  Once a wand is consecrated and charged together with your private power, it have to be handled with reverence.  If you have an interest in making you personal wand, this link can supply some steerage to get you began.


A besom is a kind of broom which is basically a bundle of twigs tied to a stout deal with, which have been related to Witches for a whole lot of years.  It was an merchandise present in each family and utilized typically by the ladies who lived there.  Since a lot of the girls accused of being a Witch had a brush, it turned without end tied to the story as the first instrument of Witches.  When mixed with the story of them concocting flying ointment after which retreating on those self same brooms, it turned everlasting.  Modern day Witches use the broom primarily for cleaning by sweeping away the negativity.


A Witches altar is well described as a workspace for training the craft.  Even although some older beliefs have a selected format of the way it ought to look, most trendy Witches let their very own power information them in what goes on it. With that being stated, no two are alike.  Some of the objects which might adorn an Altar are a cup, bowl, salt, flowers, herbs, ceremonial instruments, spell substances, and lots of extra.  Although it isn’t essential to have an altar to follow Witchcraft, it’s endorsed.  By the act of choosing out a devoted sacred house and stocking it with the required instruments, the Witch will be capable of deal with the duty at hand in a snug and secure house.  This will create familiarity and confidence because the Witch progresses via their improvement.


A bell is utilized in rituals to drive away negativity and it’s believed that evil spirits are unable to face the excessive-pitched sound and dissipate upon listening to the tone.  A bell can also be utilized in invocations and for sound cleaning.  Ringing a bell can also be frequent within the opening or closing of sure ceremonies or rituals.  Bells might be constructed of many alternative supplies; nonetheless, silver and iron are thought of essentially the most favored alternative.


This is a ceremonial knife with a double-sided blade, about 7 to 10 inches in size, normally with a black deal with.  It is commonly used to chop issues as a part of a ritual, or to carve symbols into candles or different objects which might be a part of a spell.  They are additionally used to direct power and generally to chop a gap in a sacred circle.  Modern practitioners typically interchange this magickal instrument with a wand.  There is a few debate about how sacred this instrument must be handled, with some practitioners utilizing it for under particular ceremonial features and others utilizing it for mundane issues and common slicing duties.

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The Boline can also be a knife, however normally smaller than the Athame and has a curved blade and most frequently a white deal with (however not at all times).  Depending in your faculty of thought and follow, you might or might not have this merchandise in your magickal toolkit.  If you consider the Athame is mundane, then you definately probably received’t have a Boline, since your slicing wants will likely be attended to with the one instrument.  But if you happen to suppose in a different way, then you definately’ll use the Boline to chop herbs, do carving, and different magickal work such because the slicing of cords or doing inscriptions.

witch tools


A cauldron is a big steel pot (most frequently forged iron) with a lid and deal with, which was initially utilized by our ancestors for cooking over an open hearth.  The cauldron symbolized life, because it was used for making ready meals, and generally by no means emptied utterly.  As extra turned accessible, girls discovered cooking and brewing a lot simpler.  Since it was troublesome to inform what was within the pot, an air of secrecy developed as properly.  Over time it got here to be related to girls’s magic which finally advanced in Witchcraft.  Today trendy Witches see the cauldron because the Divine Feminine or the womb, from which life, magic, and transformation can happen.


There aren’t any restrictions or guidelines on what sort of chalice or cup you select to make a part of your follow.  Many traditionalists use a goblet or a ingesting horn.  Some are very plain, whereas others are ornate and grandiose.  It solely wants to carry liquid to be efficient.  A silver chalice is an excellent alternative in my view.  One factor to be cautious of when selecting a cup is to keep away from brass or unlined copper as they’ll react with some liquids and ingesting from them could also be dangerous to your well being.


Candles are available in all shapes, sizes and colours and are a key factor in spellcraft, ceremonies, and invocations.  At the minimal, a practitioner ought to have 4 quarter candles; normally sturdy ones that keep lit within the wind.  These must be red (south), green (north), blue (west), and yellow (east).  If your follow is concentrated on a selected deity, then it’s best to have a corresponding candle to signify them.  I take advantage of a 3-wick massive white candle in all my ceremonies as a logo of the Goddess.  Other smaller candles are utilized in many different workings, so be at liberty to refill on them in assorted colours.  If you’d like extra data, please learn Candle Colors and Their Magickal Meanings


Having a provide of fundamental herbs is a should, in addition to some information on how and when to make use of them.  Herbs have been used for hundreds of years in each a medicinal capability and for spellwork.  Some of the fundamental ones that each Witch ought to have of their cupboard are Basil, Sage, Chamomile, Mugwort, Nettle, Damiana, Rose (petals), Yarrow, Bay Leaf, Rosemary, Mint and Lavendar.  Many Witches develop their very own herbs to make sure a gradual provide and constant high quality.  An skilled Witch might have a number of hundred herbs, roots, or different dried plant matter at their disposal.

Black Salt

Witches Black Salt is without doubt one of the best objects to acquire/craft.  It is primarily used for cover.  You can discover detailed directions for making it at this hyperlink.  It can also be used to cleanse and in banishment rituals.  Some Witches use ritual Black Salt to kind the perimeter of a sacred circle and to guard their property or houses by pouring a line of it throughout home windows and different entranceways.  There are quite a few recipes for making this product, and to a big diploma many are personalised.  There isn’t any ‘official’ recipe, simply make sure your intent is concentrated when making a batch.


Of all of the symbols discovered on this planet, the 5-pointed star inside a circle is without doubt one of the most typical.  The Pentacle and Pentagram have typically been thought of the identical object, however that’s not completely correct.  They are generally essentially the most well-known symbols of Witchcraft however have variations.  The Pentagram is a bodily object, a 5-pointed star with a single level on high inside a circle. In Witchcraft it’s symbolic of the mysteries of creation and related to the weather.  An upside-down Pentagram is named an Inverted Pentagram.  Pentagrams are used as a protecting talisman most frequently.

A Pentacle is a picture, typically carved, drawn, etched, or inscribed onto a spherical disc.  It might be created from quite a lot of supplies and sometimes is a focus of an altar. There are quite a few Pentacles that comprise different magickal symbols and there’s no requirement for a star within the closing product.  They are utilized in rites and rituals for consecration, evocation, transformation, and banishment.

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A brazier is basically a steel bowl or pan that’s used to burn issues in.  They might be as massive as transportable hearth pits, or sufficiently small to carry in your hand.  The identify is derived from the fabric they have been most-generally manufactured from way back, brass.  When you can’t construct a bonfire or have to carry out a spell that requires hearth, in a rush, this merchandise will rapidly present its worth to your toolkit. There are additionally incense burners that are referred to as braziers.

Smudging Supplies

Smudging is a sacred ceremony by which herbs are burned to cleanse, clear, and shield the world or individuals being smudged.  Although rooted in Native American tradition, smudging has been adopted by trendy practitioners of Witchcraft and different metaphysical practices.  The most typical merchandise used is White Sage, which has been discovered to have constructive results on those that encounter it being burnt.  Other frequent objects used for smudging rituals are Palo Santo Wood, Mullein, Red Cedar, Rosemary, Sweetgrass, Lavender, or a mess of others both alone or together.  A information to smudging might be discovered here.


Many spells and rituals require stones and crystals to carry out.  A crystal is an umbrella time period for quite a lot of geologic formations. Geodes, metals, gems, minerals, and extra. They have a direct reference to the earth itself.  Many contemplate them a container for magickal power. They might be charged and used appropriately as wanted.  A stone is a concretion of earthy or mineral matter.  Stones could be a single materials or combos of supplies compressed and shaped over hundreds of years, in nature.  Precious stones resembling diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are utilized in spellwork in addition to frequent objects resembling agate or obsidian.  A Witch ought to at all times preserve a provide of each readily available.

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In many rituals, members are requested to put in writing issues down and burn them.  It’s typically a symbolic illustration on issues that are burdensome or now not serving the individual and have to be banished without end.  There isn’t any particular sort of paper that you’ll want to have.  Some Witches use parchment or different particular paper, which have significance to them or their follow.  The similar goes for the stylus.  A #2 pencil can be utilized simply the identical as an elaborate quill pen.

witch tools

Mortar & Pestle

A mortar and pestle are an absolute should to have in your toolkit.  It is an historic implement normally manufactured from stone or wooden.  The deep bowl is the mortar the membership is the pestle.  In spellwork, you can see this instrument invaluable for crushing herbs and roots to mix with different substances.  It will also be helpful in your kitchen to make use of for crushing spices to carry out their taste.

Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is a sacred object, and if taken care of correctly, will regularly develop is energy.  It is a e book the place the Witch retains a document of their particular person magickal journey via life.  It can comprise spells, rituals, incantations, photos, symbols, sigils, details about herbs and roots, and rather more.  There is a few debate about whether or not the e book must be written by hand or have pc generated pages inside its covers.  Also some consider it must be made by hand, whereas others are snug buying one already sure and able to use.  Both of those debates are related to power; a handwritten and selfmade e book requires the Witch to switch power within the creation of the pages, a feat which many payment, give the e book its energy.  Modern day beliefs are extra about saving time and maximizing house.  As with all debates regarding strategies of follow, one can at all times fall again on the truth that there is no such thing as a single ‘right’ option to do something; belief your instincts and also you’ll be advantageous.


This is a fundamental record however ought to get you moving into the correct route.  There are many different non-obligatory objects you possibly can have a look at sooner or later.  Some of those would possibly embrace a mirror, a pendulum, a employees, rope or cordage, completely different incense sorts, altar decorations, altar cloths which might be occasion-particular (possibly a particular Samhain material), or any of quite a lot of completely different talismans.  Also some Witches would possibly embrace ritual clothes, capes, robes, head items, hats, and different eclectic adornments.

Regardless of the way you customise your toolkit, keep in mind that it have to be safeguarded and handled with the utmost care and reverence; the instruments turn out to be an integral a part of your life and can start to develop personalities all their very own.  Don’t share them and don’t take them without any consideration.

Blessed Be !




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